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Found 1 result

  1. There's been enough interest from Idle Thumbs forum members for us to start talking seriously about forming a podcast group about anime. This will be the thread for us to do that! Codicier made a good post in the Anime thread about the format he envisions for such a podcast. For the most part, I agree with it. That means the podcast might have: A structure divided between a "Whatcha Watchin'" free-talk segment and a one-show (or one-season) spotlight discussion. Shirobako has been suggested for the first "spotlight" anime because it just finished and people loved (and hated) it. One or two "main" hosts who wrangle people to fill up episode panels and provide continuity between episodes. I have been recommended for this position. A pool of people, unspecified in size, who are willing to come onto an episode and talk about what they've watched lately and the show being spotlighted. One or more editors willing to cut together multiple audio files recorded locally, possibly with a backup recording of the full Skype or Mumble conversation. Codicier and Coods have both volunteered for this position and I am willing to learn it, too. A webpage and hosting, I guess? I haven't really thought about this part at all. Is that it? I think that's it. Of course, all of the above is negotiable. Half the reason that I want to start an anime podcast is that none of the ones out there right now are any good. They either have a ridiculously rigid format or too much inside baseball to hold my attention. With the cool people I've met in this forum, I'd like to build something that is the exception to the rule, where smart discussions happen about a medium that I love. People who have expressed an interest in appearing on this podcast: Coods, N1njaSquirrel, Twig, Gormongous, Codicier, Roderick, Blambo... you? Seriously, this podcast will suck like all the rest if we just pack the panel full of know-it-alls who can tell Kawasumi Ayako from Noto Mamiko after a single spoken line. If you like anime and want to talk about it, chime in with your thoughts here! Also, urgently seeking better thread title (and possibly podcast title). PM me ASAP with ideas. Episode list: Key Frames Episode 00 - "Don't Feed the Dragon" Key Frames Episode 01 - "Gasbag and the Bomb Guy" Key Frames Episode 02 - "I Have No Coffee and I Must Scream" Key Frames Episode 03 - "It's a Doc-Eat-Dog World" Key Frames Episode 04 - "Taste the Rain" Key Frames Episode 05 - "Samurai Hacklash"