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  1. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2500 Tracks

    Hi Eric! I've followed your site for awhile and always find it extremely helpful for my projects. I've finally put a couple of my games on and wanted to let you know they're there! This is my page: Both games currently posted, "Solarpunkification" and "Even in Arcadia", use your music both in the trailers and in the games themselves! They also include some SFX.
  2. Hi everyone! I recently put two of my games on for all the world to see! I would love it if y'all would give them a play and welcome any feedback too. They're both free You can watch trailers on itch, but here I'll leave some blurbs and screenshots. SOLARPUNKIFICATION Play as a guerrilla gardener in a grim and crumbling cyberpunk city, where you will plant gardens in abandoned buildings, water them with water gathered from burst pipes, collect seeds, avoid the police, and transform your city into a green solarpunk world. The game inspired by the writing, art, and design movement known as solarpunk, which seeks to envision a realistic yet optimistic future based around sustainability. Even in Arcadia In a distant future in which capitalism and consumerism have continued to run rampant, corporations have replaced all government, and planet Earth has long been relegated to legend, society constantly moves to new planets and throws away the old ones like last year's model of smartphone. You are a guest at the launch party for the most recently developed planet: Arcadia. The party takes place at the planet's premiere attraction, the Arcadia Botanical Gardens. As a guest, you may wander the Gardens' various rooms and eavesdrop on the other distinguished guests whose stories and dramas play out in a repeating cycle over the course of the evening.
  3. Confused about Social Media...

    All the attention that net neutrality debates are getting right now has really prompted me to pay more attention to how I'm using the Internet and social media--and I'm not loving what I've noticed! It seems like in the early days of the internet (most of which I wasn't around for, admittedly, but from what I've gathered) people thought of it much more as a space for exploration, where you could seek out and build small weird social communities in all kinds of places, where anyone could make their voice heard. Now there's much more of a tendency to stay within certain popular spheres and mimic the social circles you have offline. I think the way people use the internet on mobile phones points to the trends in internet use more broadly. People use apps that provide access to a particular site, but not to the entire connected internet as a whole. And then people get stuck and stay within those sites and think of the internet as a series of apps rather than this massive space for exploration and play. Recently there's been more of a push to create those small social communities within the larger ones--all the "Weird Facebook" groups are an example--but those don't feel like quite as authentic to me, since they're still within this massive corporate framework. Thoughts on this? Suggestions for more interesting ways to use the internet?
  4. Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    When I'm far enough along that it's actually playable I'll take you up on that! I'm also glad when anyone is interested in seeing what I'm making
  5. Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    Hi Eric, I just discovered your site and wanted to say thanks so much for building this great resource! Love the music too. I'm an undergrad media studies major working on a video game for my my senior thesis, so free resources like this are fantastic! I can't wait to see what I can do with them.