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Favorite Games

Found 1 result

  1. The Fall

    The Fall is a game that I feel like came out of nowhere, I heard of it on IRC and because Giant Bomb (In particular, Vinny, which is worth mentioning) did a quicklook ( The game, an atmospheric adventure game about robots, is only $10 on steam at full price, and, while it is only a few hours long, depending on how long it takes to figure out the puzzles, it left my very satisfied. In fact, I thought it was amazing. It seems to be episodic, and it is unclear to me whether the $10 purchase is just for the first episode, but if it is I have no complaints, as I think it is entirely justified, and it also tells a very satisfying narrative in the space it has, it does not feel lacking. For those unfamiliar (I assume most people, since I was) the quick look is a better illustration than any description I can give, but Ill try anyway. Imagine a game with the visual styling and atmosphere of The Swapper, but about robots and AI, and the problems they face, and also more of an adventure game than a puzzle game (no item combination, but picking up items and using them elsewhere in one off ways to solve adventure game style puzzles). If it is not clear from what i have already said, I adore this game and highly recommend it. It is not, however, without faults. Most of the criticism I have for it has to do with the controls. The game has some combat, though it is not the focus, and that part isn't terrible, but is a bit clunky. I got used to it and ended up not minding it, but it certainly isn't the draw. Its not awful though, its no Dreamfall. Anyway, has anyone else played it? I would love to talk about it, the subject matter and style are incredible and I really wish more games, or things in general, were like this. I also feel that this game has been relatively under the radar in the press (much like The Swapper as well) and would love to see it get more attention. Oh I should probably say the developer. It was made by Over the Moon Games ( and as far as I know it is their first game, but I don't know who is there and what else they may have done. Apparently the game was kickstarted, but I was not aware of it until very recently. As I said before, I think it is great and highly recommend it.