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is an RPG with turnbased quicktime style combat similar in essence to Cook Serve Delicious.

The game centres around a party of adventurers mere weeks after they defeated the dreaded necromancer Mirvel.

However this victory was a pyrrhic one with the party suffering the loss of their friend and leader Sir Breckon, Paladin of Phaedrus, god of knowledge.

Unfortunately, as Mirvel fell she was able to get one last spell off and resurrected Breckon as her successor.

So, now having recovered from their loss the party of idle adventurers must quest on to defeat their former friend.


The base of the game is a tiled overworld map around which the player's party travels between quests and towns while avoiding roaming monsters.



When monsters are encountered on the overworld map the game will transition into an instanced battle screen.

Here the player has to select a party member to fight one of the enemies until all members of the party have faced an enemy.

Battle Scene - Fight Selection.png


Once a fight is selected the screen again transitions into a 1v1 fight screen here each class will play through a unique move.

Each move has a distinct set of relevant key combinations which must be pressed in order and in time otherwise the enemy will get damage in.

Below a fighter is engaging a weird red blob, the blob runs at them (this represents a timer within all moves).

The player must then press the W key to Walk forward and answer the engagement and then press A for attack and D for Defend in order to win the fight.

Battle Scene - Fighter Fight.png


There will hopefully be 4 playable characters in the game, each with a different class and unique play game, based on hosts of the Idle Thumbs podcast.

The Wizard - Jake, a master of words, it is said that he can harness the true names of the elements to call them to his aid

The Bard - Chris, a famed bard with extraordinary guitar playing skills

The Fighter - Danielle, a revered fighter, known to fight only with her bare hands

The Rogue - Sean, a rogue so stealthy that no one has seen him for years



The loose plan at the moment is to get all the battle moves done by the end of the first week and finish the overworld map and art in the last week.



Idol Thumbs, Super Briefly,  Learn by doing and  Uncle Who Still Works at Nintendo (shh it's a secret)

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Super excited! And not just because I got a sneak peak of the music and it rocks!

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Huzzah! An update!

I spent Saturday drawing up concept stuff and writing this thread and yesterday procrastinating and working on my website.

However! Today I have properly started work on the game, I've got the basis for the quick-time event system built into Unity's event system.

This is a good first step and should be usable for all the moves in the game.

Update 1 (Day 3) - QuickTimeEvents.gif

(When you press the displayed key it changes to a random new one)

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Okay, so I've spent the last week or so trying to rework the quick time system and making a start on the art.

At first I was trying to build a system that worked based on a predefined array of quick time key objects and pulled them in one at a time.

This works fine for your standard quick time event where you just press 4 buttons in a row and a cutscene continues. 

But for GDC'12:TDNB, I really need something more dynamic and flexible.

So after a week of mostly doing other things I have built a system which basically just spawns a button and then waits for input when a script requires it.

Pretty simple really.....


This is a work in progress of the fighter scene, you press W to engage and then you get a random assortment of As and Ds to press. (art place holder)

Update 2 - Progress.gif


Next is working on the wizard and rogue and then finally the bard.

After which I'll move onto the overworld.

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Okay last night I hooked up the Wizard's main fight move with the new quicktime system, I also rescaled everything and added a little spawn animation to the buttons.


I've also made a start on the rogue but it's not as close to finished.


This is me typing in realtime, had to do so many takes to spell 'wizard' right that quickly.


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Okay so yesterday I got the art style down for the game, I've gone for a very simplified look in the end since I hate doing faces and arms are hard to animate.

Now I'm working on finishing up the fight moves, then I'll get the battle screen in and lastly get some sort of overworld built.


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Thanks @zerofiftyone!


Making progress on the different fight moves, got the basis for the rogue down now.

Next I'm finishing the fighter and wizard.


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I've removed the initial build of my game until I get the overworld map than I wanted to finish in so the game is actually playable.


I'm going to see what I can get done today and hopeful have something for it up tonight.


In the mean time though here's another gif of the sean-rogue fight move, with different oucomes and some more animations.



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How's it going with this one? The premise sounds really cool, and it's impressive that you've managed to get a unique combat system in. Good luck!

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@hedgefield I'm definitely still working on this but I've come down the a pretty nasty cold so progress has been unfortunately pretty slow.

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