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  1. I've got a pretty big games backlog, and my Big FPS Playthrough really helped make a dent in it, so I'm going to do the same with adventure games and once more post my thoughts here. It'll likely take a long time - I don't have that much time for gaming at the moment - so this thread may not get updated very regularly. I'll give up on a game or resort to a walkthrough if I get too stuck or am not enjoying it. I'm going to try and stick to the original experience, so no mods unless it's needed to recreate that experience (say, if the audio is terrible played straight on modern computers). I'll allow some genre-mixing, but I'm not going to count interactive novels, puzzle games, narrative experiences - I'm mainly looking for the meat and potatoes inventory/dialogue/exploration Lucasartsian experience. Some I've played previously and will replay if I liked them, post what I can remember of my reasons if I didn't. I'm only playing games I own, so if anyone really wants me to play a particular game not on the list, they'll have to buy it for me! My list: (for my own easy future reference, I'll give a colour rating as I go, based on my final enjoyment level rather than a broad review of the game as a piece of art; some release dates are estimates)