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  2. Books, books, books...

    For those who are into gothic stories with a good sense of humour and an air of magical realism, I suggest The Cemetery of the Forgotten Books series. These books affected me as a person really, I applaud the author for masterful story-telling, the witty dialogues and characters that just stay with you
  3. Another Red Redemption, Dead

    I just powered through the main game and part of the epilogue....and uh. jesus this game is way too long. I enjoyed my time, but I wish they approached some of the design differently. Combat in particular feels like it could be much more exciting with just a few tweaks? I mean it was like 30 hours in before I realized that enemies could run up to you and knock your gun out of your hand and vice versa, that was thrilling! But the game rarely ever allows that event to occur. I feel like even just tweaking the ammo count to like, semi-realistic numbers would be a huge deal and vary up the combat a lot, encourage more close combat and movement rather than mostly hunkering down in one spot and hope you don't run of your 2000 rounds of ammo. You'd also likely have to reduce enemy count which, also would be nice? I'm pretty sure I've murdered the population of several towns just doing story missions and paying 50 bucks makes everyone cool with that I guess. The economy is also extremely fucked and does not gel with the story at all. There's constant talk about lack of money by characters and two of story based robberies had me set up for life basically. Arthur talking about not being able to afford something monetarily that is not expensive while holding 3000 dollars is wild(I did not do any side hustles either, money mainly came from story.) It's a very pretty game that is just filled with moments of design and story butting heads hard. I'm saying lot of negative stuff, but I enjoyed it! it's just frustrating at times especially since there's a lot of well crafted bits along with weird and sometimes bad choices in design.
  4. Recently completed video games

    Recently finished the third Witcher game for the second time (played all three) and still dealing with empty feeling left by the amazing story. Coping by playing Gwent >.>
  5. 'Dungeon Deep - Roguelike Game' from Lemcnsun Entertainment

