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  1. Non-video games

    This landed today: http://www.wizards.com/DnD/Article.aspx?x=dnd/basicrules edit: and by today, I mean yesterday...
  2. Plug your shit

    Hello! I have been pretty much just lurking and moderating for the last 18 months - more on why soon in Life thread. I do however have something to Plug first: Hedwig and the Angry Inch at Brighton Fringe Festival! Some of you may know the show or that it is going to Broadway this year with Neil Patrick Harris in the lead. It's a really fantastic story and I urge everyone to either see the show or seek out the movie. We started planning this at our own theatre almost a year ago, before we knew it would be on Broadway, and it's coming up fast. We're only a little charity community theatre though so we don't have a huge budget. To help boost it a little we launched an Indiegogo project - link above. I know most Thumbs won't be able to come and see it (although if you can please do - you won't be disappointed); still, if you can spare any loose change it would be much appreciated and will make lots of people very happy (including my girlfriend who will be playing Yikzhak and has been hinting that I will have to kiss her while she is wearing the beard).. Here's a little video I threw together: http://youtu.be/UDMLYYUW3ZU
  3. It's beginning to look a lot like...

    I AM CHRISTMAS Hooray for you all!
  4. The threat of Big Dog

    Plus they are seaborne, thanks the Mysterious Google Barges: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/11/06/google_clears_up_barge_mystery_sort_of/ Learn about it by being eviscerated by it?
  5. Discworld

    So I went to the audience with Terry Pratchett & Friends yesterday and it was great. We were read extracts from the next Discworld novel (steam power!) and there was news about upcoming screen projects (A City Watch based full length TV series - Terry apparently re-wrote the opening scene on stage to the slight consternation of the producer - and then maybe Reaper Man.. and maybe a feature length movie - they were very coy about all of this). Oh and a screen version of Good Omens! They spoke about the conditions while making Terry's orang-utan doc and there were some fun Q&A's. Plus Terry just got an honorary doctorate from Open University. It was a little bit sad seeing how difficult it is for Terry to articulate long recollections now; he clearly still remembers it all, he just has trouble communicating it and the other guys helped him out a lot. Talking about the present seemed easier and he is still sharp and funny. What came across most though was how much he is completely still in love with writing and the creative process. He said that he has absolutely no fear of death and "once you have no fear of death, the world is your mollusc". Like the organiser said at the end, it was mazing how much love there was in the room, not least displayed by the standing ovation.
  6. Discworld

    In his own words; Terry Pratchett has not developed Alzheimers, Alzheimers has developed Terry Pratchett and it's going to regret it...
  7. Discworld

    I'm a big big Pratchett fan (I used to hang out on #afp back in the day). I'm going to this next month: http://brightondome.org/event/3725/sir_terry_pratchett_and_friends/ Anyone got any questions for him if I get the chance?
  8. The Walking Dead

    I just finished the final episode of Lee's story and now I am all sad. I feel like I could have managed things so much better, even besides the ending. It's an amazing game guys, well done. I have never had a game make me feel quite like this. Now someone suggest a game to cheer me up!
  9. Earthsea

    I have the original trilogy (Wizard of Earthsea, Tombs of A'Tuin and The Farthest Shore). I read them as a teenager and they are still my favourite fantasy novels of all time. Each one is different but they all fit together (from a literary point of view, Tombs of A'Tuin is perhaps the best). I keep meaning to pick up the later novels, although I have to admit being a tiny bit apprehensive.
  10. Nextbox 1080: The Reckoning

    Share button? You just make the share GESTURE (thumbs up, wink and cheesy grin).
  11. Nextbox 1080: The Reckoning

    The XBOX One "always watching you" camera is actually an incredible idea to get people to turn their devices off at the mains rather than standby, and so save electricity. It's all about the global warmings.
  12. After 9 attempts at Impossible I downgraded to Classic Iron Man and enjoyed it much more. Still tough though; I went with famous comedians (Sacha Baron Chen did pretty well in his gold Ali G armour, Joan Rivers spent a lot of time in the sickbay) and only John Goodman managed to survive more than three missions before he and Tim Minchin wiped on the first terror mission and I couldn't face carrying on. I think I need to recuperate with a less intense game before trying again. edit; yes I can definitely see Shaft in the Volunteer Role. That man has what it takes.
  13. Yeah I'm starting to think Impossible Iron Man might be too much for me. In a way I regret playing on Classic mode first, because now that I have beaten it I don't want to go back and do it again, even on Iron Man. xcom_jake_solomon_admits_impossible_difficulty_is_too_hard.html
  14. First attempt at Impossible Iron Man lasted less than 2 months. Ouch. I read some tips here and will now try again.
  15. Thanks Nappi, just the kind of stuff I need! I've recently been inspired by astronauts, even before Chris Hadfield's Space Oddity video (which is awesome BTW) so I think I will start with that. I Might need more female names though. I'm going to comb these lists! Also, Terry 'Bag' Spragg. edit: here are the lists I'll be using List_of_astronauts_by_selection List_of_science_fiction_authors and the strangely apt List_of_people_who_disappeared_mysteriously