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Available: Steam

Synopsis: You live on a fantastical world full of interesting things to do and experience, but you are a janitor.


Teaser Trailer:

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Hello thread i started a billion years ago when there was three indie games in the world, how've u been? Anyway, I'm here to plug


Date Me Super Senpai



It's an inclusive dating sim set in a superhero high school and it was made over the last year in an after-school art program in San Antonio by a bunch of weirdo teens (and myself and two other adults in the capacity of producer/teaching artist). It's our first big video game project in the new media studio. Check it out!

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I kickstarted this and it's probably the happiest kickstart for me I gotta say, even though I did kick some nice starts including DFA.


It plays like Zelda Link to the Past, mixed with a bunch of other 80s/90s classics, with a story like Stranger Things and some sweet hand drawn animation too. All of it hits the marks.




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Heroes of Flatlandia - fantasy turn based strategy


I would like to introduce you our game Heroes of Flatlandia, that we create with my brother in our spare time. It is fantasy turn based strategy inspired by legendary games Heroes of might and magic or Age of Wonders. So in our fantasy world, you will lead your kingdom of noble elves or dreadful undeads as one of several powerful heroes. Raise mighty armies and crash your enemies in detailed tactical battles. You will use variety of spells and abilities to gain advantage, explore the world, and conquer your enemies. The game contains plenty of maps and allow you to play either against computer AI or against your friends in hot-seat multiplayer





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:devil:Fan Contest



Synopsis:  HP OMEN for their OMEN Challenger Series Season 2 have launched a unique fantasy game


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I too would like to showcase my game:

Trip the Ark Fantastic - an immersive story-driven scientific adventure set in the Animal Kingdom on the verge of industrial and social revolution.

Here is the Trailer on Youtube!


Under our homes and under our hearths, civilization itself stands on a story. Words tied us all together, and they could unravel the world. 
Find it, Charles; uphold the Myth!”

Trip the Ark Fantastic features

  • A deep and immersive secondary world set in an Animal Kingdom on the verge of industrial and social revolution, content-rich and filled with intrigue, side-quests and flavor at every step
  • Completely original gameplay mechanics based on the scientific method: research, discuss, experiment, and finally publish arguments in the Animal Kingdom's papers
  • An exploration of how myths, science, and philosophy can influence society, and how monarchies, democracies, and anarchies view power, authority, and legitimacy of rule
  • Gorgeous art including frame-by-frame animation and vibrant landscapes inspired by the golden age of animation, as well as music inspired by the works of R. Wagner
  • A gesamtkunstwerk approach in which the art, music and gameplay all tie closely to the story of scientific discovery and the role of myths in different types of societies
  • The entire development completely done in open-source technologies, including Godot Engine, Krita, Ink and MuseScore, among others



Trip the Ark Fantastic is a story-driven roleplaying adventure set in the Animal Kingdom on the verge of both industrial and social revolution. The story follows Charles, a hedgehog scholar on a mission by the lion king to save the monarchy, but his decisions could end up helping reformists or even to bring about anarchy.

The story revolves around an ancient myth that forms the basis of the Animal Kingdom’s caste system - the myth of the Ark Fantastic. As the myth goes, the ark was built by lions millennia ago to save all animals from a great flood. The king’s gambit is that, amidst whispers of reform and revolution, a reputable scholar such as Charles proving the existence of the mythical ark might sway animals toward a royalist stance, and thus uphold the monarchy.

Charles is accompanied by the king’s trusted advisor Philippe the Fox and the captain of the royal guard - Andre the Boar. Their task will lead them to the fringes of the Kingdom and beyond, in search of elusive truth.



The player progresses through the game by solving the Kingdom’s various problems and mysteries, but his method of solving them is a scientific one - he publishes compelling arguments in the Animal Kingdom’s scientific papers to prove his theories and disprove those of others. Only arguments with sound logic and solid evidence will have the power to sway public opinion and change the course of history. 

The evidence itself can be found by talking to the local denizens (after learning their language, such as squirrelese), by using scientific equipment (a microscope, or a chemist kit), or, as a true scholar, by “standing on the shoulders of giants” and using evidence from the works of other scholars found in libraries across the Kingdom.


The player’s main challenge will be finding all the relevant evidence and then choosing the right conclusions, which are then published and reviewed by his peers, potentially resulting in a boost to his scholarly reputation.

Additionally, since Charles’ scientific conclusions can have large-scale consequences on the Animal Kingdom and the monarchy in particular, there is a looming moral dilemma over whether the player should publish a certain argument or not.

Themes and inspirations


We draw inspiration for the game from modern fables of classic literature, such as Animal Farm or Watership Down, as well as deep story-driven games from the roleplaying and adventure game genres, and games with unique and experimental gameplay mechanics.

Our goal is to use the game to explore various types of society (monarchy, democracy, anarchy) and to tackle questions such as how rule is legitimized, what role myths play in the shaping of society, and so on.

The animation is drawn frame-by-frame to be reminiscent of early animated classics, and the music takes cues from 19th century romanticism with the use of leitmotifs inspired by Wagner and gesamtkunstwerk opera.

The game is developed using open-source software, such as the painting tool Krita and the Godot game engine. Gamechuck studio is also a sponsor to both Krita and Godot Engine and, in the case of Godot Engine, actively contributes to its development.


Hopefully you like it and if you have questions, ask them here or on any of our channels. And be sure to check out our website!


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Today in our lore blog for Trip the Ark Fantastic, we're talking about Charles the hedgehog. As our main protagonist, we decided it's important to flesh out his life and history as early as possible.




So here it is: the portrait of a scholar!


One of the youngest scholars to receive the illustrious "Master Scholar's Seal", a commoner whose inventions and writings are known all across the Kingdom.

The Quill-Quorni hypothesis revolutionised the field of botany. We don't go into much detail about it, though, as there are only a handful of people in the Kingdom who actually understand the hypothesis - and we're not one of them! :)


Even his forays into engineering were legendary - when he built the sprinkler system for his arboretum, little could he know that it was going to be repurposed into a shower system and used all across the Kingdom!


Charles' fame is also partly due to the romanticised aura the Kingdom has of the recluse scholar: he - unlike the politicised scholars near the capital - decided to move away from the spotlight and focus on his work more than on the dealings of the court. A scholar of such repute among all the castes of the Kingdom has rarely been born, apart from maybe the beaver Dabrovit, whose Scientific Method is in use in the Kingdom even today (and whom we also wrote about recently as well in another biography!)


So, without further ado - read about Charles Quill of Burrows, the Master Scholar, son of Herbert, an equally illustrious hedgehog we also mentioned before (a key scholar in the Lav rebellion and a member of the Lion King Lav's council)!


Tell us what you think, and would you enjoy playing such a main character? After all, reclusive scholars are not really the epic protagonist archetypes we usually find in RPGs!

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@AlexGamechuck this is supposed to be a reference list of released indie games with brief entries. Might be better to move those two posts into their own thread if you want to keep us updated on your (lovely looking) game. Example entry:


:buyme: Lair Of The Clockwork God

By: Size Five Games

Available: £15.49 on Steam or GOG

Synopsis: adventure game/platformer mash-up, written by and starring me and a friend. Comes with a free visual novel prequel.

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Memphis, Bubbleland

By: Sand Gardeners

Available: Free/Pay-What-You-Want (

Synopsis: This is an online multiplayer narrative game about tomb raiding, retail executives and monuments. You can only access the game at specific times scheduled by the developers. When a scheduled time comes up, you grab a seat on the bus and go on a 20 minute tour.

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