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Found 3 results

  1. Hey, I just finished a new episode of "Game Audio Lookout"! This time it's about musical sound effects in the Super Mario series. Here's the link to the video on YouTube: -- Musical Sound Effects in the Super Mario Series | Game Audio Lookout We’ll have a deeper look at musical sound effects in the Super Mario series in this episode of "Game Audio Lookout". I guess everybody has heard the sounds of the Super Mario series before. But I believe most of us don’t exactly know how these were constructed and what efforts were taken in later instalments of the series to produce sound effects that even harmonise with the game’s music. -- Feel free to let me know what you think Alex
  2. Twine Audio Question

    Hi!, I originally posted this in the Winter Wizard Jam thread but it's probably more appropriate here as it's a coding/bug/WTF question. I’m making a Stanley Parable inspired game with reactive narration modeled on the nihilistic and defeatist world view of Nick Breckon. Since my game design experience is limited to a couple of twine games, I’m keeping things as simple as possible. I’m making it in Twine but I’m having some trouble with the HTML5 <audio> tag. When I load the "published" .html file into Chrome, it will only play the first second of the voice over before it stops playing. Audio files are in the same folder as the exported .html file. Same problem occurs in Chrome and Firefox. I tried the tags in a clean html file and the audio played just fine so I assume the <audio> tag is causing Twine to have a stroke. I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to deal with this. <audio autoplay> <source src="voiceover.mp3" type="audio/mpeg"> <source src="voiceover.ogg" type="audio/ogg"> </audio> Thanks for your input. Thom
  3. Hey everyone, I'll get straight to my question: My character has several sing buttons. I need to smoothly loop a clear "ooo" singing tone when you hold a sing button. Thus far I've recorded short "ooos" and "ahhhhs" at each tone on the major scale, but I don't have a good plan for initializing the tone and transitioning to a smooth loop to continue it. How long should I make these tones to get a good loop? Any Audacity tips for creating an audio file of a clear singing tone that smoothly loops? Any Unity implementation tips? Thanks! Notes on the game: I'm making a little prototype where you sing as part of a large choir. Right now the game controls with the keyboard, with each of your home row keys commanding your voice to a different pitch on the major scale. Here are links to my concept art and my first in-game gif