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  1. Was shocked there wasn't a thread for Into The Breach yet. I have already played 6 hours of it, main goal is trying to unlock more squads. I enjoy how tense the game is and how many trade offs you have to make. So far my attempts at venturing beyond Easy difficulty have ended in quick death. Maybe I will try later with a custom squad of my favorite units. Two Squads I found particularly useless were the Fire squad (Flame Behemoths) which simply didn't do enough damage and one based around pushing (Zenith Guard) where a units only move damaged itself. Right now I am using the weather based squad (Rusting Hulks) and am really enjoying them. Over all I like it more than FTL partially because its hard to limp along to the end, if you mess up you will usually die pretty fast. Blitzkrieg is also a pretty good squad.