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  1. Missions that made you quit

    This came up on the most recent Crate & Crowbar. Has there been a mission in a game that was so hard, so fiddly, so stupid, so poorly written, so offensive etc. That you simply couldn't continue. Two games immediatly came to mind. Mad Max had a racing mission, before that 100% of the driving was out in the desert so you could drive like a crazy person swinging all over the place. Suddenly you are racing against a bunch of respawning cars in tight corridors full of traps. I found in insanely frustrating and since I was mostly done with the game I just abandoned it. Similarly Starlancer had a mission where you had to defend you spacecraft carrier from long range torpedo ships. There were too many shooting too quickly and your AI buddies we're useless. I failed over and over and over again. I am sure I will think of more games as I pull this over. How about y'all?