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  1. Hello, I'm Fanomatic! It's been a while! In Wizard Jam 5 (2017) me and a friend (CEJ) started working on a retro point & click adventure game (then known as "person shaped thing"). I've worked on that project since then and have now completed a demo of it. It's now called "Animal Cruelty" and so far I have put together a fully playable PC windows demo of the first room. It features two playable characters, sounds, music, an NPC and many interactions. Here are some screenshots: Let the maniacal laughter commence! Meet interesting characters! If you want to try the demo you can do so here The full game will be free and will include two more playable rooms (plus an intro and an outro) as well as one more playable character. I try to keep it somewhat small and manageble. You can follow my progress on Twitter: And on Facebook: I wanted to post this here since the project was born on idlethumbs. I hope you enjoy it!
  2. [Dev Log] Person Shaped Thing

    Update! I couldn't work this weekend due to the midsummer holiday, but today I created two animations for the trainee in the first room munching on a sandwich. The second animation is work in progress and will be a bit longer. I will finish it up this week at some point. No time for lunch break. I got work to do! Wait... that isn't a tomato!
  3. [Dev Log] Person Shaped Thing

    Good evening! Yesterday me and CEJ had a productive discussion regarding the puzzles in the game which went on for a while, but will probably pay off for the game in the end. Creating puzzles for adventure games is no doubt challenging and it takes a while to get into the, uh... whimsical mindset required to design them. After bouncing a few ideas off each other (That grew more bizarre as we went on) we came up with a couple of nice puzzles that are quite off-beat and feels more in line with the logic of old Lucasarts-games. Creating those puzzles will probably add to the developement-time, but we feel it will be worth it. We also decided to make the game less linear structurally. From the start we were going to create a row of rooms you walked through in order, but we decided to merge room 2 and 3 (An evil lab where you save the poodle and the hallway/castle exit which the professor will be blocking). Apart from quickly introducing the player to the main problem after you escape the prison (professor blocking the exit) it also give the world a more "open" feeling. Today I was in a sprite-mood, so I created a sitting sprite for the professor's assistant. Enjoy!
  4. [Dev Log] Person Shaped Thing

    I've been busy scripting gameplay mostly, but I also created a few animations for the guinea-pig. Here's a sneak peak Idle Walk Talk I'm planning on improving the animations later, but this should work for starters.
  5. [Dev Log] Person Shaped Thing

    Good evening! (At least in my case). Really nice castle there CEJ! Very omnious! Yesterday I used CEJs background to color-correct the characters. they were a bit too bright, so I made them slightly darker. Placing him in the scene I also realized that the professor was too tall, so I shrunk him down a bit. Character lineup Today I imported the characters into Adventure Game Studio and populated the first room. I also added some initial dialog and a puzzle object (The blue cup to the right of the scene). It's supposed to be a chili, but I wanted to focus on functionality, so for now it's a blue cup. Also, I need to add another mask for the guinnea pig cage so that it's blocked by the iron-bars. Same goes for the cat's cage. So far scripting is going smooth! The only problem I ran into was how to make the main character talk to the professors assistant (Now named Sarah) over a distance. The way AGS works by default is that the player will always walk over to the character it talks to. However, the player is supposed to be locked inside a cage and can't walk over to Sarah, so I solved it by disabling the character and adding a hotspot at her position instead. Works like a charm! Early in-game screenshot Tomorrow I will try to add animations for the characters. For starters I'm going to focus on "idle" and "walk" with a chance of "talk" for each of them. Cheers! Now to get some sleep...
  6. [Dev Log] Person Shaped Thing

    Yep, we definitly appreciate the support. Thank you guys! I've started to add basic stuff to the scene such as walkable areas (with character scaling, meaning they get smaller the "deeper" into the scene they are) and "walk-behinds", which means you can now walk behind objects. Walkable area Walk behind Next up: Adding our characters to the scene and script some gameplay.
  7. [Dev Log] Person Shaped Thing

    Hello! It's getting a bit late, but here's a status report for the project. Today I've been busy working on concepts for all the main characters in the game while CEJ have been working on lighting our prototype scene. I decided to try out the silhouette-method of designing characters. It's very common in character design these days and is basically about focusing on the basic shapes of the characters before going into any detail. I wanted the characters to be very varied in size, so I started out just drawing blob-versions of the characters to use as guides for when drawing the silhouettes. The idea was for the humans to be fairly large compared to the animals, and the animals should follow the sizes of their real-life counterparts (the dog is larger than the cat, the guinnea-pig is smaller than the cat etc.). After this I started to draw a clear basic shape of each character to make them easily recognizable.. It's nice to just use the pen-tool and the eraser-tool to sort of carve out the shapes, and it makes it easier to create shapes that doesn't "blob together". After that I worked on filling in the shapes to create the colored characters. I also tried to convey the personality of each character since it's easier to explain concepts to others by showing them. I still have to work on the colors, but overall I'm pretty satisfied with the end-result. Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback
  8. [Dev Log] Person Shaped Thing

