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  1. re: your comments - very fair. I like that reading a lot As far as the max fun drive goes - you can cancel your subscription at any time. Max Fun will create a recurring payment to pull from your card each month. In your contribution email you'll have a link that gives you a way to manage your account, and you can cancel from there. They don't accept payments of less than $5 as the fees for processing credit cards make it basically worthless to do less than $5 charges. I assume if you cancel before physical rewards are mailed out, you wouldn't get them, but canceling after you get the password for the bonus content will still give you access to the archive for the year.
  2. spoilers for the most recent adventure zone episode
  3. I've recently picked up knitting, and I highly recommend it. It's a a very fun, soothing repetitive action that manifests into something usable. I just bought a learning to knit kit that came with needles, some accessories and a book and taught myself how to cast on, knit & purl from the book in about an hour and am working on scarf. When I get more comfortable and better at it, it'll be a fun thing to do while I have the tv on in the background or listen to podcasts while I do it. For now it takes my full attention, but I'm very much enjoying it!
  4. whenever you talked about the flonase emblazoned clothes all I could think of was this series of Totino's vines from Griffin McElroy
  5. I watched Amy Sherman-Palladino pilot an Amazon The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and I think it's actually an exceptionally well constructed pilot. I highly recommend it. it's really different than Gilmore Girls or Bunheads. It's a lot more grown up (I don't mean that just because there's nudity) and better/more mature story telling than her earlier shows had. I would love to talk about it.
  6. you want to listen to abbey road how it was meant to be listened to - peaking at octopus's garden.
  7. I'm about halfway through Summer and am totally loving it. Goals are more clearly expressed in this game than in the last one, and there's always something to work toward. I'm really loving it!
  8. I will buy physical copies of CDs I really love but mostly stick to a handful of artists I already like and buy when their new releases come out. Microsoft's music service lets you download a DRM free zip of the mp3s you buy and you download them to as many devices as you want as well as stream. I stick to that because 1. I hate iTunes and 2. Having everything in onedrive makes it easy to organize and access my music anywhere. Plus I have a cd player in my car if I ever want to listen to an album front to back, which I often do.
  10. Starting Monday is the MaxFunDrive. They just announced the drive rewards for this year. If you've ever thought about donating, the drive is the best time to do so because there are match donors that will contribute a set amount (between 1 cent and 1 dollar) for each new or upgrading donor, so you get to be responsible for even more money going to the network and the shows you like! If you have specific questions about the drive, feel free to let me know, or you can always listen to drive episodes of shows as they explain most everything. (I don't work for MaxFun, I just think this is a super cool way to support the network and the shows we listen to!) Plus the $10/month pins are hot like fyre
  11. You too can be extremely attractive with Warby Parker glasses.
  12. you can have "jank" just don't take "jank nasty" away from me.
  13. It's that time again! Ratamero set up another bracket group! password: thewizard You need to hurry! Games start tomorrow and we would love to have you!
  14. I hope he feels better soon! Animals are pretty bad at not eating things they shouldn't eat, huh?