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  1. SGDQ 2016

    I've been catching up on this too. I want to ask: am I just in a worse mood now than I was during previous GDQs, or does anyone else find the personalities of the runners during this show to be much more charmless and abrasive compared to others? The few runs I've picked to watch recently all just seem to be people (and couches) who are black holes of charisma snarking on their game and repeating inside jokes without caution. It could be, and likely is, me; but it does make me concerned about the inherent convalescence we have now between speedrunning and Twitch culture. It's easy to see them as indistinguishable now, but Back In My Day, you could watch a speedrun without the runner constantly referencing the emotes that the chat is spamming.
  2. Pokemon GO

    All the more to evolve into Butterfree.

    I love how on Steam I can have a different username (sansjason), community ID (jasonsavior), and display name (Jason). I guess it's the middle one you're supposed to search for.

    Game is free to play for the next two weeks. (Big quarterly DLC sale is on too.) You can find me as sansjason on Steam if anyone wants to play.
  5. The McElroy Family of Products

    I saw that video and was trying to discern what he said and where it is in the show, and I'm relieved that I guessed right:
  6. E3 2016: Content Experience

    Prey 2: Mecha
  7. Pathfinder: The Low Moon Guild

    I know I've strung everyone along and I'm so sorry for taking your time. The other player, Corey, has kind of gone off the radar and I think I'm gonna call it on this game. I like to think of myself as more committed than the classic flighty GM, and while I could talk about being bummed the Hunter game I was running ending, or trouble scheduling and wrangling people, or personal life changes, blah blah blah, everyone's got reasons. I hope I feel more bad about this than y'all do. 'Cause I feel pretty embarrassed. Everyone here at Idle Thumbs is fun to play with and I hope we find a new opportunity to do so in the future.
  8. E3 2016: Content Experience

    I want that "I AM A BOOTH BABE" shirt that Spaff is wearing. Edit: Hi, harv.

    Does anyone want to talk and consider the fact that they've removed microtransactions from the game? Today, they finally added two tutorial heists (one for stealth, one for loud). Could be good for you noobs to play before a potential Thumbs reunion game?
  10. Pathfinder: The Low Moon Guild

    No game today because of family events, but we'll be good by next week?
  11. Games giveaway

    Copy of Her Story from the new Humble Bundle.
  12. RAW is shit but New Day gifs are gold aka wrasslin talk

    Gonna try participating in this thread a bit more to see if anyone's up for general wrestling chat. People might've had heard about this match lately, but if you haven't seen it yet set twenty minutes aside for Critics calling it a gymnastics display and a spotfest, and sometimes I think super lauded high-flying matches can be accused of that (the 2006 ROH MOTY with the Dragon Gate guys comes to mind), but this match had as much psychology as any you'll find nowadays and I thought it was astonishing. Even if some spots seemed choreographed, I thought they made sense to the story, the wrestlers' personalities were always front and center, and it's not like even pure mat-based wrestling (which I love, don't get me wrong) doesn't have its choreographed spots (usually involving implausible submissions) - whereas everything Ospreay and Ricochet did seemed like a genuine athletic contest, in spite of spots that came off visually like ballet.
  13. A Song Of Ice And Fire

    I completely disagree with everyone above. I'm someone who wasn't going to watch the show this season because I thought the quality had tanked and, more importantly, I didn't want it to spoil the books. I was weakened by all the rhetoric about how the show is on its own course, however (plus, I'm weak-willed and otherwise not busy Sunday nights), and decided to watch this season. It's now only halfway over and it has indisputably reached fundamental lore truths and plot points that the books, while they'll contain greater details and likely be under different circumstances, will have to include, as well as confirming fan theories which I consider as much of a spoiler. Think of it this way: If the show got there first, would you have considered the Red Wedding unspoiled in A Storm of Swords just because in the books it was raining, they talked about bread, salt, and guest right, there was no Talisa, and Catelyn took Jinglebell hostage? Would that really have made the difference? Yes, the show's Red Wedding was according to the books' plan, but I think people are assuming way too much ignorance of the larger questions on the showrunners' part when they say that the show is devising new answers on its own. Here are things that happened just in the first half of this season that I would say are guaranteed to occur in the book: So, yeah, these are all things I would've much rather experienced first in the novels. If you can take or leave the show and care about not having the plot revealed, you should absolutely stay clear of it.
  14. Pathfinder: The Low Moon Guild

    To respect the time you've all already given, we can all start at level two.