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    I recommended Harry Potter movie and I like to watch this movie because this movie story so nice. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Source:
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  4. Thanks everyone! Ya, that's where my mind went when I played Munch's Oddysee back in the day too! Does it actually look like a G or is it the power of suggestion? Haha! I did make the font though so it's not perfect. It's fine if they see that. I think, at the least, it's meant to be a goofy word for a thing to collect. I should have more later today!
  5. Man, that video is looking really good.
  6. Wizard Jam 9 *Team Seeking Thread*

    What I'm Doing: Music/Sound Design I contributed to a few games in Wizards Jam 5 + 6 + 7 + 8. I'm definitely more interested in the music side of things, but I can do small bits of sound design if it is required. Contact Info: Here on the forums, on the slack for the duration of the jam (@atlantic), or via email at attlantic [dot] jam @ gmail [dot] com Time Zone: GMT/UTC Portfolio: For Wiz Jam 5 I contributed music and sound design to The Calster's A Thousand Dormant Machines, and music to Zirrus' Prepare for the Jelly and BenX's The Robot's Lips. For Wiz Jam 6 I made some cyberpunky music for both SuperBiasedMan's Get Hoisted and Mythalore's ICE Wave/NEON Shell. For Wiz Jam 7 I provided music for SuperBiasedMan's Our Newest Show. For Wiz Jam 8 I made emotional ambient music for Nappi's Palpable Dreams and JRPG style battle music for jonbjohns' The Death of Nick Breckon. I want to break out of the electronic style that I've been doing for Wiz Jam games up until this point but in the end it'll depend on whatever would best suit your game. Here's a Soundcloud link with all the music and more:
  7. Excited to see this continue! You might change your HUD font slightly so the "C" is definitely not read as a "G" in SPOOCE. (Unless that is intentional?)
  8. I think the best historical games stray from simulating history itself but instead focus on circumstances of it all. Someone on the podcast said a similar thing, but not quite. Games like Colonization, Vietnam'65 or Afghanistan'11 - and even Civilization in a way. They don't put nations and armies where they were, they allow you to play your own colonizations or vietnams that follow historical rules but happen on another Earth. Another thing is the level of abstraction. Technically everything that happened in history can happen in Civilization (maybe except the appearance of new civs mid-game) because it operates on a higher level. Weird coups, conquests, rebellions and inheritance systems only work through special events in EU4 and especially CK2. In Civ you can assume all of this happens in the background. Your bonuses when you play as Russia reflect special inheritance system, feudal fragmentation and cultural nuances, but when you play as Russian count in CK2 it's obvious that you don't get real inheritance system or unique government types.
  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    I also recently learned that! It's a neat detail. My favorite bit from Into the Spider-Verse is when Miles and Peter are escaping after stealing the computer and Miles throws a bagel at one of their pursuers. As it hits the guy the comic sound effect that pops up says "BAGEL"
  10. Very cool to see your style in this 3D/voxel environment. Can't wait to get lost in those ominous labyrinthine corridors
  11. That princess Peach (well I guess she's called Toadstool in SMB2) style hover is very satisfying, more games should have that. I try to have multiple uses for almost every shoe. With bombs you can jump in the air and destroy blocks and steam allows hovering and cleaning. The hornshoe (love that stupid name) plays different notes in different altitudes. It's mainly for some puzzles but maybe it also scares/lures some obstacle too. Usually my games have been pretty linear and straightforward but I realized I have to actually try to design some interesting levels now where player must use this shoe-toolset in interesting ways.
  12. Ah, cool, I was hoping you'd keep going with this. Looks even better now!
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    I finally got around to watching Eighth Grade. It's something I've had on my list for a while because it's written and directed by Bo Burnham, a stand-up comedian writing a movie for the first time. I remember seeing this guy making Youtube videos when I was 15 (and he was 15) where he would make funny, rude songs. They were silly Weird Al stuff, but they were often heartfelt and visibly desperate as well. A few years later he had a couple stand-up specials that lauded vulnerability. It looks a little melodramatic now, but I was in that headspace at the same time, so it really worked on me. Anyway the movie is good. I've watched a couple teen-drama movies on Netflix recently (Sarah Burgess Is A Loser, Dumplin') and they're very plastic, corny and predictable. I also don't like Black Mirror because it's so loud and ham-fisted with how it skewers modern technology. Eighth Grade feels more authentic in what it's like to be lonely and unsure today. The big villain in this kid's life is just a spread out cloud of little failures (often just PERCEIVED failures) that she's not equipped to process, and the small victories are very endearing. The kid is nervous about going to this pool party, but it's presented as just a bunch of wet kids and a cheap stereo in somebody's garden. I like coming to this genre with such a down-to-earth, lived-in perspective. It's not truly mind-blowing, but it felt honest and vulnerable. That was compelling to me, and I appreciate that somebody's out there making stories in this style.
  14. This is looking great so far! love the story idea too
  15. That is a very cool selection of abilities, especially love the steam hover/cleaning shoes. What do the piano shoes do? Also, the detail of the ears bending back during movement is just too cute.
  16. Here's 3 out of the 5 magical shoes now pretty functional.
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  18. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeah, they also specifically animate him out of sync with his mentor initially. Then they sync up literally and figuratively through the course of a particular sequence.
  19. [Dev Log] Heely Kids

