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  2. Greetings, a game I have been developing for the past year had reached a point in which feedback is necessary. Why necessary? Mostly because this is a very niche and unique game, little reference exists in other games for what is fun and not fun, only it's niche audience knows what's good for it. After working on it for some time now I found myself unsure of what is fun and no longer fun in this game. If you have experience & passion for Strategy / Management / Simulation games and interested in trying out this game in development, please contact me at and I will send you a build along with a feedback form. (OR VIA THIS POST) Your suggestions would most likely be implemented in the game along with fixes to the things you disliked, so this may be also an opportunity to participate in it's development. And finally most of all, this would be supremely helpful! The Game: A Strategy / Simulation / Management game in which the player takes control over an organization which deals in espionage in medieval times. (Medieval fantasy) Media: VIDEO:
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  4. Fresh Indie Game Compendium Extraordinaire

    Shitty Wizard Installer By: AntonMakesGames (me) Available: (free/donation) Synopsis: A crazy bad game installer that needs you to install the game manually!
  5. Filmmaking

    Who wants to see my final movie, an unlisted preview is now available on Vimeo:
  6. I'm a professional freelance editor who's a bit tired of the corporate gigs and wanting to break into editing game trailers. If you want a short teaser of your video game to get hype started on social media, or your game is complete and you need a trailer, I'm your editor. I'm offering some edits for free since I need to build a reel in order to break into the market, so these first ones are on me! Let me know what you need. Let me know what you need and we'll discuss the details. Here's some of my editing work for reference: (mostly work on commercials, book trailers, and corporate videos)
  7. Vorn's Adventure

    Hey, I wanted to show you a cool feature that I added in the newest patch - dynamic resolution. The effect is great, it allows to balance the resolution against the GPU performance. Of course, it won't fix CPU related issues, but this works perfect for all GPU related slowdowns.
  8. Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    Hi everyone, It’s been a while…I’ve been super busy with music and other stuff. I’m back to creating images for everyone, though…a bunch of new ones are on these pages…free, as always, to use with attribution: TXR – ABSTRACT TXR – ALIEN SKINS TXR – GLASS TXR – ROCK/STONE – FANTASY Enjoy and stay safe.
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  10. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Another very busy week…and I’m a bit under the weather…but here are some new tracks for everyone. Free to use, of course, with attribution. On my Puzzle Music 5 page: ISLAND OF PUZZLES – (Looping) TROPICAL MYSTERIES – (Looping) On my World page: EXOTIC DANGERS - (Looping) I’m glad to see that my Ogg files are being utilized…I’ll try to get more uploaded this week. If you need any that I haven’t done yet, just message me and I’ll upload them for you. Thanks for your support and please stay safe.
  11. Three Moves Ahead 499: Desperados III USgamer's Mike Williams and Kotaku's Luke Plunkett join Rob to talk about Desperados III, the stealth tactics puzzler from Mimimi. They talk quicksaving versus flow, stealth tactics vs stealth immersive sims, and Desperados vs. Shadow Tactics, the previous game from this developer. Desperados III Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  12. Filmmaking

    I just realized that if I’m going to reduce the dynamic range of audio volume, I’ll possibly have to be more precise with dialogue, SFX volumes etc., re-tweaking the hundreds of clips... Or maybe I could just apply a compressor to the whole audio mix...
  13. Filmmaking

    Well done for (almost) finishing! Yeah, I guess it's probably smart to deprioritise festivals right now, considering COVID.
  14. Filmmaking

    Although I listened to it on my living room screen, which I had to put on quiet recently because of neighbours and I realized that I can't hear half the background sounds. Then started reading about good practices for mixing sound and realized I might have to go over the audio mix so that everything is within a dynamic range of just 20 dB or so.
  15. Filmmaking

    Yay, just finished it!
  16. Filmmaking

    @Ben X , well I'm almost done with step 1. now I don't know why but I just couldn't work on the film for months, also because with the coronavirus I had moved my work office to my editing room and I was too lazy to clear the desk for the editing work. But anyway now I had to make these kickstarter pre-launch videos (this also got delayed months) and got back into the habit of editing. I almost finished my film today (yeah, all I needed was one day really :|) and all I need is to add some more footsteps and maybe office ambiance. My music license will expire in about 4 months so I think I will skip step 2. and just put the film online and then start looking into festivals that accept movies that are already online. And hopefully next month I'll do step 5.
  17. Building a home theater...

    Seems complicated Weirdly my projector refused to turn on today, maybe because the 28 degrees celsius indoor temperature... I hope it'll be ok.
  18. Sunset Hardcore - my very first game

