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  2. Apex Legends! Very good! I bounced right the fuck off Fortnite but this is grabbing me nicely. The movement is great even without full parkour, as you can climb up many walls and slide like a boss(It is built off the house that Titanfall made). The teamwork possible just from the ROBUST ping tool alone is great. One button to point out an area interest, or an enemy, or a weapon/ammo/item of use. It also can point out where people have been if there's doors and loots open! The teamwork stuff feels very refreshing after playing a ton of Overwatch and getting increasingly annoyed with the lack of teamwork/comp that happens in that game alot, and annoyed with blizzard's general resistance to enforcing or encouraging teamwork in a more robust way. Apex is also nice in that even if you suck you can contribute just by healing/shielding/reviving/pinging. Also enjoy that you can actually revive your squad, coming back from near full wipes at times. Like Overwatch, the lords here all have unique abilities that can contribute to the squad or damage. Plus right out of an action movie, I once slid past a grenade and then jump kicked over my downed teammate and took out the last enemy with a hit to the throat, as I was down to no bullets and no options. Edit: Many people have pointed this out but it delights me. The roster of characters is quite diverse. The only white man is a guy named Caustic and all his abilities spread toxic gas.
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  4. Designer Notes 42: David Sirlin - Part 2

    I found the thoughts about discovering simplicity were really interesting. From trying to distil or force(?) fewer mechanics, to getting the realization to maybe thinking bigger might be the answer, in the lights of that Momir Vic card. I happened upon this nice tidbit yesterday, just before listening to this episode: Simplicity is a major concern in information design. The aim is clarity. Simplification of messages may imply quantitative reduction but is not restricted to that. Sometimes more information means more clarity. From Information Design, Wikipedia (I do UI and Graphic Design, and was looking for some more sources after having read a great book on the matter).
  5. Hello, I want to make an RTS game that allows users to write their own AI for units. However, I have limited resources, and am thinking of modding an existing open-source RTS to add this functionality, rather than build my own game from scratch. Or at least at first. This would be a good way to gauge interest and get feedback.It looks like there are a lot of open-source RTS games that fit what I'm looking for, such as 0 AD, Warzone 2100, Glest/Megaglest, etc. And their licensing is very permitting (GNU GPL and CC BY SA), so it looks like I'm welcome to mod their games, and then release my mod wherever I want, as long as I include attribution, and release it also under GPL with the source code included. I was thinking of releasing the mod on either Steam,, to gain visibility and to take advantage of their premade features for packaging, delivery, and matchmaking of the game.However, I was looking the matchmaking aspect, and am a little confused. Steam talks about servers here: which says basically that you can use the Steamworks API, but need to provide your own servers, or have the player's computers act as the servers. I'm guessing the latter would probably be impractical given the genre (RTS), but don't have a lot of experience by which to judge.What I'm looking for is something that's not a lot of work to connect people in multiplayer games. I'm happy to pay for servers, even if I don't end up charging anything for the game. I'm not sure what goes into linking servers to steam to allow matchmaking, and how much of it is done for you.I also tried to look into how 0 AD does matchmaking. It looks like it works directly through the game (like the old "multiplayer" option in Age of Empires), but beyond that, I'm not sure.Anyone know more about this sort of thing?Thanks!
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  7. I am Iron mAnthem

    I'm playing here and there. Gwardinen on Origin (you actually get passive benefits for having friends play).
  8. I am Iron mAnthem

    Can't wait to play it!
  9. Building a Library of Images for Everyone

    Hey folks, Brand new realistic seamless textures are waiting for you here: TXR – BARK - Seamless TXR – BRICK – Seamless TXR – GROUND TXR – ROCK/STONE 2 New music tracks are on their way as well as new game art. Have a good week!
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  11. I am Iron mAnthem

    Is anybody playing? Does this game have guilds? I also did the open beta and had enough fun to feel it's worth a shot.
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    I binged through Westworld and as you can guess I started liking it at one point. I think it was somewhere between episode 4 and 5. The second season is a bit too all over the place and takes way long to get where it’s going, but I cannot say that I disliked it. Another show I’m watching is Pose from Netflix. It’s about the ball scene in 80’s New York which I have zero interest of, but following the troubles of the several trans characters seems enlightening. It’s not easy to binge and I think I like it that way - been watching one or two episodes a week. The cast is also trans women, but I haven’t looked up what trans women generally think about it, though. Initially it seemed pretty male-gaze’y but it seems to be with a point.
  13. Episode 461: Three Kingdoms as a Setting

