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  2. Greetings, folks. I hope everyone stays safe during this difficult time! I am here today to introduce you a roguelike puzzler presented by our studio, LemcnSun Entertainment.Dungeon Deep is a fast-paced roguelike puzzler that casts you as a dwarf, chasing after gold by adventuring through tombs and caverns.It may give people the first impression that it looks like a match-three puzzle game, but it is not. Your dwarf gets 4 types of basic runes, being Weapon, Armor, Potion, and Gold. You can match as many runes of the same type as you want in each turn. Weapon runes are mostly for dealing damage, Armor runes make you bulky, Potion runes are for healing and utility purposes, and Gold runes are for upgrading the other runes. Each rune type has 30+ branches, making a total of 120+ unique runes.For a starter, the aim of the game is to survive for as many turns as you can and to find as much gold as you can in each game. After getting familiar with the gameplay and the mechanics of some of the runes, you will start crawling deeper. And eventually, you will find yourself standing in front of scary bosses such as skeleton king, ghost wolf, ancient dragon… Whether it is to punch their ugly faces and rob their precious treasures or to become a dwarf pie on their dinner plate is up to your build and strategy.Axe, well polished; potions, freshly brewed; beard, carefully groomed; pants, on. It is now time to Dungeon Deep. Trailer Screenshots Key Features- Single-player;- Roguelike;- Fun, Deep, and Challenging;- Customizable Character Build;- 120+ Unique Skills;- Free to Play; Contents in Development- New icons and artworks to replace the old ones;- More skills and more characters;- New game modes; LinksiOS - Apple StoreAndroid - Google PlayDiscord
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  4. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    A huge heartfelt THANK YOU to the kind folks who reached out and supported my work this month by donating on my site. You folks literally make this all possible. Thank you! That said, this week’s new free MP3 tracks are: From my Puzzle Music 5 page: ICE PUZZLE – (Looping) From my Sci-Fi 9 page: TWISTED DYSTOPIA – (Looping) DETECTIVES IN DYTOPIA (Looping) Big Ogg Track Update! Super high-quality Ogg versions of a bunch my tracks are ready. They sound really cool and could be used for all kinds of things besides puzzle games I’m sure. They are: BOUNCE LIGHT 1 & 2– (Looping) FROSTY PUZZLER (2 versions) – (Looping) PUZZLE TRANCE – (Looping) HYPNOTIC JEWELS – (Looping) PIANO PUZZLES – (Looping) MONKEY ISLAND PUZZLER – (Looping) MUSIC BOX PUZZLER – (Looping) PUZZLE CLUES – (Looping) CRYPTIC PUZZLER 1 & 2 – (Looping) BELL PUZZLES – (Looping) MELLOW PUZZLER 1 & 2 – (Looping) THOUGHT PUZZLES – (Looping) ROBOT’S CUBE – (Looping) HAPPY PUZZLER – (Looping) Have a good week and stay safe.
  5. Army Men Around the House.

    I originally got into this hobby thinking I'd start building dioramas, but as it happened, my main focus when I first started was figures. I had a bunch of ideas for dioramas, but never built them, and instead painted figures, and later vehicles that suited my interests. I gradually veered into gearing my model building around my photography hobby and taking photos of my models engaged in different activities. I've been doing this for a while now and I've really enjoyed combining the two hobbies. For obvious reasons I've found Masterbox figures in particular to be ideal for my purposes, although Miniart, ICM, Zvezda have been incredibly useful to me as well. I've been taking this series of photos for about 7 years or so. It first started when I was unemployed and bored at home and started taking photos of the scale models I build attacking my brother's cat. Over the years this hobby has evolved for me and I've graduated from taking these pictures with my phone to using a Canon Rebel T6 and I've even managed to get some paid work here and there. You can find my work at I've also started taking a series of Film Noir themed photos, since that genre peaked shortly after world war two, and there are a pretty good selection of 1:35 scale civilians for me to work with. I've found lately for the noir stuff in particular that building scenery and using it much the way film sets would be built in the studio at the time to be a very practical approach.
  6. Designer Notes 52: Roger Keating In this episode, Bruce Geryk interviews veteran game developer Roger Keating, co-founder of Strategic Studies Group (SSG). Roger is best known for his work on the Warlord series as well as many digital wargames. They discuss what it was like to do pathfinding before A*, how SSG worked from home before it was cool, and how to determine who is a game designer. Games discussed: Conflict, Operation Apocalypse, Reach for the Stars, Carriers at War, Europe Ablaze, Gold of the Americas, the Warlords series, Ardennes Offensive Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
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  9. Kert calling Whiplash a "really old movie" aged me 600 years and psychically hurled me into a coffin, then it nailed the coffin shut.
  10. Dune's Island - A Free Video Learning Series

    Here's Episode 1 of my free learning series. Mr. Binnacle sends Dune and friends to the inlet to try to spot Buster, an endangered sea turtle whose tracking device is faltering. For ages 7-12. Please share with family, friends and teachers! :-)
  11. [Android] Red Suitcase

