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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Thumbs and Thumb-Adjacent Humans! I'm not exactly a regular on the forums here, but I'm an avid fan of Idle Thumbs, Twin Peaks Rewatch, and The End of Mad Men...which brings me to my point! My good friend and I have started a podcast called "20 GOTO 10," about the AMC drama Halt And Catch Fire. We just finished scrambling through the end of Season 1 (available now on Netflix streaming), and will be releasing the first episode of Season Two, immediately following tonight's 10pm EST premiere. This is not a show with the unquestionable classic status of Twin Peaks or Mad Men, but it does some cool stuff and relates tangentially to the world of video games. So keep an eye out for the last three episodes of Season One (releasing throughout today), and join us for the first episode of Season Two, tonight at 11:01pm EST!
  2. There's been enough interest from Idle Thumbs forum members for us to start talking seriously about forming a podcast group about anime. This will be the thread for us to do that! Codicier made a good post in the Anime thread about the format he envisions for such a podcast. For the most part, I agree with it. That means the podcast might have: A structure divided between a "Whatcha Watchin'" free-talk segment and a one-show (or one-season) spotlight discussion. Shirobako has been suggested for the first "spotlight" anime because it just finished and people loved (and hated) it. One or two "main" hosts who wrangle people to fill up episode panels and provide continuity between episodes. I have been recommended for this position. A pool of people, unspecified in size, who are willing to come onto an episode and talk about what they've watched lately and the show being spotlighted. One or more editors willing to cut together multiple audio files recorded locally, possibly with a backup recording of the full Skype or Mumble conversation. Codicier and Coods have both volunteered for this position and I am willing to learn it, too. A webpage and hosting, I guess? I haven't really thought about this part at all. Is that it? I think that's it. Of course, all of the above is negotiable. Half the reason that I want to start an anime podcast is that none of the ones out there right now are any good. They either have a ridiculously rigid format or too much inside baseball to hold my attention. With the cool people I've met in this forum, I'd like to build something that is the exception to the rule, where smart discussions happen about a medium that I love. People who have expressed an interest in appearing on this podcast: Coods, N1njaSquirrel, Twig, Gormongous, Codicier, Roderick, Blambo... you? Seriously, this podcast will suck like all the rest if we just pack the panel full of know-it-alls who can tell Kawasumi Ayako from Noto Mamiko after a single spoken line. If you like anime and want to talk about it, chime in with your thoughts here! Also, urgently seeking better thread title (and possibly podcast title). PM me ASAP with ideas. Episode list: Key Frames Episode 00 - "Don't Feed the Dragon" Key Frames Episode 01 - "Gasbag and the Bomb Guy" Key Frames Episode 02 - "I Have No Coffee and I Must Scream" Key Frames Episode 03 - "It's a Doc-Eat-Dog World" Key Frames Episode 04 - "Taste the Rain" Key Frames Episode 05 - "Samurai Hacklash"
  3. Heeyyyy, so me and some friends made a podcast. We nabbed the worlds best URL: And are going to start filling it with junk and some Tales of the Black Crusade! (eg that's what we're playing, Warhammer 40K Black Crusade) Honestly, I can't say that it's good, but some people (eg us and close friends whose opinions we can't trust) find it funny. Be warned that we are total idiots, aren't all Pen and Paper veterans, and the microphone quality is terrible (actually genuinely sorry about that). But you gotta start somewhere right? My only connection with games talk these days is Idle Thumbs (<3) and Rock Paper Shotgun (<3) so hope you guys don't mind me dropping this plug into your precious forums We drop some Idle Thumbs references from time to time, and probably picked up some mannerisms, which is kinda weird! Our inspirations (me and another player who decided to record, the others don't listen to podcasts, except for John who devours every Warhammer audio book/drama that comes out, and they are so prolific with those it may as well be one...) are definitely Idle Thumbs, plus some SModcast and maybe some Marc Maron, so can't thank Idle Thumbs enough for being so great and inspirational. Cheers! Edit: Oh yeah!! Obviously registered with! They were super helpful, I transferred all my domains, but almost gave up on one because [other shitty very large domain registrant] was giving me the wrong codes for transfer. I decided to try the valet service, but they had issues too, so assumed it wasn't going to happen, as usually those services will take simple steps for you, but not go the whole way. They ended up calling [other shitty very large domain registrant] via phone multiple times and sorting it all out!!! I honestly didn't think internet service like that existed, so that was a great experience!
  4. Hi everybody! And welcome to the first episode of TONE CONTROL! Tone Control is a bi-monthly podcast where I talk to notable game developers about their careers and how they make games. It's an in-depth talk about everything from how they got into the industry to how they manage the minutiae of characterization. I think that establishing & maintaining a cohesive tone in a video game is super hard, and also one of the most important things about making a game, so that's my jumping off point for these conversations. To ease into the whole deal, for the first episode I sat down with our friends Jake & Sean to talk about how they ended up making The Walking Dead, their experience creating Lee & Clementine, and how that's taken them to their new venture, Campo Santo. I've already recorded a bunch more episodes! But since interview subjects are kind of a limited resource, I'm queuing them up and we'll be releasing a new ep of Tone Control twice a month, on the 1st and 15th, until some point in the quasi-distant future. UPCOMING EPS! Oct. 15 2013: Jake Rodkin & Sean Vanaman. RELEASED! Nov. 1 2013: Neil Druckmann, Creative Director of The Last of Us Nov. 15 2013: Craig Hubbard, Writer & Designer of No One Lives Forever and F.E.A.R. Dec. 1 2013: Cl??? H?????? Dec. 15 2013: ?????? Jan. 1 2014: ?????? Alright! Enjoy the convo with Jake & Sean, and look forward to more TONE CONTROL to come!