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  1. Just like Sisko I am stuck in a time loop, only to appear every few days to shill for dad feelings. The only way I can be freed is if my children (you all) listen to the episodes when I am near so that i can escape and go back to my primary timeline where I don't think about Star Trek.
  2. merritt has done 2 star trek eps of dad feelings one about Picard and one about Sisko. The guests that have been on have been really great and jazzed to talk about Start Trek. I highly recommend them.
  3. I don't listen to any of the GB properties so i can't speak to similarities but the recently launched Polygon Show (hosted by 4 women - Simone DeRochefort - video producer, Allegra Frank - News reporter, Ashley Oh - Social Media Manager, Chelsea Stark - News Editor) has a video game news segment, what they're playing & then listener ?'s. It comes in at ~1 hr weekly so they don't cover that wide a variety of stuff as the large GB eps, but I really like it. I supplement it with the Besties (Justin & Griffin McElroy, Chris Plante, Russ Frushstick) who once a month talk about their favorite games of the previous month.
  4. merritt k hosts a podcast about dads called dadfeelings and August is Star Trek month. last week was Jean-Luc Picard and this week is Benjamin Sisko it's a very good podcast and I recommend you check it out (and a bunch of the other episodes as well!)
  5. Road Trip Recommendations

    Also - I'm going to take the Pikachu selfie stick that @Dinosaursssssss gave me at the GDC thumbs meetup to take pictures
  6. Road Trip Recommendations

    Later this month my SO and I are taking a big road trip from Tampa FL to Sacramento CA. What are recommendations people have for filling ~48 hours in a car over the course of 5-6 days? Podcasts? Music? Audiobooks? Crafts? Books? 3DS games? It's just the two of us, so things that can keep us both engaged are desirable. Things only good for a passenger are discouraged as it is the co-pilot's job to help keep the driver awake and alert. (3DS games can be good if they don't require a lot of reading and can be easily paused or looked away from to carry a conversation) Things that are already on the short list for what's being brought: A trashy teen werewolf romance novel that is the sequel to a pair of books we read over the last 2 roadtrips we took that I will read aloud. The series was written by a former professor that I took classes from at our Alma Mater He has fallen behind in the Adventure Zone, so I'll try to get him up to date I will be taking my knitting project as that's something I can do by myself but still talk while we listen to a book or music
  7. Masculinity

    everyone process stuff at their own rate. There is no value in coming to a conclusion if you don't feel confident im explaining to yourself why you came to that conclusion. we're all expected to have the hottest and rightest take moments after it happens and that's not particularly productive or enlightening. i hope nick apologizes to the people he hurt directly. i hope that this being taken seriously means that we can hold men accountable for their actions in the future. its okay to feel confused or upset about this. Its important to continue thinking about what you're feeling and why you're feeling it, even after the 24 news cycle has churned through this and on to something else.
  8. Masculinity

    He posted this apology
  9. Masculinity

    I would absolutely agree that self-reliance is coded as a masculine trait. Not just as a sign of physical ability, but also as an economic one. It is 'feminine' to rely on a male provider, which is why things like women entering the workforce decades ago and becoming the primary earner today are seen to be so emasculating. It's why women would live with their families until a suitor was able to prove that he could provide for her so that she could leave to become his property instead of her father's. The man is the farmer and the woman is the farmer's wife. The farmer can exists on his own but the farmer's wife cannot.
  10. I Had A Random Thought...

    This is my favorite guy of that style
  11. Wet Hot American Summer

    I've never seen my SO laugh as hard as he did when Paul Rudd sings
  12. DOTA 2

    there are so many actually despicable men in dota that i can't imagine wasting my disdain on someone as goofy and weird as envy.
  13. DOTA 2

    your boy ppd said that envy is his favorite player to watch. long live clown 9