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  1. i don't so much vote to as remain determined to stay spicy. also, for the intrepid explorer who didn't experience it in real time, one half of Jake's 90s poles (the dark pole) is best summed up by Raygun Magazine, which basically set the standard for the busted fonts, insane kerning & leading, and pantone banana yellow text on metallic silver paper. http://www.coverjunkie.com/magazines/115
  2. I'm way late here, but when I think the game I would hold out as sophisticated enough to show to an unaffiliated person, my go to is Kentucky Route Zero. I'm surprised it's not been spoke of more on Weekend!
  3. The thumbs have this amazing gift in taking something I'm really excited about (as an old person who doesn't get excited about much) and talking about it in a hilarious way, that makes the thing sound absurd. I've really enjoyed every game Chris Avellone has written or designed, and since he (I think) was the lead on Prey, I've been anticipating it. Of course the discussion is "this is nonsense fun game and you can float out into space as a banana." 1 luv.
  4. I just want to say that all of these have been fantastic and i love them.
  5. Haneke is unbelievably good, but a lot of his most acclaimed stuff is really really rough to watch. His whole thing is deal is to make movies that don't celebrate violence, so he keeps it raw. When I saw Cache in the theater like 30% of the older crowd fled during the big moment. Time of the Wolf and Piano Teacher are great films that are hard to recommend for a casual watch. Wolf made me feel real bad.
  6. David Duchovny getting wild in the street. Also potential brain alert: recently a large credit union here announced a rebranding. San Antonio Credit Union is now (no joke) Credit Human. If that isn't a poor attempt by rogue AI to hide, I don't know what is.
  7. In the early 90s there was a San Francisco area band called Captured by Robots. The concept was that alien robots tormented this guy by forcing him to play horrible one man bands lounge music. He used to perform all wrapped up in chains while these junkyard animatronics "tormented" him. Looking at YouTube it seems like he's still doing it, but now the robots are the band and the construction is WAY more elaborate, and it's become a metal band.
  8. pure evil character that isn't comically 2 dimensional: The Judge from Blood Meridian
  9. truthfully, it's been a long time but I'm surprised everyone has Raising Arizona so low!
  10. Lazy webbing this you, but there are some "experimental" parts of some CYOA books that include infinite loops and a hidden good ending that you would only see if you turned to the wrong page. Via wikipedia
  11. I think Justin Lin directing is an important part of the magic, and he left after 6. (thought I didn't like 6 as much as 5)
  12. Oh man. Sort of goodbye to my favorite show! Looking forward to having a new favorite show! My very favorite pre-roll is the "last week on idle thumbs" from episode 11 part 2 that is just fart noises plus jake and chris saying "scoops" "hot scoops" and steve sighing
  13. we had a kind of house rule to play exclusively on 1 shot kills, pistols only, no oddjob. it felt more "gentleman superspy"
  14. Self Imposed Rules: In college the hallway crew got REALLY into super street fighter 2, and one of my pals had the most irritating style (which he applied to all fighting games). He was aggressively, maniacally persistent in trying to execute a strategy that he "knew" would be impossible to counter if he could ever just pull it off effectively. In SSF2 it was Ryu fireball turtling, but he could never nail the uppercuts so, it was just a dogged persistence to silliness. I said I was going to follow the same path and beat him 100 times in a row using only light punch with yellow dress Chun-Li. The jump version had a nice downward angle so it made it easier to fluster the botched uppercut. I had to tape up a whiteboard to track the progress.
  15. cast discretely m'lord