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  1. Great Games You Can't Quite Get Into

    I promise you weren't alone, I just try to not be a bummer and we didn't have this thread as a home for me to be a negative Nancy when that game launched.
  2. Half-Life 3

    i would laugh so hard if that's what it is. it's card game, but you can use your hands! Artifact VR Spring 2020
  3. The Good Place

    Every part of this show is so deeply considered that I don't think that they didn't think about this, especially when the podcast revealed that
  4. The Good Place

    The conclusion of the most recent season left me with this question:
  5. Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield

    One thing that I hope very badly that is kept from let's go is that they allow you to swap your team on the fly rather than having to go back to a pokemon center!
  6. Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield

    Exp Share has been a feature for a long time that you could turn on or off to increase/decrease difficulty. I think you'll find a lot more has changed than you thought. Things like abilities: Which can do things like, make eggs hatch faster or give passive boosts to stats or increased chance to inflict status effects. Breeding for stats, easier online trading & head to head matchmaking, team fights, and held items. Also things like day/night cycles and weather I think it's easy to say nothing's changed because generation to generation little changed, but over the course of 20 years the game has a lot more complexity if you're looking for it!
  7. Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield

    Past trends have given us mainline pokemon gams around American Thanksgiving, so end of nov/beginning of december tracks I think the fact that pokemon games are mostly games for children they don't raise the floor of difficulty/complexity for the game very high. I'm excited to get more details over the coming months!
  8. Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield

    The Pokemon direct was today! It looks like I expected, where it would be a traditional mainline Pokemon, without the simplifications that were in Let's Go as that meant to build a bridge from Go fans and get them into a console version so that they could play a mainline more easily. I think it looks super beautiful and the switch's beefier hardware makes it look prettier than it has on handheld!
  9. It's got high production values and it's largely a low stakes interpersonal drama. If you're hoping or expecting characters to say "gee isn't it sexist how we acted in the 60s" you are never going to get that. It's well acted and the show depicts some despicable behavior sometimes without having anyone in universe chastise them. I think it was also very popular as a watch party show and people liked having it as an event to watch something together. If you don't like it, I don't think you're missing out on much of you quit it. It was important culturally and I think it's a pretty good show, but I don't begrudge anyone deciding they don't like it, especially if they give it a fair shake. P. S. Joan, Peggy, & Sally are the best characters on that show.
  10. Netflix Originals

    extreme same. Prof & I have spoken before about the active disdain the show has for the Midwest and midwesterners at points. Really turned me off basically immediately, even if Tituss Burgess is a brilliant comedian.
  11. Books, books, books...

    God i wish it was fake here's the JBP post we were making fun of now that it's gone. it was deffo spam
  12. Books, books, books...

    I can't wait till we learn about how women are chaos dragons
  13. Half-Life 3

  14. Half-Life 3

    Well you're in luck! Good news: Valve just released a game! It's called Artifact and... Bad news: it's already dying!
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    Bored to Death