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3D MODELS! Get yer crappy 3D MODELS here!

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I will most likely not make any game this time around, but I would love to get in some 3D modelling practice with Oculus Medium. For a preview of what kinda stuff you can expect here's a video where I make my own, off-brand, DOT GOBBLER.




Download the Off-Brand Dot Gobbler as a Unity package (5 MB)


What I can deliver:

3D models of organic things: cartoony characters, vegetation, food, etc. Oculus Medium is not much good for making mechanical, realistic-looking things with straight edges and so on. Cartoony-looking mechanical things might work tho.


I can deliver models as:

-OBJ or FBX.

-with Diffuse and Normal maps as PNG or TGA.

-if you're using Unity I can set up the materials as well, and deliver as a unitypackage.

-I'm not doing any character rigging and the pivots of individual parts will likely not be in optimal places by default.


If you want me to make you something, please specify:


-what kinda style do you have in mind?

-can it all be 1 mesh, or should it be split up? If so, into how many parts? For instance in the above example the arms and legs are separate meshes so they can be moved/animated individually.

-are you using Unity?


Contact: PM me on the forums

Timezone: GMT +3

Portfolio: My previous games, that monstrosity up there.

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Also here's some of my earlier artworks.




Fireball Plant








Mr. Snake




Vampire Fella




Shouty Boy




Shouty Boy (close up)

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8 hours ago, Henke said:

Yes! That's definitely something I can do. :)



We are making a tennis arena - I had planned on leaving it empty, but if you want to take a shot at some variations on Toad to fill the stadium, I would likely use them ;)

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