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  1. WIZARD JAM X - Welcome Thread

    What a grand moment to end the Wizard era on, at the end of the decade. Thanks to everyone that has made these jams a delight to participate in. I'm excited for this final celebration of Thumbs lore - I ship a big assignment a few days before it starts, after that I'm clearing my schedule.
  2. [Released] They Came Through the Floor

    Wow, this has a really interesting style, exciting!
  3. Woooow looking good! I always dig the sprites in 3D look but this goes one step further, very cool!
  4. [Released] häx_processer

    Beautiful style and a cool idea! Good luck!
  5. [Release] Serious Ma'am

    This looks fun! I can immediately see the source material influences, that's cool. I came across a free procedural ice shader recently, don't know if that might be of use to you here. And yeah, light baking is a biiiiiiii-
  6. General Interest

    Welcome to the jam! So glad you could participate with such a long career, impressive! I always learn a lot fromjamming. I look forward to your technical writeup, that's not my expertise. And for sure that dollar sign looks mint!
  7. [Dev Log] SHADOW of SOMETHING

    This turned out great I bet when you redo it from scratch it'll have the potential to be a Good Game, that faction system sounds interesting, and the level design was solid despite the dumb prefabs. In terms of plugins, I might try Envirosky based on your recommendation. I use a variety of assets to cobble that look together but I've been eyeing this all-in-one one for a while. I briefly considered using UFPS for my own game too, but maybe also some of the resistance you encountered with it comes from the fact that it's getting to be quite old. 1.7 was an update after they got aquired by Opsive, and they've been promising 2.0 for a year or so, so some of that stuff down in the code jungle must be a little outdated by now. Good luck with Steam!
  8. [Release] This is Celebrity Explainer

    God this is amazing. The quality of the descriptions is so good!
  9. Woof, I was very sick with the flu the past few days, so I couldn't make much progress. But today I felt better and managed to implement all the necessary things to prove the concept in a basic way, so the game (or prototype, rather) is playable. And that means: DOWNLOAD LINK! Last jam I busted my ass to deliver something that was feature complete, which this one isn't, but I'm still pleased with the result, all the basic mechanics are in there in some form or another, and this game is based way more on mechanics than my other games. You can't deliver a narrative game with half the story, but you can deliver an immersive sim with only one quest, one upgrade unlocked and one level to mess around in.
  10. Well, hello from the other side. I spent about a day and a half getting Adventure Creator working with my existing custom character controller bullshit, and it's an uneasy marriage, but hell it works. Then Christmas came barreling through, and it almost put me off of working on the game, the PS4 beckoning me from the other room with many new games. But I showed up again this morning and got some nice work in. For starters, I sketched out the interiors for the buildings around the Obelisk square. There's a restaurant, a supermarket, two residential blocks and a tourism/souvenir office, with some alleys and loading docks around that filled with backdoors into places and stacked boxes and fire escapes (in theory). I greyboxed a few of the larger spaces, and it immediately makes the space more interesting. Then I worked on the upgrades for the boots. I made a very placeholder menu with skill unlock buttons and an XP counter, and as a test, I had one of the NPCs give you enough XP to unlock the jump height upgrade. Next I'll be working on a more formal quest with item pickups, some XP triggers in hard-to-reach places and a working skill unlock system. I think I'll settle for one quest for the wizjam version and expand on it afterwards. I'd like to have some time to enjoy my PS4 and my christmas break too
  11. [Dev Log] The First Great Brand War

    It looks really good already though!
  12. It's so cool that the orbit trajectory forms as you hold down the button (presumably). Will later levels have higher flight speeds?
  13. [Released] The Rooster's Stupid Secret

    This looks great! The character already has so much personality with a little bit of animation. The setup reminds me a bit of a demo I made for a custom dialogue system a few years ago. LA Noire was my jam at the time, so it was similar in aesthetic, two detectives in a room with two suspects, and they had to look for clues. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this one. Brackeys did a video tutorial on building a dialogue system, if you're doing it from scratch that seems like a good resource.
  14. [RELEASED]Pizza Tonight!

    Looks like this has some QWOP potential! Or pulling at a chef limb so hard he does a flip and flings the pizza somewhere would be pretty rad too. Nice!