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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone, I'll get straight to my question: My character has several sing buttons. I need to smoothly loop a clear "ooo" singing tone when you hold a sing button. Thus far I've recorded short "ooos" and "ahhhhs" at each tone on the major scale, but I don't have a good plan for initializing the tone and transitioning to a smooth loop to continue it. How long should I make these tones to get a good loop? Any Audacity tips for creating an audio file of a clear singing tone that smoothly loops? Any Unity implementation tips? Thanks! Notes on the game: I'm making a little prototype where you sing as part of a large choir. Right now the game controls with the keyboard, with each of your home row keys commanding your voice to a different pitch on the major scale. Here are links to my concept art and my first in-game gif
  2. 7 Tips for Dating A Gamer!

    As I was googling around for a picture and wording of the old "Editor's/Gamer's Tip" comment box from hint guides, apparently I pulled a google search that led to the result "7 Tips for Dating A Gamer" which I could not resist clicking on. That's not All Women's Talk, by the way. It's All Women Stalk. I considered posting this in the Feminism thread, but because it's a little bit lighter and not exactly on topic I didn't want to detract from the more important conversation going on. This is a weird article. It has some generic "how to handle your SO's hobby that isn't yours" stuff, it has some gaming misconceptions (your man is going to need a LOT of time to game, so give him space), even though it offers up the "ask about games you might be interested in" avenue it's written basically from the perspective that the only kind of game is an FPS, and Tip 1 and Tip 5 are basically the same bad advice. This article comes complete with the hysteria-driven 'gaming is an addiction/games always come before you' first comment. I think the best tip is #7, and that's just general advice that men (or at least me) think practical gifts are romantic. I think the comments are probably the most redeeming part, because most of the women either enjoy gaming or are included in the gaming experience their SO's have. For the most part, it's a clickbait article and it could have been on any topic (cars, books, movies, sports) but it's interesting that gaming is still this weird and mysterious thing that people have to "deal" with even though there are hundreds of millions of dedicated gaming platforms in the US and everyone who has a smart phone has games. If someone you know asked you for advice on their new SO who plays games, what would you actually tell them, as opposed to "Give them hours of space they need it that's how gamers are"?