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  1. I can't for the LIFE of me find what episode and time stamp this story starts. Please someone help me!
  2. Oh boy..... this is gonna be good.
  3. Plug your shit

    Bored at home, slowly loosing my mind i've decided to start a blog: Work in progress, only to be taken partly serious. Please enjoy & share!
  4. Life

    First time in SF living my best life with this pretzel
  5. Who's Buying the Switch Lite?

    Nah, my ideal switch would a combination of the two. A Small form factor like the Lite for easier handheld play, but still dockable. Plus the built in joycons are a mistake 1) people are having drifting issues 2) you can't play all games.
  6. Is It Happening Again...?

    I wonder what will come back first...?
  7. Is It Happening Again...?

    I miss the show so much, I've started listening from the start again!
  8. Life

    sun's out, thumbs out! Been very nice weather in the UK this last week.
  9. Recently completed video games

    I finished Rainswept today. I thought it was pretty good overall. It had a good setting and story, music. Definitely some limited animations (especially walking looks really odd) and some amateurish dialogue at times. But I think the overall story / message it's trying to get across works. I dig the whole pacific northwest, rain, coffee, twin peaks setting so I knew I had to play it when I saw the screenshots.
  10. Recently completed video games

    So far this year I've beaten Rusty Lake Roots and Paradise. Played them co-op with my girlfriend. Really fun, weird, Twin Peaksy games. Highly recommend them. I also finished The Darkside Detective. Nice collection of "cases", nice pixel art, puzzles, good writing and alot of 90s references that I dig (Twin Peaks, X-Files etc). Will check out the sequel for sure.
  11. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Spyro Remastered PS4 Never played these games as kid, so not the trilogy as I like 3D platformers. I finished the first game, got to the final area of the second game but was greeted by "you need 60 Orbs to progress to the final boss!" - I had like 18 so that meant replaying basically every level to try and get all the hidden orbs, which I can not be bothered to do. So I moved onto Spyro 3, and its the same thing. I just want to mess around at my own pace, not be forced to find what should be optional items.
  12. Another Red Redemption, Dead

    So I finished the game and am currently I am kinda mixed on the game. I obviously liked it enough to finish it. As a technical achievement, graphically, animation, lighting is incredible. It's got a good story, which fits in well with RDR1, I grew to quite like Arthur as a character. I enjoyed alot of the characters, their interactions with each other. But there are problems... bad controls (movement and aiming) I find this with pretty much all Rockstar games. I just could never get to it feel good for me no matter what I tried. Dated game mechanics .. it does feel like a game from 5-10 years ago in many aspects. Mark Brown from Game Makers Toolkit wrote a good piece about this: The game is going for this "realistic" open world feeling but the amount of time things take gets really annoying. Long animations, long travel time etc. It's a video game, and sometimes I would like it to respect my time. There's been a few times were i've thought "one more mission before work" and its taking my over 45 minutes to finish one mission! Not saying I want fast travel everywhere to spoil the exploration but there should be a balance. Having to search a room and going to 5-10 crates and slowly searching each one is silly. The camp made no difference, I stopped donating money and resources after a while and nothing happened. No one else bothers in your camp anyway. Most missions ended up being, slowly going to a place, things kicking off then by magic hordes of enemies appearing out from the trees while you try and ride away. It feels dated like games from years ago. There were plenty of annoyances like spawning after a mission miles away from any town or my horse, the game constantly ignoring my ammo type choice and reverting back to standard ammo, exiting cut scenes into a gun fight where the game un-equips my gun, failing missions because a team mate died, or i went off back to my horse to get a new weapon so I failed for not sticking with people. There is just alot of small details that really add up to retract from the overall experience. It's good, but not the 98% game of the generation for me at all. Looking forward to when multiplayer comes out soon so I can play with my friends. And will polish up some of the side missions and stranger missions in my own time after finishing the main story.
  13. Recently completed video games

    Spider-Man Great game, looking forward to seeing whats next. Decent easy to follow story, visuals are insane. Fun combat and traversal (though a little annoying at times). It suffers what I experience in every open world game which is a million collectibles, activities, side missions, icons on the map. I get burned out pretty quickly and skip alot of that stuff. Last Day of June Nice story, visuals and gameplay idea. What took away from the emotional impact was the fact the game revolves around the idea of replaying scenes over and over until you get the sequence correct. But you have to sit through every cut scene and can't skip anything. So having to sit through the same scene 3/4 times in a row until you get it right got really annoying.
  14. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Heavy Rain I want to see where the story goes, but the gameplay and stupid controls made me quit the game. I think I made it to chapter 12-15.