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  1. Recently completed video games

    We played 2 more chapters of yakuza 0 this weekend and this game charms me at literally every turn.
  2. I just want to go on record that I think that Tycho belongs in jail for this forum thread name though.
  3. I get this, but also I don't think your partner is sexualized in the trailer, except the fact that society has decided that women's hips and butts are inherently arousing. I think it's nice for them to have a black woman on screen that looks like many black women do, that is, with big hips, thighs and a butt.
  4. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    ty all for being my friends. they added some more animal friends and have given a temporary boost to how much friendship you get for completing errands. I'm still playing and accepting friendship requests! Pro tip - if you open up 'more' you can click on My Nintendo and accept all the bonuses, plus if you click the 'Missions' tab there are more things you may have completed. This will give you points that you can spend on materials or bells!
  5. GOTY of the Year

    on first blush here is where i stand: 1. Collar X Malice (PS Vita) 2. Yakuza 0 (PS4) 3. Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns (3DS) 4. Night in the Woods (PC) 5. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Android) I haven't finished Yakuza 0 and I want to go back to dragon grandpa 3, but this year was a mix of 2015 & 2016 for me where I was totally surprised by things I didn't know I'd like or try going into the year and underwhelmed by things I looked forward to. In 2015, I was blindsided by how much I loved Dropsy, and in 2016, I had lots of games that I wanted to love but only ended up liking. 1. I bought a Vita this year specifically because it is where lots of otome games get localized in english, and it has provided me with 2 straight bangers (Collar X Malice & Norn9) and 1 very good game (Code:Realize). I was really charmed and captivated by Collar X Malice and wish more otome games made it to America. This is a game that I didn't know about coming into the year and was totally bowled over by how much I loved it 2. Yakuza 0 constantly makes me laugh and the combat makes me feel like a total badass. It's very fun to play and all the side stories are amazing. Majima & Kiryu are both people I love spending time with. 3. Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns is fantastic and I love it. It's the second entry in the Story of Seasons series and continues to shave off the parts of Harvest Moon that had worn out their welcome (the mine & combat), giving extra structure and direction with the use of errands to earn extra money and gain affection with townspeople, and added more cute interactions with neighbors like sharing meals. It's added incentives to cooking (food buffs), and the greatest bachelor in the history of video games: Woofio Harvest moon is a series I've probably put 500+ hours into over various iterations. This feels like an earned entry and step forward in the franchise. The in game graphics are kind of goofy looking, but the character portrait art is super cute, and is a good portion of why I prefer this series to Stardew. 4. Night in the Woods - I really liked this game. It was one I came into 2017 excited about and it didn't let me down. Crushingly honest and funny and sad and bleak. Beatrice is the cool goth we always wanted to be or be friends with. I love her. 5. I know that there are lot of people underwhelmed by Pocket Camp, but it's totally my jam. I love my demanding animal friends, and I love having a bigger variety of friends to talk to each day. My biggest annoyance with the main series is having no control over who your neighbors are. I can't evict the horrifying coconut rabbit Coco from my town in New Leaf and it haunts me to this day. Plus my favorite boy Roald the penguin is in it. Coco for reference - Other games I played this year: persona 5 (liked, but didn't love. Makoto is my favorite character in a game this year, but there was enough here i didn't like very much that it doesn't make the cut), what remains of edith finch (this was good, i just liked other stuff more), and a bunch of otome visual novels that didn't come out this year that could fill my whole top 5 if they had.
  6. Recently completed video games

    yakuza 0 is constantly funny and fun and charming and i love it
  7. RIP Vine. I love Demi so much.
  8. Mr. Robutt

    Please, Mr. Robot was my father's name, call me Jennegatron.
  9. Mr. Robutt

    I was being flippant. What I really am content with is not watching a show that does what every other tv drama does and casually depict and refer to sexual assault and rape. I think that it's condescending to say that people don't know what they like and what they don't. A show does not deserve my time, and if it feels immediately insufferable to me, I am not going to feel bad about not watching it anymore. Life is too short to wait around waiting for something you don't like to become something you do like.
  10. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    I mean, yes? This is stripped down to a certain extent. There's no way to send mail to your animal friends, and there's no museum to prove that you've caught all the fish and bugs in the game, but this is a fairly faithful representation of what the game is like. Instead of only being able to build x amount of furniture in a day due to timers, the shops have a set amount that they sell and once you've bought it, it doesn't restock till the next day. Fruit grows back on a much longer timer and there's no fertilizer to make it grow back faster normally. It's a game where you're supposed to log in for a little bit each day, pull any weeds that have grown, & check in on your animal friends giving presents and talking to them. Newer games have projects that you earn money to do improvements to your town, like putting in a fountain or whatever. I actually like that this game gives you way more animals to interact with than the main series games do. You have more control over who you hang out with here than in the standard games. You also have a more visible representation of how much your animal friends like you, which the main games doesn't have. If you find the act of shaking trees for peaches and fishing tedious, then there's not much for you here or in the regular games.
  11. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    I am still playing a bunch and accepting anyone who adds me. I played a ton of this over the long weekend and am really loving it. It encourages me to play a little bit, check on my friends and bow out for a few hours which I was always bad about doing in the traditional Animal Crossing games. I feel like being on phones makes it extra easy to pick up and drop in little micro sessions in a way I never do with even a nintendo mobile game.
  12. Mr. Robutt

    I feel very content with my choice to not look at Christian Slater's face ever again.
  13. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    This is the only game that came out in 2017 that has my penguin husband Roald in it, GOTY.