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  1. Is anyone here playing this multiplayer? I've played a couple of ranked matches now and enjoying the tactical battles and wondered if any Thumbs fancied some matches. The 10,000 point limit on Ranked forces some interesting decisions in choosing your squad and I've seen a few interesting combinations already. Ghosting assault dudes at the expense of anything else seem popular. This is kind of bad timing as I'm off on Holiday at the weekend and hectic with work so I can actually go, but when I get back I'll be around for some matches. Maybe we can do a tournament type thing if enough are interested?
  2. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    I also switched to 360 controller after the TMA podcast and also think it improved the experience for me. Most notably in the downed Chrysalid carrying UFO levels were causing me a heap of issues with the camera and the roof of the ship once inside. Selecting one of the upper walkways without being impaired by the roof was almost impossible at times but with a controller the roof stays hidden and selecting those areas is a breeze. You can also always hit Y for overwatch regardless of ability arrangement on the skill bar which is nice. The numerical hot keys switching use depending on abilities was a bit of an issue for me. I wanted shoot, overwatch and hunker down as dependable keys. @TychoCelchuuu, I quite liked the control and options the inventory management gave in the old one but boy was it a UI nightmare. You had to set up every single soldier every single mission for starters which was a ball-ache. I feel that while the new one does sacrifice a lot of the control and simulation aspects associated with the original (how I wish I could pick up the med kit from my downed medic!) there is still a damn fine tactical/strategy game here that is it's own thing.
  3. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    That would be a really good option actually Gwardinen. I would kind of like to start again but with the tactical options available with a more experienced squad, although I wouldn't want to lose that important raising the troops factor so that would be tricky to balance. Losing my experienced vet's was what really killed that run for me. After that I just couldn't tactically hold any advantage over the tougher enemies. I had a great combo of a heavy with holo targeting and suppression with a shotgun assault with the flush ('Sheriff'! I miss you!) which really allowed me to take on the hard knocks. I don't even have suppression any more, and boy do I miss that Medic with extra movement and multiple heals. :sadface:
  4. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    You said it Sno, fuck those Mutons! I had a similar situation in my Normal/Ironman game the other day. Everything was going great (or so I thought) until I hit the "now you face hundreds of Mutons/Chrysalids every mission" stage and had barely just got hold of a laser pistol (may have had one rifle at this point). It makes me feel like I really messed up the research side of things because I don't seem to have an advantage in any other area to make up for my lack of equipment. By the time I had caught up a bit with that (laser stuff for heavy/sniper, plasma's for assault/support + medium armour all round) my vet's had been decimated and I now have 12 rookies to stand up to all these new, tougher variants of alien that are popping up. Every mission is a mass panic/horrific massacre of some kind and I'm running out of funds to replace troops and equipment. On top of that panic is pretty much at boiling point the world over and I have no foreseeable means to launch satellites to secure slight relief and funding (only now see I how important they are). The World is doomed! Sorry World. Despite feeling like I messed up the campaign, I'm really enjoying the game and looking forward to starting afresh and getting onto that equipment asap. It's funny how I only started playing the old XCOM properly a couple of weeks before the launch of this one and found myself in a similar situation of badly equipped troops and loss of funding. They really did get the feel of fighting a losing battle pretty darn well. And now that I've typed all this it occurs to me that the whole experience reminds me of playing Arkham Horror. You've even got the doom track. I wonder if they took some inspiration from it and it's ilk as it's a very boargame-y experience all round. Before I go, one other small tip for relative newbs to XCOM like me; I made the mistake of selling off all corpses I'd autopsied & UFO parts I'd researched to get a bit of cash and realised too late that you need a certain amount of these to create some types of weapons and armours alter on. So don't do that.
  5. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    Go ahead Jake. On a similar note, I almost started an XCOM thread over in Video Gaming because I couldn't see one but then thought I'd check the Strategy section... duh. I feel like things could get confusing if we have threads in both sections for a game, personally I'm more likely to go to VG rather than here. Maybe that's just me though. Nappi, I find it hard to be angry when it's a bit of a blessing in disguise. I have a lot of work to get through before Friday!
  6. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    Why is that an angry face? I'm sad not angry.
  7. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    I've been playing the original a little over the past few days and I'm pretty excited about the remake. I'm not really an XCOM veteran (it's only since going back to it in the past few years I understand the full game, my younger self could not be arsed with much of the high level strategy. I just wanted to shoot those UFO's down and go in blasting! As such I never witnessed the later game) so my views on the new one might be a bit more lenient than others but I think it's looking really good. I don't mean the slick graphics either, I think the tactical part looks as if they struck a nice balance between what the original offered and updating it to a modern standard of game design. Can't wait to get stuck in. Unfortunately it unlocks on Friday for me.
  8. FTL

