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  1. Not even listening to strategy game podcast can shield me from sport games. "I work with engines for living" "I think average gamer will easily understand that engine management game unlike the game about hockey" - Michael, with a straight face
  2. Episode 409: Field of Glory II

    I'd like to thank Consul Kaiser for bringing a connoisseur humor to the podcast. Also Rob & Troy description of all those autogenerated battles reminded me of a possible perfect game mode of daily challenge. The one where you turn on the game every day, get your new tactical puzzle and see how dumb you are compared to real cool dudes. I think that's what Dyelist had done but I didn't like that game in general that much. Also there was something like that in Desktop Dungeons but it wasn't a good fit for that game.
  3. Right, you're better not mix strategy games.
  4. Episode 408: Tooth and Tail

    Liked the music and the story of the game. But I don't really dig this pixel-art. It looks exactly like a budget thing. And there's no nostalgic feel or anything about this game. Don't like it at all. Only played the campaign and it felt like I do not learn anything really. I reroll the map till the script gives me something that is winnable. All the choices are made for me and after I see what each unit does the game plays itself. I can only move my army forward. Sometimes I move artillery alone and spot targets for it. That's it. I don't get it. Maybe I don't get tactical RTS in general. I love Rise of Nations but it's all about economy. I love XCOM and it's all about war but it's tactical and turn-based. Oh well. Can't see this game really becoming a hearthstone: even though mechanics are simple it all seems... uncontrollable. Too much mechanical skill. EDIT: Also, Sacrifice is a very different game. There your character has various spells and it doesn't have map control focus.
  5. Rowan is spot on about schizophrenic games not knowing if they're supposed to be savescummed or ironmanned. I don't like Darkest Dungeons that much but they're right about making XCOM clone with clear iron man goal. XCOM2 has infuriated me with it not being sure if its iron man or not. I've completed XCOM1 once on classic and then on normal Iron Man, and normal Iron Man felt great - intense, rewarding. Then I tried XCOM2 and was utterly humiliated. Devs idea is probably that player has to complete it once without Iron Man and replay on Iron Man. Because you have lots of things you can't anticipate: some missions may have sudden boss fights and those bosses need special tactics - see the Matrix hydra thing which clones itself after getting damage which will definitely screw you on your first try. On the other hand lots of mechanics only make sense in Iron Man - those mimics are useless once you replay mission and know where they hide, and you don't need all those abilities that help you suffer less from losses. And in empire building games there are sometimes very few ways of restoring after a lost war, like in Total War you either constantly expand and win every battle or enter a death spiral. Glad some devs know they have to make a choice. About guard AI: Dishonored had guards who noticed their colleagues are missing. They took over patrols so you couldn't just remove a single guard who interferes with your plan.
  6. Episode 405: Lords of Waterdeep

    That was a very nice work at the end by the Wizard in the end. Praise! Praise! I still play Armello from time to time with friends and it looks like a boardgame properly developed to be played on PC in multiplayer. LoW does not, so I'll listen to Fraser here.
  7. Funny how you say it's the first time TW factions feel really diverse. Because IIRC you've said something like that about Attila and it was an important selling point. There it was probably mostly in grand strategy, not combat. I.e. Romans start overextended, Huns can never settle, Eastern Empires know how to run a country. Later they've added some DLCs that felt very... forced. Like Picts who were guerilla fighters. Makes sense probably, they didn't use that blue paint for nothing, didn't they? But then there are Slavs who... Use poison?.. And build Wonders?.. And before that they really tried it in Empire with all that dynamics of Europe VS Natice Americans VS Indians. They even released special DLC about Native Americans, but when you played as Europeans those natives were doomed and you got that very experience of advanced armies with their pretty troop line smashing traditional armies. I haven't delved into Warhammer yet but even the best TW game I've played - Attila - felt relatively boring in combat even when strategic layer was fun. Mostly because inherently all those battles are won or lost before they've started. I rate this episode 10 out of 10 for mentioning Rise of Nations but subtract 3 for continuing bullying of brave game journalist Fraser for his subjective opinions.
  8. Episode 403: Survival Strategy

