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Greetings all!


I am a longtime fan of Idle Thumbs, video games, and gamer culture. As such, it has been a dream of mine to make games of my own, and with this current Wizard Jam, I'm planning to do my best to make that dream a reality.


Currently, I'm designing a 2D platformer based around the Idle Thumbs episode titled "Real Slyboots," in which you traverse a series of levels in search of the real Slyboots, encountering all sorts of other boots along the way.


The ideal game I'm imagining is probably far more than a first-time developer like myself will be able to complete within the two weeks of the jam, but more than anything I'm aiming to get experience developing, and I'll be cataloging that experience on this thread.


I'm using GameMaker (which I've gotten little use out of other than casual goofing around) as an engine, and am creating art assets by hand with pen and paper. Finalized drawings will then be photographed on my iPhone and sent to my horribly outdated laptop, at which point I'll clean, tweak, and color them (using Paint.NET). Obviously I recognize that there are more efficient ways of handling asset work, but I find this process to allow for quick transitions between concept -> creation -> correction -> implementation.


In my parting words, I'd like to say that advice and criticism alike are welcome, and that I'm both excited to take part in my first jam as well as eager to witness the fruits of everyone else's labors. Thank you and good luck!

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At the moment, I intend to give my first level a forest theme, replete overly-aggressive bunnies and explosive mushrooms.


I'd like for the end-boss to be an enlarged jackalope, whose antlers prevent direct stomp attacks and force a more creative means of defeat. Once that defeat is achieved, however, you will be awarded a pair of Highboots, granting a double-jump ability. I hope to repeat this loop for each level (traverse area, encounter boss, collect new boots), with each new pair of boots providing a new ability (e.g. "Spryboots" that allow you to run/sprint, "Skyboots" that allow you to walk on clouds/other gaseous material, "Wryboots" that improve your comedic timing, etc.). In the mean time, I'll be attaching original and finished art for what I've affectionately named a "boomshroom:"



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After much consideration, I've finally laid out a design for the player character. For those wondering, I'm doing my drawings in pencil on tracing paper, inking over the completed sketches, and using seperate sheets of tracing paper to duplicate portions of each drawing onto when creating new frames of an animation. I expect the final product to look pretty crude, but I'm not aiming for anything immaculate.


Note: the player's feet are purposefully absent, as they'll vary depending on equipped boots.


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22 hours ago, Travis said:

I really like your concept, and Boom Shroom looks great.


21 hours ago, Nappi said:

Very nice! :tup:


20 hours ago, keibo said:

Concept sounds great! also your art is really good too!!

Thank you all for the kind words! I appreciate the encouragement!

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