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  1. Somewhere deep in the heart of France Kalos, a young girl's life is about to be changed by a chance encounter... Our protagonist Tegan is many things: brash youth, bold adventurer, disappointed Wii U owner... but only today does she become a Pokémon trainer. After dicking around with some dweebs in a food court, Tegan is introduced to her first Pokémon; the fiery, fiesty, flamboyant Fennekin. Tegan and Fennekin take a short romp through a nearby forest, guided by the same plucky team of well-meaning stupid children. But only after coming out the other end and stopping into a Pokémon Center does she discover that some generous soul has deposited a second Pokémon into the PC, a partner that would change her life ...forever. Behold the glorious presence of J Allard, the specialty-bred Snubbull. Allard's profile reads as follows: Super duper! J Allard bursts onto the scene by immediately becoming paralyzed, then accidentally healing hisfirst opponent with Present. Whoops! Fennekin swoops in to save Allard's bacon, but fortunately Allardgains enough experience to level up and proceeds to pummel the snot out of some preschoolers and their terrible Pokémon. Allard's warpath continues back through the forest we had just crawled out of, levelling up all the way to Level 7 in just a few battles and "convinces" a Pansage to join his noble cause (through violence). Thus ends day one of... ~The Fantabulous Adventures of J Allard in PokéLand~ Time: 0:58 Allard Level: 7 Next Goal: take on the Santalune City Gym Leader