    Hello, my friends. After many months, I finally managed to finish my game. I took the time at home during that quarantine to finish. I used a program called Twine (open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories), to develop this game. I hope you like it. In "Red Suitcase" you will live the story of Officer Maisie. Understood in the small town, Maisie has her life changed when a red suitcase appears in the middle of town. It is the beginning of Maisie's adventure, trying to capture an assassin, before he finishes his plan. You will make the decisions during the investigation, taking Maisie to several places in the city, in search of clues to uncover the pattern of the killer. Face not only the killer, but also the citizens of the city. Only in English, "Red Suitcase" makes every detail presented in the story, can be used to unravel the enigma of the killer. Each decision will lead you to a different destination. Totally offline, you can have fun at any time. No ads. Your adventure will not be interrupted for anything. With multiple endings, "Red Suitcase" will make you choose the best outcome for your style of play. There is no right or wrong. You decide. Red Suitcase - Play Store - DOWNLOAD
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  13. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    A Request to Everyone: If you can, please consider making a small donation on my website to support my work. The synthesizers I use to create free music for everyone are very expensive (2 Korgs and a Yamaha.) I actually have to make monthly payments on them and donations from the creative community really help me a lot to pay for them. Thanks in advance. :-) That said, I managed to get some new tracks done for everyone. Free to use, of course, with attribution: On my Fantasy 10 page: DESERT MYSTERY – (Looping) On my Sci-Fi 9 page: BLAST OFF – (Looping) And on my Events/Travel 2 page: COUNTRY CELEBRATION Be well and stay healthy.
  14. Three Moves Ahead Episode 495: Sports

    I said "athletes and sports executives" You actively had to edit my statement when copy-pasting to make a strawman argument. I don't care about pro-sports and how you chose to spend your $$ supporting them makes 0 difference to me, heck I don't even live in the US, so I won't continue arguing that point. *emphasis mine* Unless you're a pro-athlete or close relative/friend of one, I'm unsure where such vitriol comes from. @Gormongous Sorry, didn't realise this was a closed community, I'll just stick to listening to the podcast without engaging with the community, like I've done for years. I sure learned that lesson. There's some stuff I could say about how you're basically defending those billionares, since they're the ones who own the pro-teams anyway, but you do you.
  15. Three Moves Ahead Episode 495: Sports

    I only wish I had the time to register an account on a random forum in order to clutch my pearls dramatically about how underpaid nurses are and how it's the fault of the jocks who bullied me in high school. Why is anyone mad about professional athletes and other entertainers being, on the far end of the bell curve, mildly overpaid? The most cursory Google search reveals that it'd be much more logical and effective to blame health system and health plan CEOs for giving themselves multi-million dollar bonuses when it comes to nurses being underpaid, but I guess that that would require a critique of our society and not just blaming overpaid athletes as individual signs of our decadence. Also, how about this: professional athletes absolutely destroy their bodies (and, in some cases, their brains) over what is usually a decade-long career and they deserve whatever money people are willing to give them without being made into a bogeyman for the vast societal inequalities that have allowed billionaires to add $262 billion to their already ineffable fortunes during a once-in-a-century pandemic? Like, yeah, some people are overpaid for the labor they do, but your first target is professional athletes, whose work you can see manifest on their very bodies? Really?
  16. Three Moves Ahead Episode 495: Sports

    where are all these losers crawling out of the woodwork from? Literally all of college athletes, the WNBA, even end of the bench guys in the major male team leagues make very little given how much money is poured into sports and doesn't make it into the hands of the people whose labor make leagues and teams rich. LeBron James is under paid by the NBA given how much money he makes the league world wide. Paying health care workers, retail workers, teachers more money doesn't have to come at the expense of fairly compensating athletes for the money their bodies make their organizations & it's disingenuous to argue otherwise. You're not brave for thinking nurses should be paid more, and you're kind of a jerk for creating a false dichotomy when there is none. I wish I could only talk to you when nurses were paid as much as athletes, but you inserted yourself into a week old thread to grandstand.
  17. Ill take the bait. Professional athletes are paid millions, are sponsored by many different brands, have their medical bills paid for and are well known enough not to have to pay for a lot of stuff the general population does have to pay for. They are overpaid. You MIGHT be able to find sports or leagues that don't overpay their players (CFL, college sports who underpay black players), but we're talking MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA etc. My opinion, and a very valid one. Once nurses are paid for SAVING LIVES as much as we pay for entertainment, then talk to me.
  18. Kert Gartner & VR Game Trailers Kert Gartner loves making VR game trailers, and he's constantly breaking new ground in virtual cinematography and mixed reality. He's been making indie game trailers for about 10 years, and with his years of experience in the feature film VFX industry, he's most comfortable making trailers in After Effects. We discuss how the heck that works, why he wouldn't have it any other way, how he got into making game trailers, and what interests him most about the work. Trailers Discussed: Gato Roboto, Canabalt, Nidhogg, Serious Sam: Random Encounter, Hotline Miami, IceBurgers, Space Channel 5 VR, Museum of Other Realities, Genital Jousting, Minit, Dungeon Hearts, Vacation Simulator, Eighth Grade, Whiplash, Neverending Nightmares, Snow Runner, Fantastic Contraption. Links: Virtual Cinematography For VR Trailers, Plugin Everything. If you have questions or comments please send them to Listen on the Episode Page Listen in iTunes
  19. Movie/TV recommendations

