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  1. You did it!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! I threw in a few bucks too. 🙂
  2. chris plante + russ frushtick played some of this
  3. I bought a dishwasher once because I really hate doing dishes, but yeah. (It was one that was on casters, and attached to the sink.) If the fridge doesn't keep food cold I would contact my landlord and expect them to have someone come out and service them (at their expense) or replace it. The gas heater in my apartment broke last winter and my landlord replaced it at no additional cost to us. Most people who live in rental properties don't have the capital to spend over $1000 on home appliances, so it's something that rental property owners are expected to provide.
  4. Guess you Steam top 10 most played

    This is so difficult! i don't play a lot of games on steam, and they're mostly short experiences 1. Reus 2. danganronpa 2 3. magicka 4. metal gear solid V 5. ozmafia!! 6. hatoful boyfriend 7. danganronpa 1 8. night in the woods 9. sexy brutale 10. oxenfree
  5. Here we go! Racism is prejudice + societal power. If you live in "the west" and are white, guess what? You're racist! You were enculturated in a white supremacist society that taught you from the day you were born in tiny, invisible ways that you were better because you are white. You also get the benefit of all sorts of government and societal advantages that feel invisible to you, but are walls that have to be scaled by People of Color. And when you decide that being racist is like being a rapist or a pedophile you remove the tool of being able to talk critically about race and depictions of race in media. White supremacy's primary goal is to perpetuate itself and when you try to shut down conversations about race by saying that Rob is essentially damning a developer to hell or is "playing the race card" or w/e it is that you say to try and stop the conversation from happening, you're supporting white supremacy's goal of continuing the institutions and structures that give white people unearned advantages. You also get to be a huge distraction because now we have to respond to your apparent personal vendetta against Rob over a perceived slight because he dare tall about race in a video game. Who had "condescendingly talk about about logic and reason" in the pool? PM to claim your prize.
  6. lolololol. this sort of statement is an amazing tell that a person has no interest or experience in having honest and intellectually sincere conversation about race and racism.
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    i really liked this too! i was shockingly surprised at how much i came out of that movie adoring Ray Romano.
  8. there was an entire section of an episode of the MBMBaM tv show filmed in a safety town and my future husband went to one in Oklahoma as a child
  9. Strike

    The episodes covering the first book finished airing this past weekend and I thought they were really good! I would v much enjoy hearing from someone who hadn't read the book though.
  10. Strike

    BBC One has made an adaptation of Robert Galbraith (aka JK R-dog's) Cormoran Strike novels Cory & I watched the first two episodes and I really liked them! I like mystery stories a lot, but don't read that many of them. I've read the 3 books that have been put out thus far and am v excited to see the adaptation continue through those books too! So far it looks like 2 episodes are out, covering the first part of Cuckoo's Calling - the first novel. Is anyone else watching this? Especially our dear friends across the Atlantic?
  11. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    If you haven't looked at the rabbid peach instagram account, please let me share this: The entire account is bangers, and I love it so much.
  12. Destiny (MP)

    You may also get some traction here!
  13. Photos of things

    If I were you, I would try and do one of those self printing kiosks myself first. If they are indeed not up to snuff, start digging in more to printing services, but the work/headache of it might not be worth it if the Walgreens/Target printer is good enough.
  14. Road Trip Recommendations

    Thank you all for all the great suggestions! We struck off today. Cory has actually read a bunch of the books recommended here and we actually personally know Marlon James who wrote A Brief History of Seven Killing! He is a professor at our alma mater and being able to say I ate Easter lunch with a Man Booker Prize winner is what I'll put in my obit as my most notable achievement. We're currently working through a mystery novel which is great for road trips and we may pick up a couple more in here! Books Cory has already read: •Wolf in White Van •Between the World and Me •The Name of the Wind •The first Dark Tower book •Dresden Files "literally all of them, but they would be fantastic road trip books" •The Disaster Artist
  15. The McElroy Family of Products

    Yeah, it's clear that by the time they fight Magic Brian he's planned out stuff that doesn't pay off for another almost 3 years