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  2. Free Music Resource - Over 1500 Tracks

    Here are this week’s new free tracks. They are all from my Funny pages: CHEESY SCIENCE (Looping) - Classic 50s sound…conjures up cardboard sets, blinking lights and extra cheese. Good for satire. DO IT (Looping) – “This is your conscience speaking…” in humorous hip-hop style. THE ASTRONOMY CLUB (Looping) – Somehow these kids always seemed to have a lovable goofiness about them. I was never in the astronomy club, but probably should have been…I love all things having to do with space (and certainly qualified as far as the goofy factor was concerned!) THE DRUNK PELICAN DUET (Looping) – This is what happens when 1) you hire a couple of pelicans to play drums and accordion outside your dockside restaurant, and 2) you let them drink before the gig. PLASTERED BY LUNCH TIME (Looping) – They stumble out of the bar, their bellies sloshing with beer, and head back to work…if they can find their way back to work…lol. Enjoy…and have a good week!
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  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    I forgot about this movie, but after hearing this my interest is definitely re-piqued!
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yes! Blank Check's Griffin Newman! It was very weird to finally watch him in something, because I'd gotten so used to listening to him on the podcast. But he's really good as Arthur/Mothman! Really looking forward to Season 2.
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    I watched Hearts Beat Loud and it is this sweet little story about a father (played with uncharacteristic softness by Nick Offerman) and daughter recording some songs together while dealing with their lives. It is almost a musical with the amount of songs that are played throughout but what I like about it is the way the film is into giving the audience an idea of how a song is manufactured and what some of the process is behind putting tracks together. There is nothing brilliant about it, it is just well placed as a generally kind and warm film - that also isn't too tacky. I would strongly recommend it in place of a cheesy Christmas film.
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  8. That's a good shout - entertaining, non-tech-y and Picard-heavy!
  9. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    Nick says he's going to start streaming from the account now (he's been streaming on his personal account for a little while) and started a FC2 playthrough this weekend. He talked a bit about thumbs and even though there's nothing concrete in place he'd like to do something when they have more time.
  10. Episode 453: Black Hawk Down and Zulu

    So I finally listened to this after I had a day with 8 hours of driving. I 100% want everyone to keep experimenting and I understand why the time investment of a movie is preferable to a game. Strategy games take a long time to play and a movie is quick to watch and discuss. I'd prefer some more afterdark where people catch up on games that they're playing or basically anything where Michael can talk about weird games. If this is something you're going to want to do once a month I'd hope you pull it from the main feed.
  11. Episode 299: Earliest Access

    All- At the gates is being released January 23 2019. Very wild
  12. Land of Sand -- Dune inspired real-time strategy game Allow me to introduce you an RTS game, which is currently in development. Land of Sand is a mixture of global and real-time strategy inspired by classic RTS games, such as Dune II, Dune 2000 and Emperor: Battle for Dune. As a representative of a powerful faction you are appointed planetary governor of Foedia -- a desert world known for its harsh conditions and valuable resource. However two rival factions, unsatisfied with this decision, declare war on you. You have to defeat them and establish your factions rule over Foedia once and forever. Build, develop and defend your base. Harvest resources. Train soldiers and produce vehicles. Manage optimally your limited fuel and water resources. Struggle with extreme conditions and hostile fauna. Defeat your enemies. Conquer the planet region by region. Land of Sand will be RTS with global strategic layer: global map devided into regions, which player defends or conquers during RTS missions. In between missions player chooses what region to attack, invests resources in capital base development and researching technologies, gathers intelligence on enemy regions, sends agents to sabotage enemy efforts, negotiates with secondary factions. Capital base progress and global situation influence player capabilities during missions: how much supplies and reinforcements can be obtained, what units and buildings are available, secondary factions acting as allies, neutrals or enemies. Game release is planned in 2019. Official site: Land of Sand
  13. Building a Library of Images for Everyone

    I can’t believe we’re halfway through December already…I hope everyone’s having fun getting ready for the holidays…(around here, it’s pretty much mayhem…you know…“wreck the malls” and all that.) Anyhow, new seamless cartoon-style images are ready and waiting here: TXR – BARK - Cartoon TXR – FUR – Cartoon New music will be posted on Wednesday…hopefully some of it will be helpful as well. Keep being creative!
  14. Episode 453: Black Hawk Down and Zulu

