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  1. @sclpls I actually have played a couple of the Souls games and despite the lack of customization Bloodborne is by far my favorite game in the series. The combat is much faster and the game overall is very addictive, I find myself going back to this game frequently for a quick play through because its pretty short if you know what you're doing.
  2. Recently completed video games

    @Rilen It was pretty good and short enough to be worth a play through.(I finished it in about an hour.)
  3. Recently completed video games

    Recently completed Awkward Dimensions Redux, which is a short free to play Steam game about the dreams of a stressed game developer.
  4. Fantasy Finale XV

    **SPOILER FOR FIRST COUPLE HOURS OF GAME** I'm not that far into the game and i knew very little about the game before going in, but was anyone else disappointed when the Empire invaded? It's not like it wasn't expected but I was excited for a Final Fantasy game that centered around a fun adventure with character growth being the main focus without distraction of some generic invading empire story.
  5. I found the cast through some sort of top 10 video gaming podcasts last year and have been making my way through the back log since. I've been going backwards and am on episode 13, listening to the episodes backwards creates this weird effect where I hear a reference to something that doesn't make sense until I get to the origin hours later.
  6. Fresh Indie Game Compendium Extraordinaire

    DIARIES OF A SPACEPORT JANITOR Available: Steam Synopsis: You live on a fantastical world full of interesting things to do and experience, but you are a janitor. Teaser Trailer: