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  1. [Dev Log] Grease Monkeys

    I showed Grease Monkeys a week and a half ago at a local indies showcase. The prototype was still pretty buggy, but most people who played it had a lot of fun. I think that there is a future in this game
  2. [Dev Log] Grease Monkeys

    I'm going to bring a full garage to a playtest meetup tonight
  3. [Dev Log] Grease Monkeys

    Game loop is emerging
  4. [Dev Log] Grease Monkeys

    high praise from a fellow car sim dev
  5. [Dev Log] Grease Monkeys

    Added an oil pan
  6. [Dev Log] Grease Monkeys

    I started making a game about a tire&lube shop; working title is Grease Monkeys. It is an Overcooked-alike! I think I can get a compelling prototype of this done in a month or two (what you see below is a couple evenings - maybe 8 hours of work). After that I want to pitch it to some tiny publishers This will be my first independent commercial project. gifs:
  7. Mafia III: Django Unchained

    damn. that was my fear. alright, i rescind my fascination. can you imagine the version of this game in which they're just adding color to all of the characters with a genuine discussion about quail hunting? that's the game i want.
  8. Mafia III: Django Unchained

    It's either the super quail hunting kind, or I'm guessing it's a sexuality euphemism; I hope it is the former.
  9. Mafia III: Django Unchained

    Loving this game more and more. The writing is such high quality. Every character is fully developed. This has been my favorite line in the whole game Burke: She's around here somewhere if she aint out quail huntin Clay: Quail aint in season Burke: Bwuhhuh, for her kind it's always in season lolol are you kidding me!? Lincoln even pauses and processes it for a second - Lincoln Clay is a man who knows his quail seasons. This is Naughty Dog-level nuance in a gigantic, LONG sandbox story. The more I watched that line, the more I hope they're actually talking about quail, though, and not some shitty euphemism. I played about ten hours of The Witcher 3 two years ago and I really liked the depth of its characters, but I have found Mafia better written, better acted, more grounded, and richer, so far. I wish I had played this game when it first released.
  10. The Big VR Thread

    I saw a bit of Ultrawings talk earlier; it is still my favorite VR thing. I borrow a PSVR from the office, and I should play it more than I have.
  11. Mafia III: Django Unchained

    I have played enough Mafia III to decide I love it; it is socially and politically ambitious in ways no other sandbox games have seemed, to me. The characters are deep and the missions/activities are consistent with the plot and the game world. I understand what Lincoln is doing at any moment and why it is necessary. All of the upgrade systems, as favors from your network, make thematic sense. I don't think I have played a sandbox game this consistently designed. Mechanically, I love the driving - I set the model to Simulation and suddenly driving with analog triggers becomes necessary and allows me to drive with precision I wasn't getting in Arcade mode. The crowbar lock cracking is dull - it's about the only aspect of this game that turns me off. Anyone else?
  12. Mafia III: Django Unchained

    Mafia III is a PS+ game this month. I have started playing it - I'm probably three hours deep. I am impressed, so far. Anyone else playing, lately, or have thoughts they never got to dump about Mafia III?
  13. Another Red Redemption, Dead

    Like I said, I hadn't played video games for a couple years, and what I remembered of GTA made me think RDR would encourage violence, but the outlaw system they had in the game (novel for me at the time) discouraged me from doing anything careless, so I never did. Also, the game was an order of magnitude kinder to women than other Rockstar properties (no engaging with prostitutes, some awesome female NPCs). I know these are low bars, but in the landscape of AAA video games RDR felt tame and mature. I did spend most of my time hunting and taming horses and tracking down wanted posters. I also enjoyed that my family was alive instead of fridged (a term I definitely wasn't aware of yet), and that kept me focused on the critical path toward building a family farm. It doesn't seem like the new protagonist will be afforded the same humanity of Marston, but at this point in my gaming adulthood I have learned to play characters the way I want to experience their stories. I am playing Mafia III right now and I'm impressed with their ability to tell a very violent story with a bit of grace. I'm confident Rockstar has the chops to do the same.
  14. Another Red Redemption, Dead

    Aw, man, sad to see so many people bummed about this. I was 23 when RDR came out and I hadn't played video games for three or four years. I was traveling a lot for work, coincidentally out to the desert for weeks at a time, and RDR was the video game that pulled me back into the medium. I had never liked cowboys/westerns as a kid, but the combination of lots of long, quiet drives through a real-world desert and horse rides through a digital one calmed my newly adult anxiety. I have a love/hate relationship with Rockstar sandboxes - I despise the juvenile cynicism and apathy of so much of their plot threads, but I admire that their worlds always push the state of the art. I still jump into GTA V just to drive around, and I did the same for a long time in RDR to horse around. GTA is so cynical that I can't finish the campaigns, but I was impressed with RDR; I found some characters and points distasteful, but I mostly enjoyed them, and Marston worked for me. RDR felt hopeful - it has "redemption" in the title. I am excited for the second game. I will be a decade older this time around, so we'll see if their writers have grown, too.
  15. Oh boy, I am 1/3 through book 2 and I hadn't yet heard negative criticism of the series. You all are opening my eyes to some stuff that I had ignored I do enjoy a lot about this series, and I'll try to capture that in a post after I think a bit.