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  1. Other podcasts

    Robert Ashley is one of my longest standing internet crushes. His band I Come to Shanghai is also excellent.
  2. I'm fascinated by this being the first post entry for new forum members. Please current and future new thumb fans, feel free to give your mouse rec's but also jump into the other threads too!
  3. Other podcasts

    I actually highly recommend The Polygon Show which is hosted by Simone DeRochefort, Allegra Frank, Ashley Oh & Chelsea Stark. They are very charming and fun and nice. It's currently the only video game podcast I listen to since Besties went annual.
  4. Other podcasts

    RIP monthly Besties
  5. The threat of Big Dog

  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    I will never stop talking about OJ: Made in America being one of the greatest pieces of filmmaking I've ever witnessed. What an insightful series of stories about race, celebrity, wealth, news for entertainment, violence against women, and citizen-police relationships in the united states. I was a tiny child when the OJ trial happened so I didn't really understand anything that was happening, but after watching OJ:MiA, I constantly think about the straight line you can draw from Eula Love to Rodney King & Latasha Harlins to Trayvon Martin, BLM, Eric Garner & Eric Holzclaw, etc. It seems obvious in retrospect, but OJ: Made in America made me think about how for much of my life (the 90's, 00's and the first part of the 10's) race was a conversation that was 'over.' Except OJ:MiA made it so clear to me that the conversation didn't go away we just ignored it until there was another set of events that hit critical mass making us talk about it again.
  7. Recently completed video games

    My favorite thing about this game is the Dunkey video where he describes it as 'gaming's first third person strangler slash ladder-er'
  8. That's my impression as well. The employees of Campo Santo have become Valve employees, and Campo Santo as a company still exists and owns Firewatch, and is owned by Sean & Jake. They acquired the employment contracts of the team without acquiring the business itself.
  9. "Sean Vanaman: Not living in the pile of scooters that is now San Francisco. Those fucking scooters man, you’ve got to get out of there." Sean is my hero
  10. Marvel movies

    I don't think you need to have seen either of those movies follow Infinity war. Basically the only things of consequence are that Thor found the Hulk & lost an eye in Ragnarok. Black Panther is the leader of Wakanda, a secret African nation that has recently opened itself up to the outside world. If you liked Civil War, go see Infinity War imo
  11. Marvel movies

    I liked it. I liked Civil War though so I expected to like Infinity War. What I'm most interested in is seeing how the next movie
  12. I have lots of beef with valve as a company and the products they put out. The one thing that I don't think will change is the way the thumbs talk about their projects though, given that they're already pretty quiet about what they're working on.
  13. you can't put peanut butter between 2 spoonfuls of sugar
  14. Missions that made you quit

    There's a stealth mission like 90% of the way through Bully that made me quit immediately upon it being told to me that I needed to try and stealth.
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    10/10, would chuckle at again