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  1. Before listening to this episode, I decided to watch Memento and The Prestige since I've been meaning to see them for years. The Prestige was incredible, and something I'll definitely watch again and am sure I'll enjoy even knowing how it plays out. Regarding Memento, however, I went in having already been spoiled, and I stopped watching about 30 minutes in because, as you apparently speculated, it really seems to rely on that uncertainty to not be completely boring. On the subject of Bioshocks, I really feel that Infinite ruined the first for me. Usually when follow-ups retroactively 'ruin' something, it's because the follow-up is so good that the first doesn't end up having anything going for it that the later work does, or because the newer work disillusions you with something about the first. For myself with Bioshock, I'm not sure the latter reason applies (the first definitely doesn't), but I've found that returning to the first after Infinite far less interesting or good than my first playthrough, even though I had already known the twist ahead of time
  2. Streaming this was such a good thing!
  3. I definitely want to see some more ridiculous SC2 match-ups! Nick, you should rematch Superhiero with Janel!
  4. Thanks to this episode, I started buying the Kit-Kats for assholes at work and they're great!
  5. I'll use these posts as a springboard to say that I've been relistening to the series at work, and the great editing is present in almost every episode. I've been wanting to mention the great audio work for months, but never felt it was enough to base an entire post on. I would also like to mention that this is a great podcast to relisten to. It seems that I usually only remember one big thing per episode, enjoy hearing those things again as well as the smaller details, and then once again get caught off guard by the other sections. It's also interesting to notice things, with future episodes in mind. Early in episode 13, it's brought up how there's been so much chicken content, it could have been stored up for an entire chicken-cast, and Chris or Nick speculates that people may begin to tire of chicken content. Almost as if a monkey paw caused this episode's universe reconstruction, Jake exclaimed "Chicken shit!" and the next episode began with Landis' poop story...
  6. I was having a fairly bad Friday night, but listening to this had me howling in laughter for so long. Also, I think The Woman's Poop should be a contender for being one of the brains.
  7. Idle Thumbs dream stream: Jake plays any game while Nick talks about the one boring day of his life and Chris eats a PB&J sandwich.
  8. This episode was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. 100%n 100%j 100%c
  9. It's great to have this podcast returning! Thanks!
  10. Idle Thumbs: A Patreon

    I assume the $3.5k stream is (or streams are) going to be delayed to September? In whatever case, thanks for continuing to cast the good pods.
  11. Idle Thumbs Streams

    The part from Ruination where Chris turned into an adventure game protagonist being told to Look at Wipes was incredible. Edit: I think his character is Vic Fontaine, Danielle is Jadzia Dax, Steve is Garak and Spaff is Wesley.
  12. I got this sweet recommendation from Amazon about a year ago, and I have no idea if it's relevant:
  13. Idle Thumbs Streams

    I recommend considering The End is Nigh for streaming. It's the new Edmund McMillen platformer, so Chris will probably enjoy it and be prodigiously good at it.
  14. At this point, an SSD is basically required.