    You talked about colonization, but not about the actual Colonization game. Sad! I think it worked really well as player VS environment survival strategy. You wouldn't lose because of lack of food or anything but Natives could be more or less managed (they never attack first) and other contenders are rather passive. And then your country is put to the test in a giant confrontation. Maybe that last part was the problem because for most of the game you weren't properly challenged, only in the very end you realized how hard had you screwed up.
  9. Episode 402: Battle Brothers

    And as far as I can see this podcast is American and about the situation in America. Developers are from Germany and they have a very different history of ethnic problems.
  10. Episode 402: Battle Brothers

    Can't find it now. But anyway, the article itself was a political essay about modern Stalinism and not much else. It discussed young Russian Stalinists and it only used the term "gamer thought process" as a clear description. Of course it didn't imply video games are to blame for young people political views, he mostly blamed passing of times. Before recently Stalinism in Russia was associated with nostalgic old men. But as the article argued for younger people who didn't live in USSR Stalin's murderous industrilization is similar to Peter the Great's murderous militarization or Caesar civilizing France, just some statistics about deaths payed for the greatness and progress. Games only slightly help you imagine a dictator as rational and righteous figure who decides to make some sacrifice for the greater good. Also, Paradox (and other historical games) have this problem of really wishing you to do historical stuff even if it wasn't rational or realistic at the time. Ethnic cleansing is at least optional and rarely required. But, say, Hearts of Iron 4 has lots of things that happened in reality due to irrational thinking or dumb luck. Like Hitler's adventure in Munchen - it was a huge gamble in reality while in game it's almost automatic. Or AFAIK if you don't do Stalin's purges you risk civil war breaking USSR and leaving it ripe for the taking - so HoI4 basically agrees that Stalin was not a paranoid maniac but a wise politician. @Rob Zacny, I remember you saying you like when the wargame makes you think the way generals thought back then and forces you to go the same seemingly futile road (like throughing troops into the grind in WW1 Verden) but sometimes games portrait irrational decisions or unlikely coincedences as rational pre-determined events. Which feels wrong.
  11. Episode 402: Battle Brothers

    Oh my, those Battle Brothers texts look like narrator from Darkest Dungeon is going through his edgy teen phase. About reactionary auditory: a funny thing. I've recently read some Russian political analyst who discussed political backwardness of Russia youth - all that USSR nostalgia and stuff. He explocitly called one of the reasons as a "gamer mentality". Strategy games often represent inhumane choices as valid and necessary measures. Totalitarian dictatorship is just a set of bonuses that is useful when you have to fight lots of wars. It's easier for modern young men to see Stalinism as "effective play" - the country lost several millions people but it helped to get ready for war, and most games like Civilization or Hearts of Iron try to represent this as a right strategy in those circumstances. Of course such influence can't be that important. But after playing dozens of games where liberal democracy is just some trade bonus and totalitarian dictatorship gives you more troops or something - strategy gamers are probably more open to idea of everything is "balanced" in reality as it is in a game.
  12. Episode 402: Battle Brothers

    I remember ridiculous attacks on Witcher series for only having white European populace. This was dumb because those people missed how Witcher cleverly talked about racism between people who looked identical to us (Nilfgaardians and Northerners literally use the same models while hating each other) or racism against white European dudes with wrong shape of ears. AFAIK Battle Brothers do not do anything like that so it's not as ridiculous to ask them for representation. But if your position is that requests for representation are themselves ridiculous than the best course of action seems to be just ignoring it. Can't have a discussion when there's only a statement.
  13. Entertaining. Nice to hear Troy.
  14. Episode 390: Medieval II: Total War

    Why? What stops you from having single-player generals the way they were before? At least in Shogun 2 MP had big differences from SP and it was ok.
  15. Three Moves Ahead 399 - Air Combat

    @spacerumsfeld, perhaps it's about a lack of English language background. I've enjoyed your comparisons to reality but I had to understand basic rules of tabletop air combat by tidbits. Like the fact that changing course works in specific ways and hit calculation involves heavy math. I also didn't know what is trick-taking game. It was still interesting to listen a real pilot talking about tabletop air combat.