    I would just point out that a “historical book club” is the $2,500 tier goal of the 3MA Patreon. (Not a self-promotion — I don’t get any of the Patreon money.)
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    I quite like The Tick too. I love Serafinowciz and it's cool because the guy who plays Arthur is one of the co-hosts of a podcast I love so I've been a fan of his for a long time. I think the second season is coming relatively soon so that's cool.
  16. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Thanks! I'll be reading this today. It's really useful to have such an insider's look into the game. I'm still playing a lot with Inkling and have gotten to the point where I no longer am super nervous about what the hell to do. I still rely a bit much, I feel, on jumping on the enemy to be able to aim at them and get a tilt attack off (you do them with the smash analogue stick provided you're in the air). I should really get comfortable with blocking and evading, but that's so contrary to the excitement of a match that I have a hard time adjusting to it.
  17. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I wrote this guide thingy for the waypoint discord community, but I may as well share it here to (I also shared it in the Idle Thumbs slack) Generally speaking you want to focus on using your quicker attacks in the "neutral game" (this concept might be high level but it's worth just understanding that this is simply the time when no player has a distinct advantage over the other). Smash Bros sort of has a free-form combo system where the player is expected to just develop their own chain of attacks based on how far and which direction their attacks launch the opponent. It does take a lot of time to figure this stuff out, since there are so many attacks, and different characters have different movement properties which is important in knowing what can be followed up with. For example Peach's down-throw can be followed up with a short hop back-air attack at low %, and at higher %, a full hop is required instead. Smash Bros uses a "stale move" system that makes an attack progressively weaker the more it is used, so it heavily discourages just using your strongest attacks all the time because when you want to KO your opponent by launching them off the stage, your big attack is going to not do as much as it could or should. Anyway feel free to ask me stuff about this. I've been playing Smash for many years and racked up many hours in it, against opponents of varying skill levels. Also wrt online: the switch's wifi capability is rather poor and a LAN adapter for ethernet connection is thus recommended but most players won't be using one. So even if you have a great wired connection, chances are your opponent will bring it down. Also, there is no good way to just play the mode you want. Quickplay won't guarantee that you play with the setting you desire (it uses a preference system that matches people roughly based on their chosen settings and then just choose randomly between one of the players' match settings). Arena is finicky to set up and has mind-boggling design decisions like automatically ejecting your from your place in the queue (even if you were set to play in the ring) if you try to change your character. You also can't change settings once the arena is set up even if there is no match currently active.
  18. I had a random thought about movies

    Apparently the Oracle of Bacon lost access to IMDB " While at the University of Virginia, Brett Tjaden created the Oracle of Bacon,[14] a computer program that uses information on some 800,000 people from the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). The algorithm calculates "how good a center"[15] an individual IMDb personality is, i.e. a weighted average of the degree of separation of all the people that link to that particular person. The site returns an average personality number, e.g. for Clint Eastwood, it returns an average "Clint Eastwood Number." From there the Oracle site posits "The Center of the Hollywood Universe" as being the person with the lowest average personality number. Kevin Bacon, as it turns out, is not the "Center of the Hollywood Universe" (i.e. the most linkable actor). In fact, Bacon does not even make the top 100 list of average personality numbers.[16] While he is not the most linkable actor, this still signifies being a better center than more than 99% of the people who have ever appeared in a film. Since each actor's average personality number can change with each new film made, the center can and does shift. "Centers" have included Rod Steiger, Donald Sutherland, Eric Roberts, Dennis Hopper and Harvey Keitel. "
  19. Netflix Originals

    Roma came to Netflix today. It's a beautiful movie, but also very slow. It's only in the 3rd act when stuff starts happening. Also holy shit
  20. I had a random thought about movies

    Does six degrees of Kevin Bacon still work? If not, who's the new Kevin Bacon?
  21. Fresh Indie Game Compendium Extraordinaire

    Heroes of Flatlandia - fantasy turn based strategy I would like to introduce you our game Heroes of Flatlandia, that we create with my brother in our spare time. It is fantasy turn based strategy inspired by legendary games Heroes of might and magic or Age of Wonders. So in our fantasy world, you will lead your kingdom of noble elves or dreadful undeads as one of several powerful heroes. Raise mighty armies and crash your enemies in detailed tactical battles. You will use variety of spells and abilities to gain advantage, explore the world, and conquer your enemies. The game contains plenty of maps and allow you to play either against computer AI or against your friends in hot-seat multiplayer Trailer
  22. I would like to introduce you our game Heroes of Flatlandia, that we create with my brother in our spare time. It is fantasy turn based strategy inspired by legendary games Heroes of might and magic or Age of Wonders. So in our fantasy world, you will lead your kingdom of noble elves or dreadful undeads as one of several powerful heroes. Raise mighty armies and crash your enemies in detailed tactical battles. You will use variety of spells and abilities to gain advantage, explore the world, and conquer your enemies. The game contains plenty of maps and allow you to play either against computer AI or against your friends in hot-seat multiplayer. Trailer Google Play demo version - full version - App Store(only full version)
  23. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    So I just stumbled on this gem once again. That's so nice
  24. Three Moves Ahead 454: Armored Brigade If the notion of the modern RTS makes you break into a cold sweat as you think about APM and wrist pain, we have good news for you: Veitikka Studios has created a more elegant weapon for a more civilized age. Armored Brigade puts you in command of cold war-era equipment in an impressively generated battlefield. The excellent scenario generator and impressive AI turn this game into something special, much to the delight of our panel. Rob, Ian Boudreau, game designer Rod Humble, and Troy "You've given me a heart and a brain" Goodfellow explain why Armored Brigade turned out to be an excellent game to round out 2018. Armored Brigade Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  25. Movie/TV recommendations

