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  1. [Dev Log] The Eyes In Search of Paradise

    That is awesome, love that you've added a radio station too!
  2. Hey everyone, was meant to try and start this one earlier during the holidays but I got really ill just before and spent pretty much the rest of my time recuperating, oh well... on to the Game I'm making a game where you are the shitty wizard and are being chased by a void that is consuming everything in sight. Your goal is to be to outrun the void, avoiding/destroying things in your way and collecting the thumbs cast along the way to the end of the level. Game is 2D and you will be driving down one of multiple lanes, swapping lanes when necessary. I'm working in 2D because I have very little time overall and most of my experience is in 2D anyways. And even then I'm using some Kenney Assets to give me head start. I've been splicing some audio snippets from the podcast like when you pick up a thumbs cast member they say there name and I'll hopefully be able to have some more easter eggs and stuff like that in the game by the end of it so fingers crossed haha! WIP of where I'm currently at, should hopefully have backgrounds and variations etc. soon... Hopefully I'll be able to post some updates before the end date if not I'll at least post one once the deadline has passed
  3. [Release] Decrepit (GOOD... BYE)

    wow that is looking fantastic already! awesome job!
  4. [Release] Heely Kids

    Hey thanks for your feedback, I completely agree with you, the idea was to have the ability to do air tricks, hence the floatiness but I never managed to implement it as I ran out of time mainly trying to implement the main mechanic, I think I'll be working some more on the game for a little longer and add some more things I ran out of time to do in the 2/3 weeks.
  5. [Release] Heely Kids

    And it's out in the wild! I realize that my updates slowed down, unfortunately it was getting difficult to focus on either coding or posting updates so coding won Anyways, hope you all enjoy the mini-experience and I might go back to it at a later date to try and focus on getting some of the missing bits and bobs I wanted to add in as well as refining stuff like the control system haha.
  6. [Release] Heely Kids

    Quick update! Still working on this for better or for worse haha! currently been implementing the animations, transitions and the like and also been creating another level and been fixing off some issues with bugs. Still need to fix some minor bugs, but should hopefully have something playable before the weekend
  7. [Release] Heely Kids

    some more updates! Got a basic Menu screen going, most definitely not final (unless I run out of time, then it will be...) Imported character model provided by @Mythalore and got a very raw animation going (totally my fault as I haven't implemented all code updates required yet to get the animations working properly). Still have pending issues as like yesterday with momentum and I need to review the scoring... but I think it's something at least haha... Oh and a video of current progress as that gif in my last post was
  8. [Release] Heely Kids

    Thanks @theschap! Another update today... weekend was unfortunately low on jam time, but hey we're back on the grind for the rest of the week! Assets and code adjustments! @Mythalore kindly provided me with some assets of some stairs so spent some time just making a quick prototype of the track! here's a little gif(33MBs lol),there's some issues still, but that rotation being resolved has really motivated me It is possible to turn and carry the momentum with you promise! Also, it seems that the game is something like a snowboarding style game where you are going downhill and I am trying to resist the urge of adding tricks in mid-air for the jam coz I know I definitely won't have the rest of the bits ready if I do!
  9. [Release] Heely Kids

    Shh no one was supposed to notice that it's a special move of sorts... Seriously though I've renamed it
  10. Man that is sounding great! such a clever design idea! also the spinning gif whilst the video was playing was oddly mesmerizing and satisfying
  11. [Release] Heely Kids

    Thanks Zirrus! Today has been a bit of a slower day, I did manage to get the first iteration of my tilt randomization going so the further the player leans in either direction the greater the random tilt effect. Also I prepped some code to allow for right-angled turning for the time being, just needs testing, but this might change altogether after we get some actual level designs done and it stops looking like a slide
  12. This is looking great so far! love the story idea too
  13. [Release] Heely Kids

    Another update! Worked quite a bit on Saturday, but Sunday was very hectic IRL to allow me to get round to doing any Jamming. Today has been very productive though. The following is now in: some UI elements are now in place: Everybody loves getting points!! Jump mechanic now uses a release style system so jumps can be held for bigger jumps or pressed quickly for short hops (needs tweaking) Player tilt is now visualized (temp art style for now, might be removed at final release... possibly... (probably not... )) "Fail State", tilting too much causes the player to "fall" and effectively locks you in a slide until you get to the bottom of the stairs "Tricks" are now displayed whilst they happen (these will eventually get you the big points later on!) Obstacle prototype which will cause you to tumble, reducing speed, also, this will eventually affect your score (remove trick bonus or something like that) Also, @Mythalore is now also collaborating with me on the project wohoo! And a second short video... subject to change...
  14. [Release] Heely Kids

    First day update! Had a couple of hours to get some things going, some of the basics are in though which is great . The player launches themselves from the starting platform (this will be the top of the staircase when I actually design it somewhat) then they will slide down the stairs and can move side to side or jump in order to avoid misplaced objects on the stairs (TODO). The leaning forwards and backwards is in, but I need to make the angle relate to speed but I don't think that will be too difficult. I also need to add fluctuations to the tilt so that it becomes harder to maintain it and ultimately a falling over mechanic if the tilt goes over a certain amount leading to you having to restart the level, or possibly just lose the score multiplier or something along those lines... Overall I'm happy with the progress for today, and I'm looking forward to adding the rest of the basic mechanics and score system during this weekend so that I can then focus on making more interesting level layouts and possibly the Heely Kids super duper early prototype
  15. Hey all, after a 2 year game making hiatus I am back My game is going to be based on Chris's endorsement on "Sliding down the stairs on your heels as a kid (or something)" where you have to slide down the stairs on your heels(duh!). The game mechanic is going to be something like the grinding sections in a tony hawk(tm) game where you need to keep your balance whilst sliding down the stairs without falling backwards/forwards etc. leaning too much in any direction will cause you to fall and lose your points/multiplier and you need to avoid slipping on toys or getting spotted by your parent. I will try my best to update this thread as I go along My first goals will be making the sliding and leaning mechanics so hopefully will have something to show soon.