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  1. Janine, the author of that article, is my video game shepherd and has never steered me wrong
  2. I liked but didn't love Scott Pilgrim either and have been unable to put my finger on why, and I never thought about it this way, but I think the unearned/over reliance on 'see this thing you recognize' is part of why! ty Jake for articulating this, because I'd never thought about this before.
  3. I second all of this. Crazy Ex Girlfriend is one of only three shows (How to Get Away With Murder & New Girl being the other two) that I watch within 24 hours of them airing, and will watch them live if I can. It's devastatingly funny & frank & honest. I think it has a lot more affection for its characters than the season of Kimmy Schmidt I watched ever did.
  4. I've never heard anyone in my life refer to a garlic clove as a 'slice.'
  5. haven't listened yet, but I second Nick's earplug recommendation. Wear them to concerts. Wear them to work. Wear them to sleep. It mostly just cuts bullshit background noise and you get tinnitus symptoms less often. It's great!
  6. if i didn't already have a 3dsxl i would get that new 2dsxl. gimme plz
  7. plz giff me ooblets
  8. oh man Tig's barstool dragging jokes are so incredible.
  9. i'm super into that double ended dog.
  10. i love laura hudson & i love her television writing
  11. The CW has been super fast about getting things up on Netflix. Season 2 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend went up a week after it ended and Riverdale season 1 is already up. They don't put their stuff on Hulu anymore so I assume they have an exclusive external streaming deal with Netflix. (They have their own site/app that everything goes up on within 24 hours)
  12. Alright - I knocked out a big chunk of this game today, but have to take another break. So far I I am too freaked out by to play any more this session I have broken down and looked up a walk through for when I get stuck on puzzles. It's not the game's fault, I just don't like platforming puzzles very much and get frustrated if I have to do them too many times. So far there haven't been any puzzles that I've known what the solution was but just had too hard a time executing the platforming, which is something I ran into with Limbo. I will def report back when I finish the rest of it (likely tomorrow) but am into it. This game is scary in a way that I can deal with (no jump scares, mostly tension and ambiance) but I find it very draining to play for more than an hour or two at a time.
  13. if you haven't listened to episode 2 of The McElroy Brothers Will Be In Trolls 2 (now in its own podcast feed), it's so fucking funny. Their manager Joel is so charming and bitingly funny.