    I watched Minding the Gap last night. It is a documentary about 4 young men who became friends through skateboarding and is a movie all about cycles of abuse & poverty in the dying city of Rockford Illinois. I love my home state and have been to Rockford many times for school events in high school. I saw so much of people I knew in this film. It's on hulu and I can't stop thinking about it. I highly recommend it for a look into what it's like living in a rust belt style city in the US as a young person.
  26. Stumbling around Hyrule - A Link to the Past Randomizer

    The SM/LttP run was really great. It's what finally got me to start looking into playing the game myself, although I'm not close to trying that particular iteration yet. Despite my love for SM I'm not nearly as familiar with the layout of the game as I am with LttP. I'm also extremely lacking in the technical proficiency required. You've probably already learned some of this by now but I'll go over what I know anyway. Easy is a difficulty setting rather than a category. Difficulty impacts things like how hard enemies hit, frequency of item drops, and how potions work, among other things. It impacts the logic a bit in that easier difficulties put more beneficial items in the pool while harder difficulties do the opposite. For example on the easy difficulty you start with 6 hearts instead of 3 and there are 8 swords placed in the item pool instead of 4 (if you find a sword location after getting the gold sword then you get rupees instead). Expert limits you to the Master Sword and no mail. Most of what I know about the randomizer logic comes from the mouths of runners and there's still a lot I don't know. I only play on the no major glitches (NMG) setting so I have no idea what the glitch logic is. Major glitches are categorized as things that allow major sequence breaks in the normal game, mostly things like wall clips. There's a couple minor glitches like fake flippers and hovering that can also allow some sequence breaks but I don't think they're considered major glitches because you can't skip entire sections of the game, just get a few items early or bypass a single puzzle. These will never be required by the logic either though. One of the bigger blocks to things is the dark rooms that require the lamp. I mentioned it before but NMG will never require these rooms to be traversed without the lamp. For example, in the regular game to access Death Mountain you have to enter a cave where you escort an old man. The old man will give you an item which is in the randomizer but because he's located in a dark room he will NEVER have the lamp. But if he has something like the Fire Rod and Turtle Rock or Skull Woods is a crystal dungeon, then it means the lamp is a required item. It is still possible to get through the dark rooms without the lamp if you know what you're doing and many runners suggest learning how to do at least some of them. Doing this puts you outside the randomizer's sequence a bit but won't break it wide open. Other always required items include the Master Sword, Bow and Silver Arrows, the Moon Pearl, and either the Lamp or the Fire Rod (not necessarily both). There are ways around those things (such as fighting Ganon without silver arrows, a technique known as silverless) but again these will never be part of the logic. The sword, gloves, and mails are progressive items. When you find one of these items, the game gives you the next upgrade in sequence. Taking the sword as an example, the first time you find a sword it will be the Fighter's Sword, then the Master Sword, then Tempered, then Gold. It will always be in that order no matter when you open chests. Dungeons will always contain a big key, map, compass, and all the small keys. The boss holds an item and it might include a dungeon specific one. This means it's sometimes possible that you can't open every chest in the dungeon but if that's the case it means you won't need to. As an example here neither Skull Woods nor Swamp Palace require the big key to access the boss so it's possible the big key is inside the big chest. If you know how many items are in a dungeon and you find everything except the dungeon items then you know there's nothing else there and you can leave if it's a blue/red pendant dungeon without missing anything (unless it's a pedestal seed). Alternatively if you find the dungeon items right away then you know that every other chest will have items. That's already a lot of info and there's a ton of other subtleties that I'm still learning such as how to "read" the logic. Like if the game gives you early flippers, hookshot, and moon pearl it's probably pushing you toward completing Swamp Palace even if its just a pendant dungeon. I'd actually love to make another video where I explain a lot of this but there's are so many people with way better knowledge than me. I'd probably end up getting a lot wrong.
  27. Movie/TV recommendations

    I've started watching The Tick and am really enjoying it. It's very different from any superhero show out there and although it sometimes goes a bit too broad, comedy-wise, most of the time it's a whole lot of fun especially Serafinowicz as the always-earnest Tick.
  28. Kickstarters

    Probably Swery's D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, which is a pretty weird and obscure thing to be riffing on. :/
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