    The Best of Youth is made up of two 3 hour parts, so it's a relatively easily watchable superlong (> 4 hour) movie and my favourite of those so far. It tells the life story of two brothers and their extended family from their time as students in the 1960s Italy to the 2000s. Even though I think the movie has some flaws, it became one of my favourite movies ever because it really affected me a lot emotionally and I can't stop thinking about it. I wish I was watching it again right now, but it will have to wait until I'm done with my list-watching (4 movies totaling 35 hours + 27 historic Oscar Best Picture winners to go). [edit] I found out it was originally shot for Italian TV as a miniseries. Now suddenly it makes even more sense why it is so easy to watch, has perfect pacing and looks somehow more modern than most movies.
  20. Dune's Island - A Free Video Learning Series

    No problem...I hope it's helpful! :-) Hi everyone, If you've been following my music sharing thread over the years, you know that I'm not one to toot my own whistle, but I've been getting some very positive feedback about "Dune's Island" from parents and teachers so I included a "Praise for Dune's Island" page on the site. Given the current environmental situation, I believe that this is a very important project. Getting the word out about it is a massive challenge, though...especially since it has no advertising budget. If you think "Dune's Island" might be helpful to someone you know, please share it with them. Thanks in advance!
  21. Was disapointed in how unpolished this game felt. Even for the reduced 10$. No gamebreaking bugs, but just so many small ones. Didn't like how everyone was a Star Trek alien (a human with weird forehead ridges). How did everyone integrate so damn fast? 5 years? And I didn't like how it felt like damage was even more important than in XCOM2: after the initial breach I barely had the spare actions to move characters into better positions, because I was always fighting 2 to 3 times my numbers in enemies, so any action not spent on disabling or killing enemies felt very sub-optimal. The fact that now we're "The Man" and the enemies still get to throw infinite reinforcements at us was agravating. The last mission was especially ridiculous when the game threw 3 back to back fight at me, where I had to fight 12+ enemies each. (I played on 3rd difficulty). The action economy in the game seems bonkers. The fact that they HAD to make using items free is just proof of it. Edit: forgot to say, but I did finish the game, enjoyed it well enough, but I have no desire to ever replay it. Which for a 20$(10$ if you got it at launch) is fine.
  22. Three Moves Ahead 496: XCOM: Chimera Squad Rob, Rowan, and Bruno Dias start working the mean streets of City 31 as they discuss XCOM: Chimera Squad. XCOM: Chimera Squad Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  23. Back in the 90’s, Ambrosia Software released a series of space RPG / trading / combat games called Escape Velocity. The creator of the second game, EV Override, is now running a Kickstarter campaign to remake/remaster the game for modern platforms, starting with Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Aside from the base game, the remake of Override will be compatible with existing fan-made mods (which there are already decades of, including some fan scenarios that are full-blown games in and of themselves), and it's also designed to be easily and extensively moddable. For those who are interested in checking it out, contributing, or spreading the word, here’s a link to the Kickstarter campaign: Also, attached is a piece of concept art meant to show what the original ship graphics could look like if they were updated & modernized:
  24. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    This week’s new free MP3 music tracks are from two pages on my site: From my Chiptunes 3 page: THE PIXELVILLE HALL OF JUSTICE – (Looping) And from my Funny 7 page: GAME WORLD SILLINESS LOLA PIXEL RETURNS MORE FISHBOWL ACROBATICS – (Looping) Please stay healthy and safe.
  25. Three Moves Ahead Episode 495: Sports

    Lots of sports teams have been investing in esports for years now which lends credibility to the idea that this is just accelerating & bringing those investments to the fore. People develop affection and like for players for their favorite teams/their favorite athletes. People will watch them stream their sport's game, but they'll also watch them stream COD or Fortnite or whatever game, because there is a lot of demographic overlap between mainstream/popular video game ass video game players and sports fans.
  26. Dune's Island - A Free Video Learning Series

    that's interesting. Tnx! Like to watch online series. I downloaded new vpn to get access to any plocked content. That's convy! Now I can watch different tv shows and series online from every corner of the globe.
  27. Books, books, books...

    The Fourth Monkey by J.D. Barker. On Goodreads I gave it a 4 because of the fact that it kept me hooked for two days. But it wasn't a perfect thriller by any means.
  28. Movie/TV recommendations

    Code 8 - 7/10 Good film, I enjoyed it nothing special but nice to have a film based on powers that wasnt about being a super hero
  29. Letterboxd

    I got back into using letterboxd a while ago, and I now review every film I watch. I'm .
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