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  1. yeah, no problem for Ep 12 These are minutes remaining: I would recommend being ready to pause and fast forward as they are hard cuts back and forth so you'll want to be ready when it cuts back to the flashback. For the final episode there's no sexual assault content. There is a pretty graphic depiction of I watched the show on the netflix app for my tivo (which is the same app for things like ps4 or roku, and i assume other set top boxes) which when you pause and fast forward you are able to see thumbnails of what you're skipping & what's coming up next. These are super useful in skipping over triggering or extremely upsetting content.
  2. I finished watching this show this weekend. All in all, I liked it, but don't know how likely I am to recommend it to others. I'll probably go back and look into some of the criticism that was written about it when it first dropped. I had heard that they requested feedback from mental health professionals regarding the content of the show, but the creators ignored it. If anyone wants timestamps for in episode 11, I can share them. I love teen dramas and this one - I think was good but not great. Some of the content really killed my momentum to watch more.
  3. I listened to the ep of Woodland Secrets that Griffin was on this morning and thought it was really great and nice. Griffin talks a lot about his relationship with feedback and with fans of his show and shifting priorities after becoming a father. Highly recommended.
  4. This show makes me incredibly happy. Loved every episode.
  5. ty yothatlimp, nappi, erkki, & dewar
  6. afaik, dibs worked in the dairy industry at the time, so like Jut said, he was probably concerned with the mechanics and integrity of the pipes and lines involved.
  7. I can't be sure, but I very much hope my email about the big chicken helped this episode.
  8. to be fair most people who host podcasts search for the name of their podcasts, and have a tab in tweetdeck dedicated to it. I've tweeted without @-ing idle thumbs and had Jake among others tweet back at me.
  9. yeah, i am a photic sneezer too and the exiting a dimly or fluorescently lit building in the summer to exit and sneeze is satisfying in an indescribable way to me.
  10. ty tycho, SAM, roderick, chris, doc, osmo, xcehn, valorian & bjorn. you're all so nice
  11. I love this show and everything about it. Thank you everyone involved for making it.
  12. ty ty ty all. I'm hoping to increase the amount of click-through with my future correspondences.