    No one did not play yet?
  19. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Another big THANK YOU to those of you who reached out and supported my efforts this month. You make this possible for the rest of the community…thank you! It’s been a very busy week, but I did get a few new tracks done for everyone. You’ll find them all on my Sci-Fi 9 page: ROBO BOSS BATTLE – (Looping) GRUNGE STREET – (Looping) MOONLIT CYBER ALLEYS – (Looping) Enjoy…and please stay safe (and healthy.)
  20. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi - I'm Ben, a middle aged gamer-dad from the UK. I was new to Idle Thumbs circa the Spaff / Danielle era, but since I work at home, I ended up ended up re-running the full thumb-volution. I love music, don't watch enough TV & film and make lame dad jokes (see above). Since I replaced my Spectrum +2a with an imported Megadrive, I've mainly been a console gamer, but just have a general interest in what's being made on any platform. Signing up mainly to read if I'm honest, bit will chip in where I can.
  21. Introduction: Hello everyone! My name is Mykhailo, I am new here, but I would like you to see my very first complete mobile indie game Sunset Hardcore. I really want to know community opinion. Its free to play, it consists ads but can be done without any! It is hardcore game, hard to complete, but possible for sure. There are 9 levels, I know only one person, who pass 4 levels. I create it as challenge game so you can share here, how many did you pass. Links: YOUTUBE trailer: GOOGLE PLAY: APP STORE: SAMSUNG GALAXY STORE: HUAWEI APPGALLERY: OneSTORE: QooAPP STORE: Supported languages: 1)Native languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian; 2)Google translate: Chinese-Simplified, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese. Development Costs: 1) 3-4 moths of development from zero + courses - $100; 2) Music from youtube audiolibrary licensed under Creative Commons - $0; 4) Aseprite program - $10; 5) Macbook air 2009 - $100; 6) IPhone SE - $100; 7) Apple developers license - $100; 8) Google developers license - $25; 9) Voxel Busters Unity plugin - $50; Summary: $485 How you can help me: 1) Cover my development costs - $485 and became my General Supporter. I will add your project link to ingame General Supporter’s page, will add pre-start few second of your logo, will add you to each topic of 300 forums, where I show my game. 2)Support me on Patreon. I will add your name to ingame supporters page: 3)Upload your “LetsPlay” video on YouTube, so I can see how you done it. Moreover, I decided initiate challenge – first 100 players who finish the game and provide me video, will get 1 random Steam game CD-key; 4)Want help me with bad Google translate languages or add another language? Contact me 5)Join my Discord group: 6)Join my Telegram group: 7)Download Sunset Hardcore and leave feedback! 8)Tell your friends about this game 9)Share your opinion about game in this topic. Fill free ask me any questions! Thank you for your attention!
  22. Working Hardspace, or Hardly shipbreaking?!

    I usually not into the job games, but this is just really hitting the spot for some reason!
  23. Working Hardspace, or Hardly shipbreaking?!

    Yeeeees I'm also playing this! In a week when TLOU2 and Desperados 3 is releasing, this thing just came out of nowhere and stole my attention away from those. I like games where you're just a everyday workerperson doing a job, and I like zero-G space-sim-stuff, so this is right up my alley. It's cool that Focus is throwing so much money at jazzing up weird niche sims like this and Snowrunner and giving them the AAA-treatment.
  24. Hardspace Shipbreaker! Had no idea this was a thing and suddenly I put hours into the early access! You play as an indentured spaceman tasked with salvaging spacecraft for parts to work off debt. Currently that whole debt thing feels more like window dressing, but boy is the ship snipping fun as hell. Effectively it's like a puzzle of dismantling, caring not to rupture fuel lines, causing explosive decompression, not damaging the goods, etc. You get a sort of gravity gun/tether to move bits and a cutting tool for slicing and dicing. Also have to mind your O2 levels, health if you do something stupid, and thruster fuel. You also work in 15 minute shifts, which may seem stressful, but you can work multiple shifts on the same ship, it's mainly there to encourage you to work consistently and again, remind you that you're on the job. There's also a freeplay mode which can be fun to muck around in, but it removes not only the time limit but gives you infinite health/O2 as well, great for trying to explode ships but takes out the dramatic bits of the career mode. Regardless of the mode, it's got a real zen like quality, very relaxing to play, for the most part. Ships get more complicated as you rank up, the progression from tier 3 to 4 was a huge leap and that was truly the first time I was just dumbfounded on how to approach a job, in a very good way(After surveying the ship for a solid 5 minutes, I immediately caused a violent decompression, then ignited the ships nuclear reactor maybe a minute later by accident.) Did I mention you're flying around in space in first person?
  25. Designer Notes 53: Jon Ingold - Part 1 In this episode, Soren interviews veteran game developer Jon Ingold, who co-founded inkle and is best known for his work in interactive fiction, including All Roads, 80 Days, and the Sorcery! series. They discuss why Plundered Hearts is his favorite Infocom game, how being a maths teacher is like being a level designer, and when he realized that parsers were a commercial dead-end. Games discussed: Psi-5 Trading Company, Rogue, Out There, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Deadline, The Witness, Plundered Hearts, Starcross, Blade Runner, Curses!, The Mulldoon Legacy, All Roads, Make It Good, Heavy Rain, Frankenstein, the Sorcery! series Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  26. Old World

    There's a new Soren Johnson game that's a Civ style 4X game with CK2 elements? Yes, I'm in.
  27. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Another Special Request to Everyone: If you possibly can, please consider making a small donation on my website to support my work. The synthesizers I use to create free music for everyone are very expensive (2 Korgs and a Yamaha.) I actually have to make monthly payments on them and donations from the creative community really help me a LOT to pay for them. Thanks in advance. :-) That said, I managed to get a couple of new tracks done for everyone. Free to use, as always, with attribution: On My Epic / Battle page: “COMRADES ALWAYS” (Looping) On my Fantasy 10 page: “OF KNIGHTS AND KINGS” (Looping) Please stay safe and healthy.
  28. Building a home theater...

    Saw this and thought of @Erkki's thread!
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