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  1. [Dev Log] Get Hoisted

    this is an incredible idea
  2. ICE Wave

    lol I don't totally understand where this is going, but I'm very happy with that gif
  3. [Release] This is Celebrity Explainer

    thank you for this image
  4. Eyes Of Planning Post

    lol, I would also do an installment in one of my existing worlds The Eyes of Luigi: Stop Stealing My Son The Eyes of Luigi: 90s Cockpit Freak-out They Eyes Of Cheatin Hitman Episode 3: Bird Uncle They Eyes Of Cheatin Hitman Episode 3: I Forged A Lot Of Ballots
  5. GOTY of the Year

    I always intend to but never actually do these, so here it goes Go Play 'Em Now: Breath of The Wild Horizon Zero Dawn Everybody's Golf Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice What Remains of Edith Finch Tooth And Tail Wolfenstein II ArmA 3 DLC Bomber Crew Something Special About Them: Prey Pyre Uncharted: Lost Legacy Cuphead Rime Disappointed By: Rain World Need to Play: Neir, Dirt 4, The Shrouded Isle, Golf Story, Mario Oddessy, Nex Machina
  6. [Release] Get Hoisted

    lol sounds fun. have you ever seen this game?
  7. Wolfenstein II: It's a Blastkowicz

    I just started playing the demo for II and I can't get this out of my head: The narrative experience in Wolfenstein is the quality, clarity, and inventiveness that Kojima always seems to think he's producing, right? It's surreal, politically charged, enjoyable, tender, and so well-made and pulpy. I loved the bizarre audacity of the systems in Phantom Pain, but the straight narrative in Kojima's games always feels like an overly ambitious ten year old, in whose head all the dots connect. Wolfenstein is really good, though! I'll be picking up the full game to play through the rest
  8. Eyes Of Planning Post

    I'll change this to a dev log once WJ6 starts Right now I want to track some ideas. Also, I'm not sure I'm doing an Eyes Of game this time, but it felt like the proper way to start the thread. Terminal 7 is a gold mine: Stop Stealing My Son I Forged A Lot of Ballots A Sad Gnome Statue Wow, "Eyes Of A Sad Gnome Statue" is immediately a front-runner. More options: Bird Uncle Putin on the Ritz
  9. WIZARD JAM 6 // Welcome Thread

  10. This looks incredible
  11. [Dev Log] Helicopter Collaboration

    Yeah! Really, Absolute Drift was a full game by another dev before Flippfly got involved, but they partnered with him for the "Zen Edition" that went to consoles and PC - added some game modes, levels, polish, I believe They're good at making games, so it's been a dream of for me! I've learned a ton and we're all stoked about the game.
  12. I'm collaborating with Flippfly (Race the Sun, Absolute Drift) on a helicopter game. We're coming close to 3 months in development and I think we'll be formally announcing the game in a couple weeks. We are making builds for playtesting lately, and I would love some more feedback from the Idle Thumbs community If you're interested in trying out our early versions of this game, send me a message (here or in DM or in Slack) - I have a discord where I post thoughts/discussion. I'll post some more dev updates as the project progresses; we're finally getting confident enough to start pushing things out to the public. Here's a gif of my work this morning And here's an imgur library of our progress throughout the project.
  13. Starting my business - tips?

    I hadn't realized there might be so much involved with the local government. I would be the only employee and I would work out of my house, yes. I need to contact someone in our city about all of this, I guess.
  14. Starting my business - tips?

    Anyone here run their own small studio? Meaning fewer than 3 employees. I am about to enter into a long term agreement with another small company that includes some rev share and I think it's time for me to form a company instead of being a solo dev as contractor. My concern is the irregularity with which I'll be receiving income - if my rev payment is really frontloaded, I would like to schedule out personal payments to myself on a more regular schedule. Also, I'd like to have money in a business in case I want to work any small projects myself while paying collaborators. Thoughts? I am COMPLETELY new to all of this and might have some bad assumptions with the overhead associated with starting the business.
  15. Team Building - Epistle 3 Jam

    This popped up on the internet this weekend: Half Life 3 Jam There is a little over 2 months to build something. I want to make a FPE game (similar to Eyes of Cheatin Hitman I made for WJ4) with a lot of G-Man in it. I bet in the next two months I can add 15-20 hours of work myself. I have a lot of tools already in place for this type of game, so most of the work will be on art/audio assets, level design, and narrative. I don't have any solid ideas for this, but I'm thinking some sort of comedy following the G-Man during his hours away from work. I would love to get a community of people together working on this, and I'm flexible in whatever we make. I do think that comedy is the only requirement for me Any readers interested in picking away at this for the next two months with me?