    This is the first character test. I created the "electric cat" who is a fellow escapee. The cat is charged with electricity and you will need to use its electrical powers to solve one or more puzzles. The electricity building up inside the cat makes it discharge and electrocute itself from time to time, but apart from that the cat's a trusty and reliable companion who will help our protagonist throughout the game. I'm planning on giving the cat more electrical features so its powers become more prominent.
  9. [Dev Log] Person Shaped Thing

    In addition we will go for the Lucasarts-style when it comes to game-mechanics, so we're using the 9-verb MI-style template in AGS. Thanks to Proskrito, Abstauber and the rest of the 9-verb team for the template!
  10. [Dev Log] Person Shaped Thing

    Today is the first day of the project. Me and CEJ mostly discussed what the game will be about and put together an initial game-design document. Due to the limited time-period we want to keep the story simple, so we decided on an escape-scenario where the player is an experiment who needs to break out of a lab owned by a mad scientist and his side-kick. We will do this project very openly and try to describe our entire thought process. Some ideas will likely be scrapped or iterated upon, and it should be said that this is our first time using Adventure Game Studio, so technical mistakes is bound to occur. The theme (idle thumbs episode name) we picked was "A person shaped thing is still a person", and our initial idea was basically "You are a monster who needs to dress like a human to fool another human to let you in somewhere". Right now our game is about a bunch of dead test-subject animals each with their own special ability who needs to cooperate to escape the castle. One of the puzzles is about tricking the mad scientist side-kick to let you out of the lab by dressing all of the animals up as the mad scientist, which is sorta related to the theme. Here's some extracts from our current game design document: Characters: Guinea pig (Guinea five?) - Main character, has arm growing out of back Evil Scientist - Antagonist, maniac, sadistic "Igor" - Side kick to antagonist, stupid Poodle - Depressed, chainsmoker Cat - Buddy, Emits electricity, zaps itself sometimes Rooms What rooms are featured in the game? Intro (Picture) Old Frankenstein castle with a pet semetary sign in front of it. Sign in front of castle: “Pet-recycling inc.” Animal lab/holding cell Intro, evil scientist threatens to experiment on you, need to escape from cage. Meet cat Frankenstein-lab Revive poodle with electric cat Igor’s room Trick Igor by dressing up as mad scientist, “Forgot key”! Castle Main Hall (Exit) Encounter with the evil scientist. Need to defeat him in order to escape. Outro (Picture) Animals escape the castle (That explodes for no reason?)
  11. "Person Shaped Thing" (Working Title) is an old school point & click adventure game developed in Adventure Game Studio. A dead guinea pig and its test-subject buddies needs to escape a castle owned by a mad scientist to regain its freedom, but it won't be easy! Point & click your way through a Frankenstein-inspired castle in order to get away from the clutches of the mad scientist and put an end to his evil plans once and for all! The game is being developed by me and CEJ.
  12. Chillsim VR

    Yep, I think it's a nice opportunity to do stuff that you don't normally do. Myself I create particles, code stuff and work on the level design among else. I also own a Vive, so I'm making sure everything looks good in VR. We're working in iterations on all objects, so we start with greybox-versions of everything so we can see how it looks scale-wise in game. Then for iteration 2, 3 etc. we add stuff such as code-functionality, textures and so on. Most things are currently iteration 1, so there's few textures and functionality. Like Cej said, the Sky-box is just a default from the "Sky5X One" pack and was just thrown in there to get a feeling for the scene. Here's some WiP closeups of our scene objects in iteration 1 made by Cej. It's a marshmallow, a stick (that you will be able to pick up and put the marshmallow on) and the campfire. Super-tasty marshmallow Stick for grilling stuff with! Camp-fire (Now has a particle effect!)
  13. Chillsim VR

    Greetings! I'm Fanomatic and I'm new to the forum. It's nice to meet you all! Me and my two friends Silverfish and cej are currently developing a VR-project for fun and we felt like sharing our progress as we go. We call it "Chillsim VR" (working title), and as the name implies it's a sort of relaxing experience where you sit out in a forest by a fire and grill hotdogs and marshmallows. The idea is that you should be able to put logs on the fire to keep it going and be able to eat the stuff you're grilling. The project is created using Unity 5, and the graphical style is very inspired by Firewatch so it will have a hand-drawn style to it. We think that style fits the mood we want to create and there's lots of reference-material to look at. So to start things up, here are some pictures of what we have so far: Things are still pretty early on. Most objects are greyboxed and lack textures, but this way we can have a look at how things look scale-wise in VR. We are using a HTC Vive and the blue square you can see in the last two pictures shows the area that the player can move over.