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  2. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Good news everyone: All of my Chiptunes tracks now have higher quality Ogg versions available to download. They are very inexpensive and are a great way to support my website. You’ll find them on these pages: That said, here are a couple of brand new free MP3 tracks: On my Fantasy 11 page: MYSTICAL BEINGS CALLING – (Looping) And on my Sci-Fi 9 page: ESCAPE FROM 4th SECTOR – (Looping) As always, I hope some of my work is helpful in your projects. Please feel free to share my site with anyone who might find it helpful!
  3. Regarding Rob's story of his lecherous king... "Dirty old man seduces his useless/uninterested son's hot wife" is an extremely common plot in Japanese porn. On the topic of the weird eugenics optimization part of CK3, is it possible to accidentally on-purpose end up with offspring as messed up as the Habsburgs from all the excessive consanguinity?
  4. Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    I just created some new seamless fantasy stone textures as well as some fantasy metal images...they are free to use with attribution. They live here: Feel free to edit, create maps from them or whatever you like. :-) Over 4000 more free images await you on my site. I do custom work as well if need be. Enjoy!
  5. Soul Not Found - Idle/Incremental Game

    In this (game jam edition) version the goal is to reach stage 150 and/or get all trophies as there isn't much in regards to story due to file size limitation from the js13kgames jam That said, I'm working on a full version of the game which will feature a story and much more strategic/tactical gameplay and rpg elements Either way, thanks for playing
  6. Sunset Hardcore - my very first game

    it looks cool as a game
  7. Soul Not Found - Idle/Incremental Game

    Hi, that sounds nice but I didn't quite understand the aim of the game
  8. Regarding the difficulty curve of the game, it stuck me in playing the game that being cruel and evil is the easy way to play, and it's much more difficult to play as a good person. Being a sadist, for example, can be the game on easy mode. As a sadist, you can torture and execute people willy-nilly and you get dread (very useful) plus stress relief. Try being generous instead, that's much harder as things like revoking the titles of vassal who took up arms against you creates stress. So it becomes easy to snowball if you're playing as a despot, and the game often subtly encourages you to play as such. It's effective. But if you take a step back, you as a player realize you've created a murderous tyrant. It's generally more difficult to play as a good person. There are tools to help with it, true, but it's so much easier to kill your foes than befriend them. All of which is to say that there's a lot of different ways to approach the game, and those different approaches reward players differently. Which is great! But it also means that if you just sort of go along with how the game initially presents itself to you, if you play the game as a game, then you're often going to find it easy. Sometimes you need to find your goals from outside what the game presents on its surface, and CK III is great at providing some of that depth.
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  10. Three Moves Ahead 505: Crusader Kings 3 Rob, Rowan, Fraser, and Leana discuss their feelings on Crusader Kings 3 a few weeks after launch. How do we feel now that we've spent more time with the full version? Why does Rob keep sleeping with his grandkids' wives? Listen in and find out! Crusader Kings 3 Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  11. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    I had a busy weekend, but I managed to create some new music tracks for everyone. Free to use, as always, with attribution: On my Fantasy 11 page: THE LAND OF LOST HOPE – (Looping) On my History page: ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS – (Looping) And on my Sci-Fi 9 page: WINTER IN AN ALIEN CITY – (Looping) Please feel free to share my site with anyone who might find it helpful!
  12. I made an idle/incremental game with offline progress (should work on desktops and mobile) for js13kgames jam. They have a unique limitation where your game can't exceed 13312 bytes (essentially, an empty Word document). 😂 Content is quite limited right now due to game jam limitation but I'm actively working on a full version of the game and you can join the waitlist and/or my Discord if you liked/enjoyed the game so far 😉 Either way, let me know what you think and thanks for playing! 🙂 Game Link - (Prototype - Game Jam Edition)
  13. Love those shows. I've recently watched Troy Director's Cut and I was surprised about how... average it is. All of its subversion feel very much a child of its time. I'd like to see honest by the book recreation of Illiad, maybe Netflix TV show Troy mentioned is better. But here there are no gods and it's all down to earth. The siege is very short and it's really about geopolitics, not a stolen wife. I see everything Troy says about Achilles but I just can't take him seriously. My biggest issue with both Troy and Kingdom of Heaven is those films try to tell us that back then almost all people were just like us and people who seriously talk about faith and honor are either dumb or hypocritical. Kingdom of Heaven is a proud STEM master race, of course he doesn't really believe in holy wars and church in general, and so doesn't Saladin. He's like someone from the future. Same for Achilles, he's an edgy atheist and it's bizzare. I agree that Priam and Achilles dialogue is good but outside of it I don't see the emotions I expect from Achilles. There's little rage in him, he's always a modern bad cop archetype. Subdued emotions. When he fights it's a dance, his style is to concentrate on movements with no emotions. I don't get it.
  14. Episode 413: Myth