    Patch Note #20200531 A new update for Dungeon Deep has been released on May 31th, 2020. It introduced a new Scroll system, and added new optimization options to the game. We’ve also addressed a variety of minor bugs, and adjusted the balance of some runes and skills. Update Highlights · Rebalanced several runes; · Adjusted how the Frozen debuff works; · Added 3 battle speed options (Normal, Fast, and Very Fast) in Settings; · Added 3 optimization options (Power Saving, Balanced, and High Performance) in Settings; · Added a new function, Scrolls, which can be used once per turn as an active skill to aid your adventure; · Scroll Laboratory can be unlocked by upgrading your Cabin to Lv.2; · There are a total of 18 different Scrolls in the current game.
  6. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Good News: Super high-quality Ogg versions of all of my Puzzle Music Tracks are ready. That’s around 100 tracks to choose from…all created from my original WAV recordings (but much smaller in file size.) They’re really cool, too, because they can be used for all kinds of things in addition to puzzle games. You’ll find them on my Puzzle Music 1-5 pages. More Good News: All of the tracks on my Fantasy 9 page now have Ogg versions as well. They sound great! And even MORE good news: If you create arcade-style games (or know someone who does) Ogg versions of all the tracks on my Chiptunes 1 page are now ready, too. That said, this week’s new free MP3 tracks are: On my Epic / Battle page: PREPARING FOR BATTLE – (Looping) On my Fantasy 10 page: THE KEY TO THE KINGDOM – (Looping) And on my Looping Music page: RACING MENU_V001 – (Looping) 80’S SPACE GAME LOOP_V002 Keep being creative and please stay safe.
  7. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Nick's Star Citizen stream probably belongs in a museum.
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  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yesterday I finished my movie-watching quest of recent years. I looked up some old posts in this thread I made when I starting it. 1. I did see a lot of Bergman movies and liked most of them, but I realized he made so many movies, that I'm probably never going to watch all of them. I have the new Blu-Ray box set, will go through that and I'm sure Bergman will actually become my most watched director. 2. It took me a while to actually get the Letterbox Top 100 watched! I only finished it this month. Because it had Satantango and I just never picked it for watching. I had to go through almost all the other films in the various Top 100s and Top 250s I ended up going through, before I dared go for the 10 or so 4-15 hour length movies that were on Letterboxd and Sight & Sound Top 250. 3. I have now marked 2871 films as watched. Always my disclaimer when talking about number of movies watched: some of them were shorts. (But then again a couple of them were 14 hours long). Hi Patrick! I also took it as a side quest to watch through all the Oscar best picture winners now. 15 to go, I hope to finish in June. Driving Miss Daisy, yeah, not great. I'm not sure how one would compile a list of every "essential arthouse" film, but I do think I have some more to do here. So I should maybe start looking in that direction, but no doubt I've seen a lot of them by now. And Harakiri by Kobayashi was one of the first movies I picked to watch back then from the very top and then started going down from there. And yesterday I appropriately closed the circle with the same director's Samurai Rebellion. To sum up, these are the lists I ended up watching to 100%, in order of completion: 1. AFI 100 Years 100 Movies 2. Sight & Sound 2012 Directors Poll Extended 3. Sight & Sound 2012 Critics Poll Extended 4. First 300 only: /r/TrueFilm Canon (1000 films) (it was mostly automatic, seems to match my watching habits well - only had to watch 3 or so extra films from here) 5. Official Top 250 Narrative Feature Films Bonus side quest TODO: 6. Academy Award Winners for Best Picture And I think after doing the last one I will still at some point try to get more of IMDB Top 250, maybe during a decade or so every movie from 1000 films to watch before you die etc. But generally I will start to scale down my film watching now, I hope. Or at least try to be less obsessive about it. What have I learned from all this? I'm not sure. I am not very good at expressing my thoughts about the films or deeply analyzing them so I haven't even written short reviews on Letterboxd for most of them. But recently I did start writing more reviews, even if they don't say much. I mostly watch these films as entertainment, and to broaden my horizon. Eventually I did start having a more analytical thoughts while watching and I definitely get a feeling early on just from the cinematography whether a movie is going to be a 3-star or 4-star movie for me. And I try to analyze the dramatic structure and take that into account when rating. I also made a short film while doing this, and I want to continue making those. I also started taking part of a local movie quiz season and my team is nearing 3rd place but never quite able to get there. Most of the ones above us have film critics, distribution professionals etc. in their teams, though. Was it worth it? Eventually it definitely got obsessive, and when this quarantine started I saw that as a chance to get this over with more quickly than I had planned. I like that I've seen all these films now and have a wider picture of the history of cinema. I have some regrets about not spending my free time in a more balanced way... but not so much really, it was fine.
  10. Bahahaha, that took me aback too XD
  11. Christopher Nolan Trailers The Tenet trailer is the starting point of this week's discussion. Derek and Ric dive into the trailers for all his films and look for the common threads in the marketing of this master of secrets. Trailers Discussed: Tenet, Dunkirk Teaser, Dunkirk Trailer 1, Dunkirk Trailer 2, Inception Teaser, Inception Teaser 2 Inception Trailer, Interstellar Teaser, Interstellar Trailer, Interstellar Trailer 3, Interstellar Trailer 4, The Dark Knight Teaser, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises Teaser, The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 2, The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 3, The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 4, The Prestige, Insomnia, Memento. If you have questions or comments please send them to Listen on the Episode Page Listen in iTunes
  12. Three Moves Ahead 497: Gears Tactics Gears Tactics Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  13. 'Dungeon Deep - Roguelike Game' from Lemcnsun Entertainment

    Hi, folks. I'm old Smash's buddy, Smoke. If you found any issue through your gameplay, please feel free to contact us via
  14. Army Men Around the House.

