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  1. Yeah, it's hard not to be sad about the possibilities of the growing "mid sized indie" scene and what they could bring to it. Sean's a great writer and as the Lords Management fanatic I can't help but think he's on their auto-chess thing now? bleh! Maybe Alyx will be a return to the Origin style of game development where each new game meant a new computer? haha.
  2. Life

    Hey congratulations! That is huge!
  3. Life

    I'm so sorry. I hope you guys are okay/it can be handled at home.
  4. I am Iron mAnthem

    Is anybody playing? Does this game have guilds? I also did the open beta and had enough fun to feel it's worth a shot.
  5. Bloozzard

    Haha, are people going to restart 40 man raiding guilds? Are they going to find old versions of Discursive? We used to have to hold like BUSINESS MEETINGS to maintain our schedules and roster.
  6. Bloozzard

    I can't imagine going to back to WoW Vanilla (stopped playing after Cat(we we're at the farming legendary staves part)), unless you could promise all the friends I used to play with were also going to become as crazy about it again? Like, are they relaunching it so my warlock can get stunlocked to death by some random rogue and death coil is back to its 10 minute cooldown, and doesn't even have the fear? The Naxx event is probably my #1 favorite MMO memory, because our server was the only PvP server in the mix, and we finished 2nd. We would have finished 1st, but a bunch of hardcore open world people were like "we don't need you guys getting better gear to make it easier to kill us" and tried to sabotage the opening, and the ensuing war repeatedly crashed the server during the unique bosses, and especially while Zakhur was trying to ring the bell. Also, because it looked like we might take it a lot of people made alts and marched them to the gates. Hmm. though I just checked the wiki and it looks like we did it 5 days later than Medivh, but my recollection was much closer. weird.
  7. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    Man, Gaynor era IT is/was one of my absolute favorite media things in this world, and it breaks my heart a little that it's gone-ish. Though. I also felt pretty sad as they lost interest in games generally, mostly through the lens of being an older person who has not experienced that. Haha. It's a bummer that nothing came together for the 10 year anniversary, given the history of one offs and goofs Random memory I always come back to for a laff: 1) Chris saying I'mnickbreckon in a really gruff voice in the early episodes, and the one two-part XMAS spectacular where the recap was just them saying scoops and a fart noise or whatever.
  8. Mass Effect Andromeda - Thumb Drive Engaged!

    I also recently ripped off the band-aid and played through this. I can be a pretty easy mark, and I want to like basically anything Mass Effect but I struggled to keep the joy. I found it both novel and weird that in many ways the hivemeind on this was sort of right? There were a lot of bright parts under the muck. I think the basic setup of liferafting humanity, and the turn it takes when you arrive are pretty novel. I really dug the outlaw planets, and there is a lot of good Krogan stuff, which I think is some of their most compelling material. The crew clicked for me, Drax, Vetra, and Jaal most of all, though the personal missions are usually a highpoint, but these are mostly just ok. However, I have a marginal completionist mindset and the frequent quest structure of "find X objects" at random spawn points are just PUNISHING, and they're pretty buggy. It's just hostile game design.
  9. How I'd describe Important if True: science inspired improv comedy.
  10. The Asian Film Thread

    A lot of great stuff has been covered! All Japanese: One of my favorite Kurosawa movies, not yet mentioned is Red Beard. I'll second High & Low as well. Basically everything he ever made is worth the watch. Tetso the Iron Man: landmark Cronenbergian body horror movie The punk films of Sogo Ishii. Two cool ones are: Burst City - kind of post apocalyptic, low plot, Warriors vibe. Exceptional footage of 1982 Tokyo punk/hardcore bands especially THE STALIN featuring the original brick throwing madmen. Electric Dragon 80,000V - 2001 movie starring Tadanobo Asana (Kikihara in Ichi the Killer). Kind of like a Godzilla or comic book movie of two electric throwing dudes having a showdown. Ishii & Asano also made a cool blown apart garagey punk band March 1.67 to support the movie.
  11. Important If True 46: Cut Your Hair

    Wax Houses of Baby: I've got a lot of records, and in the last few years there has been an increasing focus on reissuing unearthed obscurities, and I've started suspecting much of it is fake. There are a few notable instances of this. Tax Scam Records: For a short window in the late 70s a loophole let labels write off unsold inventory. A bunch of record labels sprung up and generated these extensive catalogs, 10 of labels with hundreds of "releases". They would print up inventory lists, then press SOMETHING (or in some cases not at all? not all have been discovered). They'd only a handful of copies and send them to distributors as samples. Aspiring bands would release multiple records under different names, they would just press bootlegs or unfinished records. Sometimes the artists didn't know. The most notorious is Tiger Lily records, connected to the Genovese crime family. One of their best releases is Stonewall, psych/hard rock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6h6NehjFvds It's been repressed a few times in recent years, but in the insanely unlikely case you ever stumble across a battered old copy, grab it. There are less than 10 known copies and the only one that was sold went for 5k. There is also a Richard Pryor record on Tiger Lily which was pressed in a regular quantities. If you liked the TV show Fringe (side note: stats pretty bad, gets excellent, ends pretty well), one of the main characters is a drug addled scientist who does a lot of hallucinogens and occasionally references his favorite psychedelic record by a band called Velvet Sedan Chair. Long story short, the producers actually made a VSC lp, and hid them randomly in record stores. To my knowledge there have been about 5 copies located and none have hit the open market in the last 5 years or so. I desperately want one: https://www.discogs.com/Violet-Sedan-Chair-Seven-Suns/release/2847380 In the world of punk scum there was a long running compilation series called Killed by Death. They exclusively comped songs by increasingly impossibly obscure US bands from the 77-79. This in many cases was done by people to boost the value of something they discovered in an effort to flip their cornered inventory. Of course, by the 11th release it was entirely made up bands: https://www.discogs.com/The-Frothy-Shakes-Killed-By-Death-11/release/2690201
  12. Important If True 45: Wax House, Baby

    If there is ever a Thumbscon I hope Cool Nick Breckon is a popular cosplay.
  13. has nobody tried a modern, ironic take on the john romero ad? also, i bet "video game designer" would actually be a very useful skill in some kind of robot war for the fate of the earth? we'd probably need to abstract the battlefields, or use clever software to befuddle the enemy.
  14. So I'm not sure if i just skipped a part of this cast, or just am forgetting an older story, but Nick says something about "like the time I knocked over the Krispy Kreme" sign. Is this part of the greater Thumbs ARGverse?
  15. For the exercise inclined, I think this is one of my favorite on the web: http://www.exrx.net/Lists/Directory.html GIFs detailing good form, and hard to understand medical explanation of anything you might want. They have guides to any type of routine you might want. I've only ever really done 3 Day Splits (this version: Chest/Triceps, Back/Biceps, Shoulders/Legs).