    Very good episode! One thing that maybe help the setting to feel so unique, is that very few strategy games (until now, even now that something quite rare) are so character/staff based, where each character (not all, but most of them) feel unique and not just random names you are assigning here or there. This character driven design often give to strategy game a sense of drama, which is rare. Fun fact, there is a somewhat old pc game, which tries to borrow a bit from Dynasty Warriors and mix it with some Age of Empire/Empire Earth style of RTS: Rise and Fall - Civilizations at War, it was I think one of the last game form Stainless Studios, directed by Rick Goodman (Empire Earth), the game features a quite unusual set of Factions: Rome, Egypt, Macedonia/Greece and Assyria, and the design tried to make them kind like in a Koei game, with some focus on begin fantastic, however it still trying too much to be "historical", this lead to faction design with very mixed result. Anyway, the gameplay was most an RTS with the typical Empire Earth zoom and heroes, however, you could for a short time take control of one hero and play it in very zoom in even further and play it an very limited imitation of a DW game, unlike a true "musou" game (the term often used to describe a DW style of game) heroes felt very underwhelming, it lacked the flavor and style, and while you are fighting several unit at once you attack felt weak, most time felt that you are just bashing enemies shields and seeing the HP goes down. Still, walk around an RTS map like in third person game, climbing stairs (in sieges), boarding action (on ships, but I never see it by myself, only on screenshots) or just exploring a bit those building you or your enemy laid around, was cool. The problem was, like I said, the faction and hero design was inconsistent, units still designed (most of them) like in an average RTS (or in other words, more historical), while heroes themselves shift in extremes, Assyria had the most fantastic designs, with if memories didn´t fail me, their hero holding a huge anime scythe, however you had the Romans which look very "default Romans" with Julius Caesar look very normal, but still hilarious seeing him mow down people with a bow or by ordering literal air strikes (I think that was his special power) and Germanicus, however looked very "germanic" with even a huge anime hammer. Macedonia/Greece had a very normal Alexander and Achilles as heroes, which, again if memory didn´t fail me, was a very normal design. Cleopatra goes around with two tiny daggers and a bow, Ramses was there too, but I have no recollection how he did look in the game.
  14. Hello, I have an idea for a game: It would be just like a traditional Real-Time Strategy game, but with a twist: the user is given the ability to write AI for their units. There would be a a development mode of the game where you could access basic unit functionality (like move here, move there, attack, etc.), and basic information (like type and position of enemy units you have detected), and write your own AI. I think this would be really cool , both for people who already know how to code, and for people just starting to learn. It occurs to me that it would be waaaay easier for me to modify an existing open source game to add this functionality than it would be for me to write my own RTS game from stratch. Like probably the difference between me being able to do it and not (I am doing this on the side of my day job). However, I think it would be cool to at least try to make money from this game. So I was looking into licensing, and it looks like almost all open source games are released under the GNU GPL license, meaning that they are legal to modify and redistribute, even for money, provided that the mod is also released under GNU GPL, and provides the source code. This makes sense, but it of course makes it difficult to make money selling a game, because anyone who buys it can then redistribute it for free if they choose. I also read about the GNU Limited GPL (LGPL), which looks like closer to what I want--open source stuff that can be included in proprietary works. You don't have to provide the source code for your modification. It looks like you have to clearly separate your work from the LGPL work by using them as dynamically linked libraries, or something like that. I'm not sure how technologically viable that is for my idea yet. I tried to find RTS games made with this license. I might have found one (Evolution RTS:, but it's ambiguous, and I'm unsure. Generally though, it seems like LGPL might be more of a thing for tools like game engines rather than whole games. One idea I have is to modify a regular GPL game, then host it with servers for competitive play on some site like steam. I of course wouldn't advertise that the code is open source, but people would probably be able to get the game itself for free in this way if they looked into it. However, they wouldn't be able to play it competitively against other people without paying on steam. Any advice? I'd be happy to hear feedback on the legal issue and/or the idea in general. Thanks!
  15. Thanks so much for this one! Halfway through this episode I said to myself: "Gee, I wonder if that old PC game set in China that I played as a kid was a Three Kingdoms game." Sure enough...(after some research) it was Romance of the Three Kingdoms II. 99% of that game went over my head - but it somehow left an impression. Thanks for helping to reignite that mere spark. Cheers to Brian Smawley's recommendation of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms Podcast. I've started listening to that.
  16. Discovery's writers seem like they're ADDICTED TO DRAMA because every second of every episode seems like it has to be during a countdown to everyone dying, or someone dying, or something bad happening, and there's never any time, and frankly it's not really my jam. It's like, I know you're trying to make it exciting, but would it kill you if there was ever a plotline that wasn't a ticking time bomb or something? Aside from that I'm enjoying the show, even the Klingon crap. I like it when they speak in Klingon! It's novel. And it's funny how the Klingons all live in overwrought space dungeons for some reason. I guess there's no Klingon word for "cozy." Mostly I feel the same way about Discovery as I did about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which is that a lot of the trappings are not really my jam, but its heart is in the right place and all the characters + actors they have are quite good, so there's definitely room to grow.
  17. Netflix Originals

    Everyone keeps saying good stuff about The Umbrella Academy but I haven't watched it. People said equally good stuff about Russian Doll so I watched it and liked it but it didn't blow me away. The lead gives a great performance and I definitely like the setting/mood/tone but aside from that it didn't rock my world. I also watched Velvet Buzzsaw which I liked a lot: dark humor/satire plus an insane amount of cheese which the movie isn't afraid to own. It's not as good as the director's previous movie Nightstalker, which had a more interesting satire target and more interesting characters, but Jake Gyllenhaal gives a great performance in both movies so there's that. Also I live in India where Star Trek: Discovery is technically a Netflix Original, and I've been keeping up with that. It's fine.
  18. You always had such lovely animations and neat game ideas. I hope you're doing well.