    These are really fun!
  15. Greetings, folks. I hope everyone stays safe during this difficult time! I am here today to introduce you a roguelike puzzler presented by our studio, LemcnSun Entertainment.Dungeon Deep is a fast-paced roguelike puzzler that casts you as a dwarf, chasing after gold by adventuring through tombs and caverns.It may give people the first impression that it looks like a match-three puzzle game, but it is not. Your dwarf gets 4 types of basic runes, being Weapon, Armor, Potion, and Gold. You can match as many runes of the same type as you want in each turn. Weapon runes are mostly for dealing damage, Armor runes make you bulky, Potion runes are for healing and utility purposes, and Gold runes are for upgrading the other runes. Each rune type has 30+ branches, making a total of 120+ unique runes.For a starter, the aim of the game is to survive for as many turns as you can and to find as much gold as you can in each game. After getting familiar with the gameplay and the mechanics of some of the runes, you will start crawling deeper. And eventually, you will find yourself standing in front of scary bosses such as skeleton king, ghost wolf, ancient dragon… Whether it is to punch their ugly faces and rob their precious treasures or to become a dwarf pie on their dinner plate is up to your build and strategy.Axe, well polished; potions, freshly brewed; beard, carefully groomed; pants, on. It is now time to Dungeon Deep. Trailer Screenshots Key Features- Single-player;- Roguelike;- Fun, Deep, and Challenging;- Customizable Character Build;- 120+ Unique Skills;- Free to Play; Contents in Development- New icons and artworks to replace the old ones;- More skills and more characters;- New game modes; LinksiOS - Apple StoreAndroid - Google PlayDiscord
  16. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    A huge heartfelt THANK YOU to the kind folks who reached out and supported my work this month by donating on my site. You folks literally make this all possible. Thank you! That said, this week’s new free MP3 tracks are: From my Puzzle Music 5 page: ICE PUZZLE – (Looping) From my Sci-Fi 9 page: TWISTED DYSTOPIA – (Looping) DETECTIVES IN DYTOPIA (Looping) Big Ogg Track Update! Super high-quality Ogg versions of a bunch my tracks are ready. They sound really cool and could be used for all kinds of things besides puzzle games I’m sure. They are: BOUNCE LIGHT 1 & 2– (Looping) FROSTY PUZZLER (2 versions) – (Looping) PUZZLE TRANCE – (Looping) HYPNOTIC JEWELS – (Looping) PIANO PUZZLES – (Looping) MONKEY ISLAND PUZZLER – (Looping) MUSIC BOX PUZZLER – (Looping) PUZZLE CLUES – (Looping) CRYPTIC PUZZLER 1 & 2 – (Looping) BELL PUZZLES – (Looping) MELLOW PUZZLER 1 & 2 – (Looping) THOUGHT PUZZLES – (Looping) ROBOT’S CUBE – (Looping) HAPPY PUZZLER – (Looping) Have a good week and stay safe.
  17. Army Men Around the House.

    I originally got into this hobby thinking I'd start building dioramas, but as it happened, my main focus when I first started was figures. I had a bunch of ideas for dioramas, but never built them, and instead painted figures, and later vehicles that suited my interests. I gradually veered into gearing my model building around my photography hobby and taking photos of my models engaged in different activities. I've been doing this for a while now and I've really enjoyed combining the two hobbies. For obvious reasons I've found Masterbox figures in particular to be ideal for my purposes, although Miniart, ICM, Zvezda have been incredibly useful to me as well. I've been taking this series of photos for about 7 years or so. It first started when I was unemployed and bored at home and started taking photos of the scale models I build attacking my brother's cat. Over the years this hobby has evolved for me and I've graduated from taking these pictures with my phone to using a Canon Rebel T6 and I've even managed to get some paid work here and there. You can find my work at I've also started taking a series of Film Noir themed photos, since that genre peaked shortly after world war two, and there are a pretty good selection of 1:35 scale civilians for me to work with. I've found lately for the noir stuff in particular that building scenery and using it much the way film sets would be built in the studio at the time to be a very practical approach.
  18. Designer Notes 52: Roger Keating In this episode, Bruce Geryk interviews veteran game developer Roger Keating, co-founder of Strategic Studies Group (SSG). Roger is best known for his work on the Warlord series as well as many digital wargames. They discuss what it was like to do pathfinding before A*, how SSG worked from home before it was cool, and how to determine who is a game designer. Games discussed: Conflict, Operation Apocalypse, Reach for the Stars, Carriers at War, Europe Ablaze, Gold of the Americas, the Warlords series, Ardennes Offensive Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  19. Part01: Part02
  20. Kert calling Whiplash a "really old movie" aged me 600 years and psychically hurled me into a coffin, then it nailed the coffin shut.
  21. Dune's Island - A Free Video Learning Series

    Here's Episode 1 of my free learning series. Mr. Binnacle sends Dune and friends to the inlet to try to spot Buster, an endangered sea turtle whose tracking device is faltering. For ages 7-12. Please share with family, friends and teachers! :-)
  22. [Android] Red Suitcase

