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  1. Welcome to Wizard Jam 4!

    Congrats to everyone who made games for the jam! I'm excited to play them all (including the ones I've done art for!), the few I've played so far have all been Dot Gobbler filled brilliance.
  2. I didn't even know Mr Puffin was the video game protagonist we all wanted and needed, until now!
  3. WJ4 Team Builder

    @coughlinjon That sounds amazing dude, but I'm already signed up to help with two other games! I'll message you though, I'd love to take a crack at some 3D stuff
  4. WJ4 Team Builder

    Wow, thanks guys! I feel so woo'd! Can someone invite me to the slack? My email is arthurmhamer at gmail dot com Nice one!
  5. WJ4 Team Builder

    Hey gang, I'd love to get involved with Wizard Jam. I can provide 2D art, but will happily take an amateur crack at anything else. Ma website >
  6. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    Heh. I have a lot of love for Star Wars, more than maybe any other franchise, so I'd rather just be excited about the whole thing, and not argue about Darth Adam Driver's wonky lightsaber. I'm trying not to get carried away, but the music and the Falcon and FIFAbot and the sounds of lightsabers turning on and my entire Facebook and Twitter feeds full of Star Wars comments is a lot to take in...<3
  7. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    That lightsaber was hella dumb. The rest of it teased me though. Play the Star Wars theme while the Falcon is on-screen, that'll do it for me...
  8. Mario Kart DLC download PARTY!
  9. Assassins Creed Unity

    Played a couple of hours of this yesterday. While it does feel like a big, bloated mess for all the reasons mentioned here, it still feels like one of the best Assassin's Creed games I've played in a while. I guess I'm just a fan of the series. The graphics are gorgeous, especially the lighting and the faces. I've had a few performance issues on PS4 where the game will stutter, but nothing horrendous yet. The setting is really good I think. There are so many more people on the streets, and being able to zip through the door of a building, up the stairs and out the window opens up some of the traversal. The controls feel a bit better as well, holding R2 + X to ascend and R2 + O to descend while freerunning works well. The first big assassination mission happens in the Notre Dame cathedral, and for a beautiful moment it was completely emergent. Spoilers, just in case, I guess.
  10. Here in the UK we just called him Mario (that's Mah-rio, not Meh-rio or Maar-rio). But when he gets a mushroom and gets big, then he's Super Mario. Suck it nerds
  11. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    #SJW I cracked up at #yourshieldwillbequiteoperationalwhenyourfriendsarrive, very well done.
  12. Watching those character videos made me think that with only four skills for each character, they've clearly tried to make the game as accessible as possible for new people to jump in. They must be bringing this to consoles. With this, and also Battleborn from Gearbox, Battlecry from Bethesda (jeez, those names are both too boring and too similar) and Gigantic from Motiga, it looks like character-based arena shooters are going to be the next big thing. TF2 + Dota, I guess. I like the colourful style and varied range of characters, and I'm sure the Blizzard polish will be very appealing, but who knows what it will actually play like. I'm signed up for the beta and look forward to more news in the future.
  13. Lego is Still Cool

    Excellent stories! I don't buy Lego very often, but I will always love it. The other day I got this. It was a really fun and creative build, I had a blast.
  14. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    Exactly, tegan. Thanks, SecretAsianMan.