  19. Netflix Originals

    Has anyone watched the Umbrella Academy? I saw it pop up on Netflix and the premise is vaguely interesting to me, but I have no idea whether it's actually any good.
  20. [RELEASED] Tactical Gamer Chair

    I've been chipping away at v1.1 over the past week; it's been pretty slow going, but I've uploaded a new build now. There were two main things I wanted to get in, the first being fixes for the various restart bugs; Nick encountered one of these when he played the game on the stream, but there were at least two more that were revealed as I tried to fix that one. One of them is definitely* fixed, but the other two still happen, just much less frequently than before. The second thing I wanted to get in was... ... this guy. Part of me was tempted to also add "Veggie" Panino and a Business Guy (I guess ridiculous physics characters are my Wizard Jam jam?), and now that I've laid the groundwork with Dot Gobbler it wouldn't be too hard, but I kind of just wanted to get this out. I'm not sure that I'll go back to developing it now either; I mean, it's funny, but it's not a very good game, and it would take quite a lot of effort to make it good (I'd have to model a horsebag for one thing...). So yeah, check it out here: * don't hold me to this
  21. Free 2D Game Art for Your Projects

    I opened a new page this week that has templates for maps. They might be handy for treasure maps, game world maps, etc. Just add graphics and text. You’ll find them here: Feel free to edit as needed. Enjoy!
  22. Lego Movies

    Visited The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part: Part Deux twice now, like I'm on some kind of goddamn Two-Face scheme. It's fun! I'd say it's just about as accomplished and fun as the first movie, which is quite an achievement. You'd expect the freshness to have worn off, and though it has, here and there, it becomes obvious they can still get tons of mileage from both the world and the (still hilarious) notion of animated Lego minifigs. It's playful and cute and has another 'real world connection'. This time around it's less surprising, but I found myself humming and bopping along and being generally impressed and mightily entertained. I hear it's not doing so well in theatres, maybe due to the shine being off Lego films after Batman and Ninjago releasing in the meantime, the latter only a year ago. Shame, because this is a fun movie. Easily more entertaining than the average mawkish kids' 3D movie with facially over-gesticulating characters (I'm looking at you, Wonderpark trailer).
  23. I knew who Cao Cao was but that was about it. It certainly looked like the guys were... passionate about this.
  24. Free Music Resource - Over 1500 Tracks

    Hi everyone, Here are this week’s new free tracks: On my Fantasy 8 page: “Mystical Backstory” (Standard and Looping) On my Puzzle Music 4 page: “Light Puzzles 3” (Looping) “Build It with Pixels” (Looping) More free game art and stock video footage will be coming out on Friday. See you then!
  25. Just watching the time lapse map on Wikipedia, I don't know how you could have a systemic 3 kingdoms game with a historical outcome. There are so many factions at start, and so many also seem to flip from one colour to another at different points- presumably from re-organization or new leadership, which is not typical in most strategy games. I guess you would just ignore the pre-220 kingdoms outright. Maybe the later era of strife, the 16 kingdoms, would be an interesting setting for a game also.
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  27. I know nothing about the subject and I thought the episode was a hoot, mostly because it was a great panel. Even if I don't get all of the references, I enjoy listening to people that are knowledgeable and passionate about their subject matter.
  28. Filmmaking

    Twin Peaksy!
  29. Episode 461: Three Kingdoms as a Setting

    I can only imagine how confusing this show must be for the listeners who never played a single Romance of the Three Kingdoms games or never payed much attention to this part of history. There are so many, many named characters to keep track of, many of which have pretty similar names and the names by itself are very much different than what we're used to listening in the West. I'd bet that this is the biggest challenge for someone trying to get into this part of Chinese History. I have only played Dynasty Warriors 6 back on the PS2 and I vividly remember Lu Bu's campaign where he was just fighting with everyone in search for a Worthy Opponent but none could match his might and, in the last mission, the Three Kingdoms combined forces to try and stop his rampage. An Epic conclusion to the game. Also, there's something to be said about the different evolutionary paths (for lack of a better word) that the Western strategy market and the Eastern market took. That can be seen in games like Nobunaga's Ambition (which the panel discussed some time ago), Dynasty Warriors Empire and the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series.
  30. Episode 461: Three Kingdoms as a Setting

    I've been waiting for this episode ever since 3MA talked about Nobunaga's Ambition. I'm glad that you guys finally managed to put a panel together for this show
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