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  1. Forum theme woes

  2. Forum theme woes

    this is what i'm seeing:
  3. Forum theme woes

    Sorry it's been a pain. I assume all fonts are rendering super bold for everyone as well?
  4. Blade Runner 2049

    Villeneuve is pretty good, and the trailer has some decent vibe, but everything looks too big and too important for our hero. like everything revolves around our main character who is there for something major, which undermines so much of the power of the original. i hope they manage to keep the super kinetic action to a minimum.
  5. i feel really judgmental about people who do the stalking murdering thing in those survival games. it says bad things about perpetrator. no similar thoughts for PUBG though, since it's a fixed round. that's a super clever twist on that psychopathy.
  6. This de-chipmunked version of Refugee is so sleazy. I love it.
  7. Boy, I loved Football 17776, thanks for pointing it out!
  8. i'm trying to figure if i'd be delighted by my relative skill improvement in areas i'm weak, or distressed at my relative loss of skill. i can't play a saxophone, so does that mean my total inability with saxophone is now average saxophone ability? the average human is now WORSE than untrained?
  9. The Big FPS Playthrough CURRENT GAME: Bioshock (2007)

    I think all three are absolute triumphs! I think at the time I played them I also used the Complete mods for graphical polish.
  10. Receiver! You're right! whoops.
  11. I love all the songs but "this is the time we have prepared for" which is just the weird narrative of superhot, (I think?) is a triumph.
  12. When nostalgia comes up, it reminds me that the 2000s have been a golden age for nostalgia, but what is the tenor of the culture of the 2000s that people in the future will be nostalgic for? early memes? chillwave (which is just 80s nostalgia)?
  13. corpses don't need food
  14. Universe saving idea: The food is created from energy stored in our fat cells, and will be extracted at some optimal rate for health, to prevent Feast Shock as a result of extracting too much too fast. This potentially creates issues for the most starving of populations, but it could positively affect the treatment of high BMI folks, who could be the greatest aid givers.
  15. Beyond Good and Evil 2

    well, they answered the primary question i had about a potential follow up to a delightful game about a plucky woman fighting for truth with a camera, and that question is "will there be sikk drifting?"