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  1. Jeff Goldblum Pretty much anything can be improved by adding Jeff Goldblum, but Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok really used the actor to his fullest potential. Marvel has been releasing a few of their bonus clips from the upcoming Blu-ray release and with them we get to see Goldblum at his... Goldblum-iest.
  2. The threat of Big Dog

  3. Star Wars Episode 8

    Good discussion here. I liked the movie and felt it's strengths outweighed its weaknesses.
  4. The discussion of sapience make me ask the question: Are humans capable of recognizing sapience greater than their own? What qualities would define "greater sapience"?
  5. Ideally Nick is robot telepresence-d in for the video shoots. Or at least set up a tablet at Nick's head height for him to stream from. maybe attached to a mannequin (nice mask).
  6. Ripped cows, you say? The Belgian Blue has a natural mutation in the myostatin gene which codes for the protein, myostatin ("myo" meaning muscle and "statin" meaning stop).[5] Myostatin is a protein that inhibits muscle development. This mutation also interferes with fat deposition, resulting in very lean meat.[5] The truncated myostatin gene is unable to function in its normal capacity, resulting in accelerated lean muscle growth. Muscle growth is due primarily to physiological changes in the animal's muscle cells (fibers) from hypertrophy to a hyperplasia mode of growth. This particular type of growth is seen early in the fetus of a pregnant dam, which results in a calf that is born with two times the number of muscle fibers at birth than a calf with no myostatin gene mutation.[5] In addition, a newborn double-muscled calf’s birth weight is significantly greater than that of a normal calf .[4] Note: The guy that injected a CRISPR system into himself is likely trying to eliminate the myostatin gene in his cells. How effective it's going to be - unknown. Risk of increased chance for CRISPR hitting other genes and potentially causing cancer - unknown. Welcome to the new ripped brain organoid cyberage. Here's a report of the myostatin gene mutation naturally arising in humans (jacked babies):
  7. Jeff Goldblum

  8. Jeff Goldblum

  9. Crota 2Day: A Destiny 2 Forum Thread

    Xur is on Nessus selling exotics for 23-27 legendary shards apiece. Look for the IX flag on the map. They're all at 270 Power (Light) level, so a nice jump up if you've gotten stuck.
  10. Crota 2Day: A Destiny 2 Forum Thread

    Very happy with Destiny 2 so far, it's a solid iteration on the previous game. If they add small content every few weeks and large content every 3 months, this will be a good ride. A few tips: 1) Do Lost Sectors/Public Events/Adventures/Strikes and get your Power (Light) level to 260-265 before collecting weekly Powerful Engrams from Milestones since the powerful engrams have a much higher power cap. 2) Use the Eververse Vanguard 4 hour drop buff coins before you start a long farming session; dismantle Bright Engram drops into Bright dust to buy more Vanguard 4 hour drop buff coins. Repeat. 3) Glimmer sinks: You'll max out at 100,000 Glimmer. Spend them on A) Cayde-6's treasure maps/Scout Maps and B ) The Gunsmith's blue engram mods. You will be able to trade in blue engram mods for Purple engram mods at Power/Light level 280. 4) Some Sparrows have mods that are very useful; especially the ones that let you mount instantly (Fast Transmat) or ones that reload your weapons for you. Check them.
  11. Jake, since the Moon is receding slowly away from the Earth (approximately 4 centimeters per year), it did look bigger when you were younger.
  12. West of Loathing

    I finished it! Loved the end credits. I'm missing a few hats and didn't solve a couple minor mysteries but I got the important side quests done.
  13. Big Moon: It's the Ponzo Illusion. If you’ve ever seen the Moon rising over the horizon, looking so fat and looming that you felt like you could fall right into it, then you’ve been a victim of the famous Moon Illusion. And it is an illusion, a pervasive and persuasive one. So, how does this thing work? Ah, step right up. One of my favorite brain-benders is the Ponzo Illusion. You’ve seen it: the simplest case is with two short horizontal lines, one above the other, between two slanting but near-vertical lines. The upper line looks longer than the lower line, even though they’re the same length. The illusion works because our brains are a bit wonky. The slanted lines make us think that anything near the top is farther away; the lines force our brain to think those lines are parallel but receding in the distance (like railroad tracks). The two horizontal lines are physically the same length, but our brain thinks the upper one is farther away. If it’s farther away, then duh, our brain says to itself, it must be bigger than the lower one. So we perceive it that way. Bravo to Unimural for an excellent explanation of using Wolbachia bacteria to reduce mosquito populations. Reading about Wolbachia is definitely worth a deep dive.
  14. Jeff Goldblum It's 1982. A young boy named Dennis has just received the birthday present of his dreams. It's you -- a Japanese robot that can repeat words, although for the most part you watch silently. Miyubi is still enjoyable without the bonus scenes, but you'll be greatly rewarded when you find them. Goldblum appears in the extra, and when you look into his teary eyes as he apologizes for your pain, the show goes from "OK" to "oh, my God." He is your Maker, and he's created a little piece of heaven in your system for you to escape to, because he knew, even as he made you, that you were quickly going to be replaced. In the scene, the Maker wonders aloud if he should call this fantasy world "reality virtualized" or, you know, something like that.