    Another update! Worked quite a bit on Saturday, but Sunday was very hectic IRL to allow me to get round to doing any Jamming. Today has been very productive though. The following is now in: some UI elements are now in place: Everybody loves getting points!! Jump mechanic now uses a release style system so jumps can be held for bigger jumps or pressed quickly for short hops (needs tweaking) Player tilt is now visualized (temp art style for now, might be removed at final release... possibly... (probably not... )) "Fail State", tilting too much causes the player to "fall" and effectively locks you in a slide until you get to the bottom of the stairs "Tricks" are now displayed whilst they happen (these will eventually get you the big points later on!) Obstacle prototype which will cause you to tumble, reducing speed, also, this will eventually affect your score (remove trick bonus or something like that) Also, @Mythalore is now also collaborating with me on the project wohoo! And a second short video... subject to change...
  20. I'm continuing my experiment from last wizjam! I have big ole plans for this game, but there is a secret to it all that I don't wanna reveal yet. So right now I'm just tooling around with 3d in GMS2 like a fool! Here is where you find a spoocegate and must navigate a spoocemaze to get the requisite spooce. And of course we all know this to be an extended reference to OddWorld Munch's Oddysee. You knew that right...? *ahem* I do want to finish the full project and doubt I can do so in the alotted 2 weeks, but I maaaay continue straight on after depending on how much I can get done during jamtimes. Good luck, jamsmen!
  21. [Dev Log] Walking an unfamiliar city alone

    Well, the Flatiron building seems more realistic to me than all cube buildings. Excited to wander these streets!
  22. [Dev log] Curling

    Yeah! This sounds good to me, be it a hardcore curling sim or Curling Jam, a new arcade smash.
  23. [Dev Log] Walking an unfamiliar city alone

    Today I managed to finally solve the remaining issues with the script. First I spent some time writing myself a library for 2D geometry functions and such though. That was fun, if not necessary for advancing the game. Now I can generate a point set and properly triangulate it, like this: The plan is to maybe randomly remove some edges and then create walkable streets along the lines in the diagram(adding some curviness). So every vertex in the diagram is an intersection. That will most likely lead to many Flatiron-type buildings, but I'm not going for realism. Another way would be to generate the buildings offset inside the triangles, that would automatically create the streets in between. Adding curves to them would be difficult though...but should be overall a lot easier. I'm still figuring out what data structures would be good to keep track of everything, once I have that squared away I can start generating the streets along the edges. The next challenge after that is properly connecting streets at intersections. And then comes some art, making a variety of doors, windows and other features for the buildings.
  24. Movie/TV recommendations

    One thing I learned today that I thought was pretty wild, was that in Into The Spider-Verse they animate Miles at 12 fps at first, as he learns to handle his powers. As he becomes more confident, they start animating him in 24 fps to give a better sense of his newfound grace and power. Such neat animation storytelling!
  25. SGDQ 2019

    If anyone is still looking for good runs to watch, I highly recommend the Wii Punch-out Blindfold run. The runner, Zallard1, has previously done blindfolded runs of Mike Tyson's Punch-out and Super Punch-out at other GDQs. This Wii run completes the trifecta and is probably the most impressive one.
  26. Movie/TV recommendations

    Watched a few movies on the plane to/from China recently Aquaman Better than I was expecting. Some really good action set pieces. The plot's kind of loose but good character portrayals for the most part. Hellboy David Harbor did a good job but everything else was lacking. The plot is all over the place, it lacks the whimsy of the Guillermo Del Toro films, and I really couldn't care about any of the characters. Captain Marvel It was fine. I don't have a lot to say that's not just diving into the MCU. Into the Spider-Verse Really enjoyable, though the art made my eyes hurt a couple times. Not that it's bad, it's just hard to focus on.
  27. Marvel movies

    I also enjoyed Far From Home. I won't go into my usual rant of nitpicking a lot of the bits. One thing I do like in both this and Homecoming is their version of MJ. I like that she's a little strange and not the super hot most popular girl in the school she (and Gwen Stacey and Liz from Homecoming) have previously been portrayed as, but she's still an awkward teenager. One thing I did like about Mysterio was that his costume was a straight up mocap suit.
  28. Last week
  29. Using an existing platformer base I had and WIP/old/placeholder graphics I now have the Dog running around and 5 magic shoes (that do nothing special yet) to choose from.
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