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  1. That is so accurate. In my early twenties I was just capable enough to make some good stuff, but not yet wise enough to know how much of it was crap so I avoided self-censoring. Now I just second guess anything that my brain cooks up, killing it in the proverbial cradle.
  2. This was an interesting read, that seems to relate to Valve. I hope our intrepid podcasters keep their chins up in the capitalistic stew over there. So, are the Thumbs now considered new Barons by this guy's description? It's all getting so Frank Herbert in here.
  3. Brigador

    Yeah, it has some simple tutorials now and they said they have tweaked it to be slightly less punishing since PAX for the Early Access release due to feedback like yours.
  4. Brigador

    Yeah, as a 3D artist I am super jealous of his workflow for Brigador. He essentially gets to kitbash models together in 3ds max without concern for poly count or UV layout, since they are just 360 rendered into sprite form. That's how he is almost single-handedly able to churn out the crazy number of assets for this game.
  5. Brigador

    Great Leader is dead. You have one night to liberate Solo Nobre. http://store.steampowered.com/app/274500/ What is it? As they say on the website: "Brigador is an isometric vehicular action game. Choose the right vehicle and weapons to suit your play style, and face off against the occupying factions. Discover tactics and unlock new vehicles and weapons as you clear the city or die trying, then do it all over again." It has been compared to Syndicate, Crusader: No Remorse, and Jungle Strike. Despite being in early access the game play loop is already tight and refined, more along the lines of Hotline Miami. You can dive in for a few minutes of action, or alternately spending a couple of hours trying to achieve the perfect run. One thing that it is not is a twin-stick shooter. There are several systems being modeled under the hood, including ballistics and penetration, which means that it takes skill to make sure that you don't over or under shoot your targets. That along with the tank-style controls, means that each successful run feels well-won. There are a handful of very different vehicles to start off with: tanks, mechs, and anti-grav; all of which require their own play style and tactics. They will be including more in subsequent updates, along with maps, and more enemy factions. In fact in the first update post-launch they should be adding in these bad boys to play with: Loyalist Light Mech http://i.imgur.com/9xiA2Wf.gif Spacer Tank http://i.imgur.com/BTzXAvs.gif Corvid Anti-Grav http://i.imgur.com/taF7wNS.gif Here are a few early access review/play-throughs as well: https://youtu.be/dvZ0ovdQNZc Who did that awesome soundtrack? The soundtrack is from Makeup and Vanity Set, and they are actually making even more tracks than are currently in the early access release. It should be over 2 hours total and will be available as a separate purchase eventually too. Here is a taste: http://soundcloud.com/makeupandvanityset/sets/brigador-ost
  6. Looks like they found a great cheap solution for production quality mocap: Four EyeToys and some garish clothes!
  7. I'm glad the guys finally mentioned some thoughts on GTA V. It felt odd to have the past couple 'casts go by without mentioning the game that it seems everyone is playing. I'm also glad that I'm not the only one who finds it disturbingly hilarious to be around someone using a Rift in public. I had the exact same experience that Chris mentioned while I was attending the SIEGE conference in Atlanta last weekend. Why are you staring at me with your weird matte black eyes? Regarding the Boston Dynamics robots; I always think that they come across as delicate and silly. How humiliating it will be when we are exterminated by a bunch of prancing machines that look like they need to pee.
  8. Well, they definitely made it. It looks like they will keep the PayPal pledges going for a little longer so they may make the "Russell Zimmerman/more factions" stretch goal. Now I guess we just wait. I look forward to more updates as they get further into production.
  9. More updates! Check out this The full update is here.
  10. Ha, the nice part about following a dev team from down under is that when I wake up in the morning here in US EST-land there are updates. Check out this to go along with that per-pixel reflection shader screen shot from earlier. They show how they are testing it in the environment. It looks great in motion. It really lends itself to a rainy Bladerunner look I think.
  11. Well, they made the Localization stretch goal of 400k. The next one that everyone is clamoring for is Environmental Destruction (building leveling, etc.) at 440k. I am doubtful that they'll make that by Sunday but I could be wrong. I almost hope they don't make it so they aren't spread too thin on feature creep.
  12. I wasn't disappointed in the FPS either. I enjoyed it a good bit, but I would really love to see something more like the original games come out as well.
  13. Here's a screen shot from a test where they are checking out using a special shader that does per-pixel reflection. Very nice. Screenshot
  14. Shadowrun Kickstarter

    I was in on the beta and I can tell you it is a solid game. Definitely in the vein of classic computer RPGs. The combat reminds me of the recent XCOM also, which is a good thing. The only complaint that I and other people seem to have is the autosave-only save system. But even that's nothing to really complain about. You just have to wait to quit your game when there is a scene transition. I think that considering the small team working on it and the relatively short time frame that it was developed in, this can be considered a great success for Kickstarted games. The fact that they managed to create a robust editor of their own on top of Unity is both impressive and should hopefully extend the life of the game a good bit.
  15. Cool, they have just reached their first stretch goal: Syndicate series composer Russell Shaw will be working on it now. Next stretch goal: Localization