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Favorite Games

Found 4 results

  1. Doctor Who

    Shockingly, there seems to have not been a single discussion of Doctor Who on these forums. Well, I was at the in-laws' for a couple of days recently and took advantage of their tv licence to watch all of the Whittaker episodes so far. Spoilered not for plot but for those who might get upset reading the mainly negative opinions of someone who's never been a huge fan of the series but has seen a fair amount of New Who anyway: Any Whovians or casual fans here?
  2. Greetings all! I am a longtime fan of Idle Thumbs, video games, and gamer culture. As such, it has been a dream of mine to make games of my own, and with this current Wizard Jam, I'm planning to do my best to make that dream a reality. Currently, I'm designing a 2D platformer based around the Idle Thumbs episode titled "Real Slyboots," in which you traverse a series of levels in search of the real Slyboots, encountering all sorts of other boots along the way. The ideal game I'm imagining is probably far more than a first-time developer like myself will be able to complete within the two weeks of the jam, but more than anything I'm aiming to get experience developing, and I'll be cataloging that experience on this thread. I'm using GameMaker (which I've gotten little use out of other than casual goofing around) as an engine, and am creating art assets by hand with pen and paper. Finalized drawings will then be photographed on my iPhone and sent to my horribly outdated laptop, at which point I'll clean, tweak, and color them (using Paint.NET). Obviously I recognize that there are more efficient ways of handling asset work, but I find this process to allow for quick transitions between concept -> creation -> correction -> implementation. In my parting words, I'd like to say that advice and criticism alike are welcome, and that I'm both excited to take part in my first jam as well as eager to witness the fruits of everyone else's labors. Thank you and good luck!
  3. Super Time Force from Capy

    Super Time Force is the latest game from Capybara games. Super Time Force: Ultra came out on steam yesterday. Cool Fact: Super Time Force is software rendered. Initial Impressions: This game is pretty rad. Before it came out on steam, I was watching my friend blast through it on his xbox, and his strategy mostly sat on repeated use of Jean Rambois, the shooty gun dude. I found the game actual gave me really good incentive to try a mix of characters, and even though I was finishing levels with at least a dozen rewinds, it was challenging to get it done within the limited amount of time.
  4. Recently, I've been asking myself how to create a game which allows people who cannot see an equally engrossing experience to what those who can see experience. I want to be able to tell a story that is as interesting to a person who can see and hear to a person who can only hear but not see. This is one of the questions I've recently come up with. How do you tell a person a year has passed without stating precisely, "A year has passed" when the person is blind but can hear well? I've been stumped by this question for a while now, and I wanted to ask everyone here if they had a valid answer. The first thing I thought of was having a sound they associate with a specific time in the year which indicates to them that a year has indeed passed. However, I can't think of a single person who associates a specific sound with the passage of time, whether it be a second, a year, or a millennium. Please let me know if you have any suggestions which may help me think about this. If any of you are blind, I would very much like to talk with you about this subject. I'm not trying to offend anyone if they are; I'm assuming you're reading this with some form of text-to-speech software.