[HELP NEEDED] Mario Fan Mail Solicitation

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Are you a fan of Mario? Can you draw stick figures on your cell phone? Do you want your stick figures in The Eyes of Luigi and your name in its credits?

We're making The Eyes of Luigi for Wizard Jam (we have a separate dev log) and we would like to include a scrapbook of the fan mail Mario has received over the years. This is our chance to apply the Crowd-Sourced diversifier to our game.

If you have 5 minutes and you like to draw with your fingers on your cell phone screen, open your simplest sketching app and draw a piece of fan mail that 10 year old you would have mailed to Mario (or 30 year old you would mail today). Post your fan mail in a reply to this thread, or tweet it to @clicktozoom.

We'll do our best to put every piece in The Eyes of Luigi, provided they're neither mean nor lewd :)

p.s. these illustrations/letters can be as simple/elaborate as you like, but I wouldn't expect any of you to spend more than a couple minutes.



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Mario keeps his correspondence in his desk - here's verification that if you send me fan mail I'll put it in the game :)



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Hmmmm... A fan of Mario, fan.. phan.. Phanto! The coolest enemy in the series (<- my creative process)


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