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  1. The threat of Big Dog

  2. The threat of Big Dog

    Swarms of robotic bees to conquer explore Mars:
  3. No Gods or Kings only Water Lobsters
  4. Jeff Goldblum

  5. Jeff Goldblum
  6. Jake's ironic use of "Y'all" to refer to both Chris and Nick - I've been told by multiple southerners that the plural of Y'all is "All Y'all". Real or Wax Housed?
  7. Jeff Goldblum Pretty much anything can be improved by adding Jeff Goldblum, but Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok really used the actor to his fullest potential. Marvel has been releasing a few of their bonus clips from the upcoming Blu-ray release and with them we get to see Goldblum at his... Goldblum-iest.
  8. The threat of Big Dog

  9. Star Wars Episode 8

    Good discussion here. I liked the movie and felt it's strengths outweighed its weaknesses.
  10. The discussion of sapience make me ask the question: Are humans capable of recognizing sapience greater than their own? What qualities would define "greater sapience"?
  11. Ideally Nick is robot telepresence-d in for the video shoots. Or at least set up a tablet at Nick's head height for him to stream from. maybe attached to a mannequin (nice mask).
  12. Ripped cows, you say? The Belgian Blue has a natural mutation in the myostatin gene which codes for the protein, myostatin ("myo" meaning muscle and "statin" meaning stop).[5] Myostatin is a protein that inhibits muscle development. This mutation also interferes with fat deposition, resulting in very lean meat.[5] The truncated myostatin gene is unable to function in its normal capacity, resulting in accelerated lean muscle growth. Muscle growth is due primarily to physiological changes in the animal's muscle cells (fibers) from hypertrophy to a hyperplasia mode of growth. This particular type of growth is seen early in the fetus of a pregnant dam, which results in a calf that is born with two times the number of muscle fibers at birth than a calf with no myostatin gene mutation.[5] In addition, a newborn double-muscled calf’s birth weight is significantly greater than that of a normal calf .[4] Note: The guy that injected a CRISPR system into himself is likely trying to eliminate the myostatin gene in his cells. How effective it's going to be - unknown. Risk of increased chance for CRISPR hitting other genes and potentially causing cancer - unknown. Welcome to the new ripped brain organoid cyberage. Here's a report of the myostatin gene mutation naturally arising in humans (jacked babies):
  13. Jeff Goldblum

  14. Jeff Goldblum