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Found 4 results

  1. Train Jam 2017

    I'm headed to Train Jam 2017 Anyone else? Any tips?
  2. I stumbled into a Train Jam ticket and a GDC Indie Dev pass, but I am entirely new to the professional game development community. Will any Thumbs fans be on Train Jam or at GDC, and if so would you like to meet up? I'm really excited to be attending both and I'm hoping to polish up a short demo level before I arrive for a new project.
  3. GDC '16 / SF thumbs hang out

    The Game Developers Conference is nearly here! I know there are a buncha other developers hanging around the forums, and no shortage of folks who live in San Francisco. Let's hang out! I'll be in the city from March 13th to the 20th (GDC itself is the 14th to 18th) and I'd love to go grab a beer or some dinner or something with thumb folk. I was thinking either Tuesday or Thursday (15th/17th) somewhere near Moscone at about 6ish so people can still get to parties or whatever afterward. Honestly the only bar I know near there is Tempest, which is fine with me but if people wanna pitch other stuff in walking distance that'd be cool too! So, who's going, who wants to hang out, and what sweet parties are you going to?
  4. GDC 2015

    GDC 2015 I know I'm not the only game developer on these forums. I know there are a few SF residents. Last year we met up and had a good time! Well, I assume it was a good time, my provincial government got me drunk beforehand, so I assume that means that the Ontario government loves me meeting other thumbs, maybe? Anyways, I had a blast. We'll plan a meetup this year again, but I'll give people the chance to figure out their personal schedules before we hammer any details out. In the mean time, who's going? What's everybody looking forward to? Any sessions caught your eye?