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Found 4 results

  1. There's been enough interest from Idle Thumbs forum members for us to start talking seriously about forming a podcast group about anime. This will be the thread for us to do that! Codicier made a good post in the Anime thread about the format he envisions for such a podcast. For the most part, I agree with it. That means the podcast might have: A structure divided between a "Whatcha Watchin'" free-talk segment and a one-show (or one-season) spotlight discussion. Shirobako has been suggested for the first "spotlight" anime because it just finished and people loved (and hated) it. One or two "main" hosts who wrangle people to fill up episode panels and provide continuity between episodes. I have been recommended for this position. A pool of people, unspecified in size, who are willing to come onto an episode and talk about what they've watched lately and the show being spotlighted. One or more editors willing to cut together multiple audio files recorded locally, possibly with a backup recording of the full Skype or Mumble conversation. Codicier and Coods have both volunteered for this position and I am willing to learn it, too. A webpage and hosting, I guess? I haven't really thought about this part at all. Is that it? I think that's it. Of course, all of the above is negotiable. Half the reason that I want to start an anime podcast is that none of the ones out there right now are any good. They either have a ridiculously rigid format or too much inside baseball to hold my attention. With the cool people I've met in this forum, I'd like to build something that is the exception to the rule, where smart discussions happen about a medium that I love. People who have expressed an interest in appearing on this podcast: Coods, N1njaSquirrel, Twig, Gormongous, Codicier, Roderick, Blambo... you? Seriously, this podcast will suck like all the rest if we just pack the panel full of know-it-alls who can tell Kawasumi Ayako from Noto Mamiko after a single spoken line. If you like anime and want to talk about it, chime in with your thoughts here! Also, urgently seeking better thread title (and possibly podcast title). PM me ASAP with ideas. Episode list: Key Frames Episode 00 - "Don't Feed the Dragon" Key Frames Episode 01 - "Gasbag and the Bomb Guy" Key Frames Episode 02 - "I Have No Coffee and I Must Scream" Key Frames Episode 03 - "It's a Doc-Eat-Dog World" Key Frames Episode 04 - "Taste the Rain" Key Frames Episode 05 - "Samurai Hacklash"
  2. Makin' a new thread 'cause I don't want to clog up the 3DS thread or rename the X/Y thread. So a bunch of stuff just got leaked from CoroCoro and posted on Serebii. Here's the rundown: New Mega Evolutions for Diancie (what? Diancie's not even released yet...), Sceptile, and Swampert. Mega Diancie is still Rock/Fairy with its ability listed as "???," Mega Sceptile is Grass/Dragon with Lightning Rod (what?), Mega Blaziken we already have, and Mega Swampert is Water/Ground with Swift Swim. Not gonna lie. New Swampert looks pretty ridiculous. Such tiny, tiny little legs. Also: ACRO BIKE CONFIRMED. Trainer redesigns are based on Emerald, so I assume this is actually going to basically be an Emerald Remake in much the same way that HG/SS assimilated a bunch of Crystal stuff. I quite like these new designs. The shoes are dumb, but never again will Brendan's hat be mistaken for hair. Note the new "Mega Bangle." I love that the Team Magma grunt uniforms remain pretty much the same while the godawful Team Aqua grunt uniforms got a complete overhaul. I hope these guys are still complete idiots. Also, new admins for each team. Steven "I collect rocks and rock accessories" Stone will have a Mega Charizard X and have a new storyline about hunting the secret to Mega Evolution. The only surprise here, to me, is that he has a Charizard. That's not rock-related at all! Not Mega Aggron? Not a new Mega, like, I dunno, Metagross or something? So here's the big thing people were wondering about: the cover legendaries are indeed new forms for Kyogre and Groudon. I guess they`re supposed to be a new thing called "Ancient Devolution," with the new forms being referred to as Primal, Prehistoric, or Primeval Kyogre and Groudon. No idea if this is considered a Mega Evolution or a Form Change or what. Oh well. Neat. So that's that! I'm guessing this stuff will all probably be seen at E3.
  3. Somewhere deep in the heart of France Kalos, a young girl's life is about to be changed by a chance encounter... Our protagonist Tegan is many things: brash youth, bold adventurer, disappointed Wii U owner... but only today does she become a Pokémon trainer. After dicking around with some dweebs in a food court, Tegan is introduced to her first Pokémon; the fiery, fiesty, flamboyant Fennekin. Tegan and Fennekin take a short romp through a nearby forest, guided by the same plucky team of well-meaning stupid children. But only after coming out the other end and stopping into a Pokémon Center does she discover that some generous soul has deposited a second Pokémon into the PC, a partner that would change her life ...forever. Behold the glorious presence of J Allard, the specialty-bred Snubbull. Allard's profile reads as follows: Super duper! J Allard bursts onto the scene by immediately becoming paralyzed, then accidentally healing hisfirst opponent with Present. Whoops! Fennekin swoops in to save Allard's bacon, but fortunately Allardgains enough experience to level up and proceeds to pummel the snot out of some preschoolers and their terrible Pokémon. Allard's warpath continues back through the forest we had just crawled out of, levelling up all the way to Level 7 in just a few battles and "convinces" a Pansage to join his noble cause (through violence). Thus ends day one of... ~The Fantabulous Adventures of J Allard in PokéLand~ Time: 0:58 Allard Level: 7 Next Goal: take on the Santalune City Gym Leader
  4. Pokémon X and Y aren't out for another two weeks, but I thought I would pretend other Thumbs listeners care get a head start and make a multiplayer Pokémon matchup thread, for trading and battling shenanigans. Possibly we can organize some kind of league thing if enough people show interest. Right now I'm actually trying to fill as much of the Pokédex as I can before X and Y hit so that I can have a complete archive of all Pokémon available in Pokémo Bank. I'm going to get that damned certificate this time. I've got Diamond, HeartGold, Black 1 and 2, and all of the GBA games available to me, but I'm trying to get as much done through Black 2 and HeartGold as I can since Black 2 is the one I'm using for the Bank transfer. Here's my progress checklist between Black 2 and HeartGold so far, if anyone wants to do some trading (a Skitty, Rufflet or Solosis would be appreciated). 3DS FC: 3308-4555-2546 Pokémon HeartGold FC: 2753-3565-2142 Pokémon Black FC: 4170-5458-3852 Pokémon Black 2 FC: 1292-7683-8607 REMINDERS: -X and Y launch worldwide Saturday October 12th in stores and in the Nintendo eshop. The strategy guide appears to be available Wednesday the 16th, possibly to evolve spoilers. -The Shiny Giratina event at Gamestop and EB Games has started in North America. You can pick one up for free by using Mystery Gift at any store location. -The Pokémon X and Y special edition 3DS XLs are out. They're glossy red or blue with a metallic silver Xerneas and gloss black Yveltal screenprinted on them. They look really nice and they're not nearly as limited as the Pikachu 3DS was, so if you were waiting for X/Y before picking up a 3DS, this is a good choice. -The Pokémon Global Link will be closed for maintenance throughout half of October and then phased out for an updated X and Y equivalent soon after. Details here. If you want Dream World Pokémon, now's the time.