    Hello, my friends. After many months, I finally managed to finish my game. I took the time at home during that quarantine to finish. I used a program called Twine (open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories), to develop this game. I hope you like it. In "Red Suitcase" you will live the story of Officer Maisie. Understood in the small town, Maisie has her life changed when a red suitcase appears in the middle of town. It is the beginning of Maisie's adventure, trying to capture an assassin, before he finishes his plan. You will make the decisions during the investigation, taking Maisie to several places in the city, in search of clues to uncover the pattern of the killer. Face not only the killer, but also the citizens of the city. Only in English, "Red Suitcase" makes every detail presented in the story, can be used to unravel the enigma of the killer. Each decision will lead you to a different destination. Totally offline, you can have fun at any time. No ads. Your adventure will not be interrupted for anything. With multiple endings, "Red Suitcase" will make you choose the best outcome for your style of play. There is no right or wrong. You decide. Red Suitcase - Play Store - DOWNLOAD
  23. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    A Request to Everyone: If you can, please consider making a small donation on my website to support my work. The synthesizers I use to create free music for everyone are very expensive (2 Korgs and a Yamaha.) I actually have to make monthly payments on them and donations from the creative community really help me a lot to pay for them. Thanks in advance. :-) That said, I managed to get some new tracks done for everyone. Free to use, of course, with attribution: On my Fantasy 10 page: DESERT MYSTERY – (Looping) On my Sci-Fi 9 page: BLAST OFF – (Looping) And on my Events/Travel 2 page: COUNTRY CELEBRATION Be well and stay healthy.
  24. Three Moves Ahead Episode 495: Sports

    I said "athletes and sports executives" You actively had to edit my statement when copy-pasting to make a strawman argument. I don't care about pro-sports and how you chose to spend your $$ supporting them makes 0 difference to me, heck I don't even live in the US, so I won't continue arguing that point. *emphasis mine* Unless you're a pro-athlete or close relative/friend of one, I'm unsure where such vitriol comes from. @Gormongous Sorry, didn't realise this was a closed community, I'll just stick to listening to the podcast without engaging with the community, like I've done for years. I sure learned that lesson. There's some stuff I could say about how you're basically defending those billionares, since they're the ones who own the pro-teams anyway, but you do you.
  25. Three Moves Ahead Episode 495: Sports

    I only wish I had the time to register an account on a random forum in order to clutch my pearls dramatically about how underpaid nurses are and how it's the fault of the jocks who bullied me in high school. Why is anyone mad about professional athletes and other entertainers being, on the far end of the bell curve, mildly overpaid? The most cursory Google search reveals that it'd be much more logical and effective to blame health system and health plan CEOs for giving themselves multi-million dollar bonuses when it comes to nurses being underpaid, but I guess that that would require a critique of our society and not just blaming overpaid athletes as individual signs of our decadence. Also, how about this: professional athletes absolutely destroy their bodies (and, in some cases, their brains) over what is usually a decade-long career and they deserve whatever money people are willing to give them without being made into a bogeyman for the vast societal inequalities that have allowed billionaires to add $262 billion to their already ineffable fortunes during a once-in-a-century pandemic? Like, yeah, some people are overpaid for the labor they do, but your first target is professional athletes, whose work you can see manifest on their very bodies? Really?
  26. Three Moves Ahead Episode 495: Sports

    where are all these losers crawling out of the woodwork from? Literally all of college athletes, the WNBA, even end of the bench guys in the major male team leagues make very little given how much money is poured into sports and doesn't make it into the hands of the people whose labor make leagues and teams rich. LeBron James is under paid by the NBA given how much money he makes the league world wide. Paying health care workers, retail workers, teachers more money doesn't have to come at the expense of fairly compensating athletes for the money their bodies make their organizations & it's disingenuous to argue otherwise. You're not brave for thinking nurses should be paid more, and you're kind of a jerk for creating a false dichotomy when there is none. I wish I could only talk to you when nurses were paid as much as athletes, but you inserted yourself into a week old thread to grandstand.
  27. Ill take the bait. Professional athletes are paid millions, are sponsored by many different brands, have their medical bills paid for and are well known enough not to have to pay for a lot of stuff the general population does have to pay for. They are overpaid. You MIGHT be able to find sports or leagues that don't overpay their players (CFL, college sports who underpay black players), but we're talking MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA etc. My opinion, and a very valid one. Once nurses are paid for SAVING LIVES as much as we pay for entertainment, then talk to me.
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