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Me and my partner are considering being Chris Gethard and Shannon O'Neill from The Chris Gethard Show.







It's the ultimate no-budget no-effort costume but one advantage it has over other obscure costumes is that people won't ask us what our costume is because they'll assume we just aren't wearing one. The one downside is that it'd require me to cut my hair I've been growing out for the past 18 months and I'm not sure I'm ready to do that.


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Possibly nothing? I will be out of the country until the 30th. I think a friend is having a party the weekend after Halloween so I might just use my Gorilla suit or star trek uniform for that.

I like dress up, but I never feel particularly inspired.

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This is the best Halloween related thing of all time.



I even bought a shirt for my Sister last year with it on: 




I recently discovered this and love it too, I wonder what app this was made in?




which skeleton are you most like?


In terms of films i've watched alot this year.




IT (original and new)

Friday the 13th (original and remake)

The Grudge (Japan)

The Thing


Saw 2

Nightmare on Elm Street 2,4,5,6,7 (watched 1 and 3 last year so they are still fresh)


Hellbound: Hellraiser 2

Evil Dead 2

Army of Darkness


To Watch:



Scream 1-4



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