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  1. Wolfenstein II: It's a Blastkowicz

    See, I had a fantastic time with it playing stealth first, and instantly switching over to dual Schockhammers or dual machine guns (whatever I had the ammo for) as soon as I got spotted. Proprerly upgraded, those things can stagger and drop one of those super soldiers in like 4 hits. They don't have a chance to touch you. As long as you whittle down their numbers before things get hairy, I never had any difficulty with the back half of the game after finding some upgrade packs. Also, if you take the compression vest, one of the perks that comes along with it is time slowing down when you're spotted a la MGSV, so if you're quick with a silenced headshot it's like you were never spotted at all.
  2. Recently completed video games

    What Remains of Edith Finch. Yeah, I cried.
  3. Wolfenstein II: It's a Blastkowicz

    Welp, I'm done. Holy shit I'm done. I am severely tempted to boot up The New Order immediately and replay both games on the Wyatt path now just fucking because. The game had NO DAMN RIGHT to be that good. I feel like if it weren't for Zelda, this would definitely have been my goty. Hell, I'm still tempted to say that it is, but I know that saying that right after finishing it isn't really fair. Besides, I still have the Champion Trials to finish in BotW, so I'm being reminded of how good Zelda is all the time now anyway. Still, a very nearly #1 kind of #2 here. I really do think I'll to a TNO/TNC playthrough next time I get a break from work. That was so good.
  4. Is Steam (Valve) Good? If not, what then?

    Libertarian ideals are amoral. Unfortunately, with the status quo the way it is, amoral means allowing evil to proliferate. Just want to be clear that, in a real world setting, I agree with you, but we should probably head off that conversation before it begins.
  5. Wolfenstein II: It's a Blastkowicz

    So I'm now in New Orleans, and really working hard to not get spoiled on things before listening to goty podcasts. This shit is amazing so far. I've also done every commander side mission available to me so far. I'm playing on Normal (or whatever the medium tier difficulty is) and I have to say, all of the people who recommend Easy mode for this game are really puzzling me. I find the Starbreeze/Machine brand of stealth to be immensely rewarding and fun. I play Wolfenstein the same way that I play an immersive sim, with the added security that if my stealthy-times go astray I can bust out dual schockhammers (obviously the best "time to get shit done" option in the game). Like that, I'm reliably able to whittle down the forces to something manageable before shit goes sideways, and then once shit goes sideways it's all good fun. I still die a bunch, but it always feels fair and I am always able to learn from it and kick more ass the next time. I have only once encountered any frustration at all in the game. This would be the court house, which I assume is the part that everyone complains about when they say "that thing halfway through". I will spoil nothing beyond the name of the building and the fact that stealth is not an option in this level. Because of that, I definitely had a lot of trouble here and ended up swearing at the computer a few times before finally finding a defensible position and cheezing the fuck out of it. Other than that, the game (and yes, even all of the side missions that ramp things up) has been smooth sailing. Those who had trouble/busted it down to Easy, what gives? If you play everything on Easy and that's just your style, I got no beef with you, but from the way that people talk, it sounds like those who recommend it in this one are also the people who would normally play other shooters on Normal or Hard. If you're in that boat, what is it about this game that made you switch?
  6. To anyone who may be able to answer, I was wondering if it were possible to have a swearing-free cut of any of the episodes? I love the podcast, and some of the episodes would be great to share with my students when we talk about different historical figures. Trouble is, the kids are 10 years old and the parents may object if I were to play them for the class as-is with some of the language included. I understand that it's probably a bunch of work, but even as a thought for production on Season 2, I'm sure that I'm not the only listener who would appreciate a secondary "clean" feed. Just figured I'd put that out there. Thanks!
  7. GOTY of the Year

    Man, the more I use it, the more I'm beginning to think that my goty for 2017 is actually "ebaying the ION drum kit adapter for Xbox One". Between that and Rocksmith, I think I spend about 3/4 of my gaming time playing music on real or almost-real instruments instead of actually playing games. The great part is, I'm watching myself get markedly better at both. I am now at a point where I can play almost all non-shred songs near-to-perfect on RS and just cracked my first ever "5 stars on an expert-level devil-horns-difficulty song" on my ION kit. Love it so much. While RS has been a big part of how I spend my time for a few years now (nearing 850 hours in the 2014 edition, had about 100 in the original before that), I hadn't used the drums in about 5 years before deciding to grab the adapter. So worth it. Honestly, probably a better and more rewarding experience than any "game" game that I've played this year.
  8. GOTY of the Year

    I got a NES30 from 8bitdo. It's real good for that sort of stuff.
  9. GOTY of the Year

    After spending a bunch of time going back into BotW for the DLC, I can now confirm that, yeah, it's my goty. Feels just like coming home to jump back into that world after not having done so since March.
  10. Bayonetta

    That would be the meanest of all teases. Up there with Big Blue and Mute City being in Mario Kart now.
  11. Grand ThVmb Auto PC

    I'd be interested. Haven't played in over a year, but what the hell?
  12. Bayonetta

  13. GOTY of the Year

    Well, Zelda's DLC is out now, so I guess I'm jumping back in over the next few weeks to remind myself of it and confirm it as GotY after all. Fun times ahead!
  14. Bayonetta

    WHAT? Goddamnit, I spend 2 days at parent teacher interviews and I miss Bayonetta 3 getting announced? Off to hunt for a trailer! EDIT: YES. AND PORTS OF 1 AND 2 FOR SWITCH! IT IS A GOOD DAY! EDIT EDIT: Best comment on Nintendolife thread: "Nindendo'S Witch". Well done, commenters.