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  1. Well I finally released this properly last night... Unfortunately I was much more severely time constrained during this jam due to personal reasons than I would have hoped, however I did manage to get something up and running Game is currently only 2-player only. I wanted to add some sort of CPU opponent, but again I just completely ran out of time. There are still some bugs with certain collision instances, but other than that it works well. Here's the link if you wish to give it a spin.
  2. This sounds hilarious!
  3. Hey everyone! I've decided that I am going to jam again this year and I have a pretty solid idea of what I want to do this time around too; it will hopefully also be more relevant to the title as well, my wizard jam 4 entry was an OK first attempt I guess considering I did everything minus the music. Live From the Past Anyways, I'm going to make a game based on the Important if True 2: Fight Garbage with Garbage. Pitch Fight Garbage with Garbage is going to be a competitive garbage cleanup game, where you and another player have your plot of land on a single 3rd of the screen (Player 1 on the left, Player 2 on the right) and it is your duty to get rid of your garbage. The garbage will be split into two types, recyclables and garbage, and it is your job to make sure you fill your recycling dumpster(tm) with as many recyclable items as possible before the timer runs out, while also keeping your plot of land as free from garbage in general as possible. To do that you need to use your garbage disposal cannon(GDC) to throw your unwanted garbage into the other players plot of land. The other player has to do the exact same thing. Rules There will be a time limit (say 60 seconds), and at regular intervals new items will spawn in the middle 3rd of the map and will slide to either plot at random. The player is able to pick up items from their plot and either deposit it in the recycling dumpster or add it to the cannon as ammunition. The GDC is on a rail that moves on the vertical axis only and it requires the player to mount it to move, aim and fire the garbage the player was holding. It will be possible to fire the garbage directly into the other players recycling, which causes a severe penalty to the player at the end of the round. Thrown garbage can be blocked by either the GDC or the player themselves, which will be handy to block shots being aimed at the dumpster. Garbage that has fallen into the dumpster cannot be removed (might change). At the end of the round, the dumpster items will be counted, giving points to each player for good items and deducting points for garbage found in the dumpster. Points will also be deducted for garbage and recyclables left on the plot. I fully expect players to end up with negative point scores at the end of rounds and I will l surely tweak this once I am actually in the thick of it... Mockup Bad Paint image is bad, but I think it more or less gets the point across of what I've been explaining above. P1 (blue square) is on the left and P2 (red square) is on the right, the center is a no-mans-land that spawns the items, players, have to pickup the items on the floor and make use of the appropriately. The Arrows represent the GDC of either player. The stars represent the recyclable item and the brown fart thing (it was a speech bubble I swear) represents the garbage. There will potentially be quite a bit of art assets to draw, which is going to be interesting to say the least as I am not terribly good at drawing but I definitely like to give it a go . I will aim to make the game 2 player at first, but I will ideally like to do something AI related to allow you to play single player against the CPU. although I realize that the AI, might just be a dumb, pickup first item you see type of thing, but something cleverer would be nice... Like last time, I will try and keep my progress going here as it keeps me motivated and makes me have to do something to show all of you, which I hope you'll enjoy! Thanks for reading all the way through!
  4. WIZARD JAM 5 // Welcome Thread

    I'm hoping to be able to be involved again this jam. I really enjoyed the experience last time and it was really fun working towards the looming deadline
  5. [Dev Log] The Bear's Black Heart

    Massive congratulations! your game looked really clean during the development of it and am really glad to see that you have got this attention, especially considering your circumstances! This also reminds me that I still need to get round to playing everyone's jam games lol
  6. Wizard Jam 4 Feedback

    I agree with Zzot! It was my first time doing a game jam and although I've been interested in trying game jams before the tight restrictions (48 hour game jam for example) have always put me off due to my real life commitments. I liked that the rules and diversifiers felt more of a guidance to add quirks etc. to the game, rather than hard-fixed rules, although I can actually understand that more rules could make the whole thing more structured which can also help people out! My usual issue with game development in general is that my ideas are too vague and maybe not realistic, so I usually never end up completing anything on my own because I lose interest. Rules could help as they would focus and narrow peoples ideas down... Also as Zzot said the slack channels have been a pretty good help for motivation, and seeing snippets of everyone's progress is always fun. I also found it very hard to spend 20-30 mins writing up a post on the forum when I could be spending those minutes coding... (I did actually enjoy creating the posts though) I never signed up for the teambuilding because as this was my first jam, I honestly had 0 clue of how my schedule was going to go and I didn't want to commit to something with a team and having a project fail because I couldn't pull through. Although from what I saw on the thread it seemed to be organized pretty well (now I can't really speak much because I never formed a team) Overall I really enjoyed the whole experience so thanks for organizing! I'm currently adding some extra touches to the current project (hopefully in time before the stream); however I'm already having a look at some other little projects to make as I really want to practice and get better
  7. I put up my game on the for the jam here. Regular page here. It runs, although, don't expect anything great haha! I would like to make some final edits (note: cheat) in the next couple of days to try and wrap up the loose ends, well some of them really...
  8. Thanks @nkornek My friend from work whose getting into drawing volunteered to help (he hand drew the jars with a wacom tablet I believe)... he's also a wiz with photoshop so he relatively quickly managed to whip up the box art after he did the drawings
  9. Ok so it's been awhile since my last update. I felt I should produce an update here at least... We've now got a menu Level Selection Screen (it's a surprise of sorts...) and something that resembles a game now... whoo... the tiles have been made by me and I've got some bits prepared 'under the hood' so to speak with multipliers etc. and I will attempt to make this into a wave based style game where enemies continuously spawn at regular intervals until you reach the final wave whereby the level boss appears Player can now spawn (complete with animation) and die (reversed spawn animation!), returning you to the level select screen. And a health pickup too! Still to add are: A secondary enemy and a boss, which most likely will be an oversized existing enemy (time constraints yay) with buffed HP and damage outputs (also, score value will be greater) Numerous backgrounds for the level (at least 2 hopefully) Special Attacks (very important...) Plan on having at least one called 'Explode Mode' Internalization meter for said Special Attacks Sound Effects and Music Terribly edited video below!!
  10. [Dev Log] The Bear's Black Heart

    wow looking amazing!!
  11. [Participation Agreement] The Clone Progenitors

    Feel free to use mine... although there has been a 4 year gap in posts
  12. WJCU Asset Depot

    Sweet!! here's my stuff (there's not alot to be honest haha) if anyone seems compelled unfortunately the player character wasn't created very well so some fiddling with offset's etc. will be required for those who want to make use of him enjoy Below is what you're getting in the zip...
  13. oh man super hang on nostalgia trip with those roads! good stuff!