    One minor thing... it feels weird that I'm a Federation ship fleeing a huge Rebel fleet. I would much prefer being one Rebel ship fleeing a Federation fleet even though I know that's more clichéd. Still, I think of it that way anyway because, well Firefly.
  9. FTL

    Bought FTL last night after watching some of Northernlion's play through's (and of course Remo's stream a while back). I was worried I'd watched too much and wouldn't enjoy it as much as if I'd just took the plunge earlier but... I love it! My first run was my best ending in Sector 5 in normal mode. I got a lot of luck with extra crew members, finding weapons etc but wasn't well enough equipped defensively for one rebel cruiser I bumped into. It all ended surprisingly quickly but I did unlock the Engi ship at least. Not bad for a first run! I haven't managed to get as far as that again after a few more goes, my last one ending in Sector 3 after I ran out of fuel. I had been hopping from point to point hoping to hell I got a fuel drop from an event or engagement (or a damned store, grrr) which worked for about 3 hops before the inevitable happened and I was stranded. I was surprised to find I still had one last ditch effort to send out a distress signal and after doing so the rebels came to "help". I feel a little too reliant on missiles at the moment. I struggle against the tougher shields when I'm low on them but figure I just haven't found the right weapon drop. I also haven't found enough scrap to buy the decent stuff in a store yet. I keep spending on upgrading my ship then regretting it when a store does pop up. All in all, brilliant. Looking forward to more epic space sagas.
  10. Crusader K+ngs II

    I picked this up cheap yesterday but haven't had a chance to check it out yet. I watched am interesting lets play of it not long ago and couldn't resist the sale. I don't know if I'll take to it or not but I really like the idea of it. I can see it taking me a while to adjust from my Total War mindset!
  11. Rezzed

    Hey, been snowed under with work since I got back and it feels like ages ago now but it was a cool event! It was lovely to meet you, Empika and everyone else I bumped into on Friday evening. Wish I could have hung around on the Saturday too, there were still a few things I would have liked to checked out.
  12. Rezzed

    Nachimir, excellent. The Leftfield Collection is high on my list of things to see so hopefully I'll see you around. Empika, I'll be in touch. I should be there by 1 so I'll let you know where I am. I would have loved to have been around for the Saturday but the way things have worked out I'm going to miss everything that day. Otherwise I would be joining in for the game jam!
  13. Rezzed

    Hey fellow Thumbs, I'm heading down to Rezzed this Friday and was wondering if anyone here is going? I'll be all on my lonesome as I was going to be meeting a friend but due to bad organisation and a bit of misfortune I have a weekend ticket and will now only be there on the Friday (I have to leave too early on Saturday to see anything as something has come up now, dammit) while he only booked a Saturday ticket. Fail! It would be nice to meet up if anyone here is going so give me a shout.
  14. Indie Game: Sang-Froid A Tale of Werewolves

    Having just watched Indie Game: The Movie, I thought this thread was going to be about that and how Phil Fish looks like he's slowly transforming into Teen Wolf throughout. I thought the climax of the film was going to be Phil tearing apart his former partner in the toilets at PAX. Anyway, on topic: the game gives me an Orcs Must Die! vibe which is a very good thing. You can definitely see the rough edges in terms of polish but it looks like it could be interesting enough to overcome them.