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  1. So, not to do with Ex Machina, but, If there is an interest for an Idle Thumbs Osaka meetup, I'm a game dev from Boston, and I'll be in Osaka on Monday! Lets make it happen!
  2. Hello idle forums! I'm new to posting here, but I think this is the right place to get feedback on a fairly unique game design question. I need to design a game, or adapt an existing game, to work with an assistive device for stroke patients who have lost movement in an arm. The device helps patients move their limb again, and I can make it work as a single degree of freedom input device for a PC, where it gives back the angle of their elbow joint. And as a further limitation, the game can't require the user to move too quickly. With such limited input, I don't have too many ideas for what kind of game to make for this device. I really want to find a game that someone who has lost their mobility can have fun with, not just some game that has been dumbed down and would obviously work better with a controller or mouse and keyboard. So, have any ideas for simple games to make or games that could be adapted to work with such limited input? tl;dr: Help me make a game stroke patients can play with their robot arm!
  3. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Greetings forum members! I've been enjoying the Idle Thumbs Podcast for almost a year now, and on this great 10th anniversary of the forums, I think its about time I joined the party. Shameless-plug: I am a student game developer at WPI! Check out my latest ridiculous project, using an office chair as a video game controller!