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Idle Eyes (aka: art recommendations)

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I really like Jim Woodring too, although I can hardly understand what's going on in a lot of his comics (most seem to be just retelling of his dreams whereas the Frank ones all seem symbolic of... something). They are nice to look at though.

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I love bizarre art books like this.

Last December I bought a couple books by Wayne Barlowe, who illustrated three books (two about Hell and one about an alien world) with the intention of constructing believable worlds from the ground up that are fundamentally different from our own.

Here are some images from the two projects.

It's worth noting that his Inferno series inspired a lot of Guillermo del Toro's fantastic imagery (see "Decurion")and even did some design work for Hellboy.

The imagery is often disturbing but there's something fantastic and beautiful about it. It reminds me of Hieronymus Bosch.

Expedition was later made into a TV Miniseries.

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First time a spam bot has contributed something worthwhile?

I would like to see a slideshow of those images, since they're no longer accessible and look awesome.

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