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  1. Heeyyyy, so me and some friends made a podcast. We nabbed the worlds best URL: And are going to start filling it with junk and some Tales of the Black Crusade! (eg that's what we're playing, Warhammer 40K Black Crusade) Honestly, I can't say that it's good, but some people (eg us and close friends whose opinions we can't trust) find it funny. Be warned that we are total idiots, aren't all Pen and Paper veterans, and the microphone quality is terrible (actually genuinely sorry about that). But you gotta start somewhere right? My only connection with games talk these days is Idle Thumbs (<3) and Rock Paper Shotgun (<3) so hope you guys don't mind me dropping this plug into your precious forums We drop some Idle Thumbs references from time to time, and probably picked up some mannerisms, which is kinda weird! Our inspirations (me and another player who decided to record, the others don't listen to podcasts, except for John who devours every Warhammer audio book/drama that comes out, and they are so prolific with those it may as well be one...) are definitely Idle Thumbs, plus some SModcast and maybe some Marc Maron, so can't thank Idle Thumbs enough for being so great and inspirational. Cheers! Edit: Oh yeah!! Obviously registered with! They were super helpful, I transferred all my domains, but almost gave up on one because [other shitty very large domain registrant] was giving me the wrong codes for transfer. I decided to try the valet service, but they had issues too, so assumed it wasn't going to happen, as usually those services will take simple steps for you, but not go the whole way. They ended up calling [other shitty very large domain registrant] via phone multiple times and sorting it all out!!! I honestly didn't think internet service like that existed, so that was a great experience!
  2. Audio books

    Oh man, audiobooks! Terry Pratchett is great, and there's heaps of it! There's a bunch of 2000AD / Judge Dredd audio drama's that are pretty entertaining And also the Warhammer , in small doses The Flight of the Conchords BBC radio series is hilarious The MIghty Boosh (BBC series) is pretty good as well, pretty much exactly the same as the show, so depends if you like that so much British stuff... Mary Roach's 'Stiff' and 'Packing for Mars' are light-hearted/ entertaining 'factual' stuff in the same vein as Bill Bryson who's good to listen to as well Some sci-fi that was great to listen to was 'The Forever War' by Joe Haldemann Also the Hunger Games was surprisingly good
  3. New people: Read this, say hi.

    I'm confused, is there a 'book-on-tape' version of Idle Thumbs? :S Who's the narrator? That always makes or breaks those things.
  4. Oh man, my (online discussion) mail got printed?? It was amazing. My girlfriend was listening too and when Chris's all "this guy" I turned to her and breathed "I'm that guy", before I had to bite my lip and look away. Anyway thanks for the discussion bros. I do find that these days I pick the places where I hang out, similar to in 'rl', where I've learned to just hang out with people who are worth it/ make me feel good, which definitely comes down to the community those in charge have fostered But it's still hard to avoid sometimes. Just to give some perspective, the things that always get me are the aggressively defensive "I feel threatened by this" comments whenever RPS posts on the topic of females in games (edit: by guys) (oh man, makes me want to jump right in), and Steam community pages that I sometimes check to see what people think about games. Recently the Space Hulk page, which was heavily entrenched, probably to be expected, and also when I checked the page for 'Shelter'. "A f*cking badger????! are you f*cknig kidding me????! lol!!!!!! give me a gun who wud want to lpay this sh*t lolol" + "1 hour, are you f*cking kidding me? I paid X dollars for X game and got X hours out of it so this game is only worth X!!!". Although to be fair, I can't find those posts, so maybe they got removed? But when I see that stuff.. puts me in a fighting spirit My fault for looking though!