Important If True 12: Once You Start, You Can't Stop

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On 5/12/2017 at 6:53 PM, jennegatron said:

I can't be sure, but I very much hope my email about the big chicken helped this episode.


Yes, definitely. Back when you sent it I tried to figure out a way to work in that Voice of America article because the way it's written cracked me up, but I couldn't figure out how to do so without kind of killing the joke, so I just kept the overall concept in the back of my head.

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Also this "Boy howdy this makes me want to eat M&Ms a LOT" container.


(Came across it the other day. The saddest part is that it was: 1) For Christmas themed M&Ms, and 2) in a discount bin in July. )


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Since the show has been on hiatus, I decided to dive into the archives and do a complete re-listen, and damn if Jake and Chris didn't just nail the frustration of working in a creative field:


Jake:   When I read stuff that I wrote when I was younger, I'm actually really mad, because it just shows that my brain has hardened and I'm a worthless piece of shit who can't imagine anything and is not willing to or able to just actually poop an idea out of my brain onto a piece of paper and finish it because I'm actually able to be self-critical.

Chris:   You're too smart to know that your idea might be bad, but you're not actually smart enough to just have an incredible idea all the time.

Jake:   Yeah, it's a disaster.

Chris:   That's bad. Being an adult is terrible. Being an adult who's not a genius just kind of sucks.


Every single word of this is true.


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