    Nope, the best bungie game is Myth. Great podcast, really loved the discussions involved here. There was a podcast recently with one of the Myth III developers, check it out on youtube. Myth is still active, some of those guys who used to grind out the demo, continue to play 22-23 years later. Please join in on the fun, we've recently taken actions to clean up the Myth server and hold all players accountable for their actions requiring an account to sign onto the server. Join us !
  15. I really enjoy this format of Rob and Troy picking two movies that are thematically related and talking about them. I wonder if you guys will get around to cover Kagemusha and Ran one of these days. Funnily enough one of the best castle siege games out there is Nobunaga's ambition: Sphere of Influence. In that game sieges are all about beating your opponent's army while still having enough men to besiege and take castles, or outmaneuver armies and capture castles. That and the Hegemony series. I'm afraid there aren't many other good castle siege/defense games out there, unfortunately. P.S: So, at the end Rob calls Leana T. J Hafer (her former name). This makes me wonder if: A) this episode had been recorded and edited a while back and was only just released for whatever reason, or B ) Rob mistakenly called her by her former name and they left that in.
  16. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Hi everyone, Here are this week’s new free music tracks: On my Action 4 page: ENDLESS SCI-FI RUNNER – (Looping) On my Chiptunes 3 page: CUTE 8-BIT MONSTERS – (Looping) A PIXEL ROMANCE – (Looping) On my Funny 7 page: ANOTHER COOKIE HEIST And on my Puzzle Music 6 page: PUZZLE CONSTRUCTION – (Looping) I sincerely hope they are helpful in your projects!
  17. Three Moves Ahead 504: Troy and Kingdom of Heaven Rob and Troy are walking the battlements as they revisit Wolfgang Peterson's "Troy" and Ridley Scott's director's cut of "Kingdom of Heaven". What do these two movies about major siege-battles fought between clashing civilizations, from the early years of the War on Terror, say about their moment? Is Troy underrated, overrated, or correctly rated? Why is Brendan Gleeson so unsettling? All these questions and more are answered this week on Three Moves Ahead. Troy, Kingdom of Heaven Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  18. Plug your shit

    I wrote a long piece on my changing view on Heavy Rain and its legacy:
  19. Movie Marathons

    He is barely in Rumble Fish so I wouldn't have recommended it. Red Rock West was on the docket - but then Colour out of Space took over. I really need to rewatch Bringing out the Dead.
  20. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Some fun new tracks are waiting for you on my new City/Urban 3 page: DREAMING OF NOIR – (Looping) SMALL TIME CROOKS – (Looping) I’ve also created a new reflective piece for my Introspective/Emotions page: QUIET INTELLIGENCE – (Looping) And don’t forget about my free sound effects pages…they are listed under my free music pages. (People sometimes don’t realize they are there.) Enjoy…and please stay safe and healthy.
  21. Designer Notes 55: Meg Jayanth

    Thank you for the single long episode as opposed to a multi-parter
  22. Movie Marathons

    My favorite Cage movies that haven't been mentioned are Rumble Fish, Bringing Out the Dead, and Red Rock West.
  23. Three Moves Ahead 503: Total War: Three Kingdoms - The Furious Wild Rob and Leana are joined by Creative Assembly's Simon Mann to talk about the latest DLC for Total War: Three Kingdoms, The Furious Wild. Total War: Three Kingdoms - The Furious Wild Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  24. It's very clear that Troy is on a heavily modified version of Rome 2's engine and the best innovations post-Rome 2 have been backported in with mixed success. Certainly, the political and diplomatic systems can't remotely match Three Kingdoms for their lack of extraneous clicks and other bullshit. I'm playing the Furious Wilds DLC for the latter right now and it's incredible, after a win as Hector in Troy, how much I keep expecting agent spam, hiking across the map to deal with a sudden declaration of war, and tedious sieges when Three Kingdoms largely dispensed with that (and hopefully someone's taking notes there).
  25. I spit out my coffee when Dia referred to Total War as "such a fucking Dad game."
  26. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    I’ve opened 2 new pages…each with 2 brand new free tracks: On my new Fantasy 11 page: LOST IN A LABYRINTH – (Looping) LAND OF THE STRANGE On my new Horror 2 page: CREEPYTOWN – (Lopping) OVERTAKEN – (Looping) I can’t believe August is almost over. I hope everyone isn’t going too crazy being stuck at home. Please stay safe and healthy.
  27. I've made peace with TW problems with balance between battles and strategic map mostly cause 3K got it right. I was optimistic about Troy cause I thought it would be just like 3K but with characters I knew before that game. But as you've said the combat is extremely confusing. Colors are very hard to read for a person with even light color blindness. Icons show you unit type except they don't; defensive shielded cannon fodder spear units have the same icon as elite striking force with two-handed spears. Shields and armor might be the most important qualities of a unit but you don't see it in icons. You have to mostly rely on the shape of an icon to know if the unit is heavy or light. I liked strategic map better but it has the same problems as all TW games before 3K: I actually win the game in a middle of the campaign, then I have to go around and auto resolve dozens of battles. And those are not curb-stomp battles, I still need to replenish my armies so I'm sitting there waiting for all the Greeks to move. Agent spam is back too. Your peaceful envoys have to spread influence just to get levelups for passive bonuses to resource production. A pair of spies can cripple both defending army and city garrison making it viable to be obliterated by a single army. Most of those battles are not enjoyable to play manually cause sieges are always boring in TW. Especially now that you can't shoot a hole in enemy wall. Another thing I've noticed is that since Rome 2 there's a deep contradiction in game mechanics. Empire added built-in garrisons to every city so that you can't send your hussars capturing towns behind the front line. However Rome 2 severly limited number of available armies. You can send a couple of units alone anymore. Especially in Troy having more than 3 armies means you're in endgame. So those big garrisons are somewhat moot. They only make sense when enemy army is present in the city. Otherwise they exist just to give you an easy autoresolve battle, something that would probably be better represented by attrition.
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