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  1. AFI's Top 100 G.A.M.E.R. Movies #100-91

    Not much to say about Toy Story. I never realized Joss Whedon helped write it. So that kind of blew my mind. I still adore Toy Story. I was laughing at every little thing again like I did when I was 6. But I'm ready to keep going to see movies I haven't seen. Which means it's time for Yankee Doodle Dandy with my first view of Blade Runner close behind.
  2. AFI's Top 100 G.A.M.E.R. Movies #100-91

    Moving on to #99! A movie I was old enough to see upon its release. I'm about to re-watch Toy Story!
  3. AFI's Top 100 G.A.M.E.R. Movies #100-91

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts! Incredible cinematography in general, let alone for a movie from 1959.
  4. This is the Top 100 Greatest American Movies Endurance Run based on this list: I did it. I watched #100 on the list and, good lord you guys, that was freakin' awesome. Ben Hur had so much going for it. I got about halfway through it before I figured out what was making it feel so impactful. The moments of silence. I don't know if this is accurate or not but movies nowadays don't let moments breathe like this movie does. So much staring but the tension is so good. Sure, that's probably why the movie is 4 hours long. That and the 20 minute overture. As a Christian I feel kind of ashamed that I've never seen this before as it ties so closely to my faith, but I think the movie stands on its own and I didn't start this list to preach to anyone. I have more thoughts but I kind of want to see where the discussion goes. Did anyone watch or have any thoughts that you can remember about it?
  5. I appreciate the input. My aim is not really to watch the 100 actual greatest American Films because I know this list is not definitive. I saw this list last year and had the idea of blogging it as I went. I'd rather have a conversation about them instead and I have a girlfriend now who didn't hate the idea so here I am.
  6. Oh wow. AFI TOP 100 G.A.M.E.R. (greatest american movie endurance run) My name is on point.
  7. I mean. It was a cultural touchstone. I remember sitting on the front row of the theater and KILLING my neck looking up.
  8. I'm watching the Top 100 Movies according to this list: I would like to have some conversations about them as I go. Why is it on the list? Does it still work today? What makes it good? Stuff like that. I'm starting at 100 so over the next week or so if you can carve out a chunk of time please watch Ben Hur P.S. if you don't have time to watch and/or rewatch that doesn't mean you can't chat in here. I just don't want to be alone. Lol P.P.S. My start date is hinging on whenever my girlfriend finishes binging Orange is the New Black, but based on her dedication we should be able to watch the first movie this weekend.
  9. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty i do old games block on fridays. play a game on saturday night (right now it's dead space). We also hold a thumbs game night. where we group up and play Jackbox or other things. Then through out the weekend I'm doing a series called Y.D.I.O.T. or Why Do I Own This?! playing through my immense steam library.
  10. Welcome to Wizard Jam 4!

    Above is a playlist of every song that I made for Wizard Jam 4! I had so much fun. You guys rule! Thanks for giving me a chance!
  11. [RELEASED] Clone-Ridden Fields

    @atte Thanks for the comparison. High praise. Nobuo is my hero
  12. WJ4 Team Builder

    For music stuff add me on Steam at JoelWMusic and shoot me a message. I want to make sure I know what direction you want the music to go in. It also helps to have a song that has the feel of what you're looking for. I will get back to you as soon as I can with a demo and we can workshop from there.
  13. Welcome to Wizard Jam 4!

    Is there a need for music? I make video game style music for fun and throw it up on a soundcloud. I don't know how games work but i'd be happy to donate music or even collab with a team to get something ready for the big day. Roads of Anger was inspired by Streets of Rage. Bossanova was my attempt at an RPG Village. Time Travel Test was a challenge from my friend. Press Right with Me is my take on a Sonic Style song using a emulated Sega Genesis sound chip. And To the Sun was my first song created on an iphone after finishing "To The Moon". I got the idea from a friend to go to game jams and provide music but do not have the time to travel to one. Was thinking this could be a cool alternative