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  1. Ok so it's been awhile since my last update. I felt I should produce an update here at least... We've now got a menu Level Selection Screen (it's a surprise of sorts...) and something that resembles a game now... whoo... the tiles have been made by me and I've got some bits prepared 'under the hood' so to speak with multipliers etc. and I will attempt to make this into a wave based style game where enemies continuously spawn at regular intervals until you reach the final wave whereby the level boss appears Player can now spawn (complete with animation) and die (reversed spawn animation!), returning you to the level select screen. And a health pickup too! Still to add are: A secondary enemy and a boss, which most likely will be an oversized existing enemy (time constraints yay) with buffed HP and damage outputs (also, score value will be greater) Numerous backgrounds for the level (at least 2 hopefully) Special Attacks (very important...) Plan on having at least one called 'Explode Mode' Internalization meter for said Special Attacks Sound Effects and Music Terribly edited video below!!
  2. [Dev Log] The Bear's Black Heart

    wow looking amazing!!
  3. [Participation Agreement] The Clone Progenitors

    Feel free to use mine... although there has been a 4 year gap in posts
  4. WJCU Asset Depot

    Sweet!! here's my stuff (there's not alot to be honest haha) if anyone seems compelled unfortunately the player character wasn't created very well so some fiddling with offset's etc. will be required for those who want to make use of him enjoy Below is what you're getting in the zip...
  5. oh man super hang on nostalgia trip with those roads! good stuff!
  6. WJCU Asset Depot

    The timing of this post is perfect @nkornek! as I was considering asking you(yes you specifically ) for parts of your current game jam sprite sheet! (I'll be splicing the heads) it's for the level select level and collectibles in my game (it's not as morbid as it sounds I swear) If that's ok with you . I'll be sure to add my content here too later in case anyone really wants to make use of it hehe. Wizard Jam Cinematic Universe for the Win!
  7. Ok, so a bit of a gap on the updates... lol... unfortunately I wasn't able to manage much yesterday; however today I've made some progress... Have finally created my first enemy, I present to you Toaster Bot!! The front-line defense troop of the robot overlords! Sure it seems harmless enough, but if our hero approaches it, BAM! However our hero can easily dispatch it.. Quite small though Have the move animation done, but haven't yet implemented it in code as I want it to move at random intervals; I'm finding it too tempting to keep doing the pixel Hoping to create a big dog end of level boss, complete with bee attacks! (because we all know they're powered by bees )
  8. [WIP] [Released] Robot's Lips

    this looks amazing!
  9. [Dev Log] Live from the Past

    Loving the sprites!! so cool!
  10. Thanks! Although I am pretty newbie in game development, my regular job entails programming itself but the feel of it is completely different (my brain wants to set up the game project in the same way as a work projects and I can't cope haha!!)
  11. Welcome to Wizard Jam 4!

    This is some really nice music! I would like to make use of some of the tracks for my game if that's ok with you (will credit you somewhere on the game itself of course). Really good stuff!! Here's a link to my project page with progress so far: I'm not ready to add sound just yet but I when I am though I will let you know Also welcome to the forums I guess
  12. That's looking snazzy!! sounds like a fun concept too!
  13. [released] Avocado Smash

    This looks absolutely brilliant! can't wait to try it out!!
  14. Minor update today. Proceeded with creating a quick animation for a ranged gun attack and I also included it into the project as an attack animation with accompanied bullet. I wanted to make the character look angry or intense whilst doing the attack, but I couldn't figure out the best way to do it so red eyes it was... might change it at a later date though (probably I've also got my first key frame for the special attack animation I want to incorporate for spells; however I feel this one is going to become overcomplicated very quickly and I would prefer to get some other stuff done beforehand. Anyway, here it is below... My plan is to add a speech bubble above the character whilst holding that position, reading out a "spell" before unleashing it with the idea being that the longer the quote the more powerful it will be, albeit it will allow the player to be interrupted by enemies. I also plan to have a spaceship hub where the player can choose a level from a console and then walk to a teleporter that will effectively load the level. My next task is getting enemies moving/patrolling and attacking the player and implementing hitpoints properly. Fun times
  15. Thanks! I would like to over the next couple of days finalize the attack animations (trying to keep it simple so as to not take too much time animating and not coding) and maybe do a simple "forest" tileset for the floors and walls. I'll write a post tonight detailing what I still feel I need to do at least to get a single level done.
  16. [Dev Log] Real Slyboots

    Concept sounds great! also your art is really good too!!
  17. [Dev Log] Live from the Past

    This looks really great! Such as great idea
  18. Welcome to Wizard Jam 4!

    Hey fellow thumbs! I know it's a little late; however I've been really tempted to make something this game jam, hearing it being promoted on the podcast sort of piqued my interested in doing one, also I've been dabbling in Gamemaker for the past couple of months and the last few game jams seem to have been really fun. I've got the beginnings of something going already so I'm quite excited to try and get something done in time. I'll try and get round to create a dev post later today once I'm back at home with what I've got and what I hope to achieve along with the diversifiers and stuff Really excited!! Expect to see something soon! (probably bad though )
  19. Recently completed video games

    I just finished the Portal 2 single player campaign the other day. Overall I was very happy with it, I really enjoyed the fact that there was some more story to drive you along in this one, also Wheatley -> awesome character!! the new puzzles where quite interesting and I'm sure that the coop expands on them more but I haven't had a chance to play the coop yet (I will do soon though )
  20. I've bought this a couple of weeks ago and would love to join in on the fun Edit: also, I logged on to have a look, was looking pretty sweet, unfortunately a creeper just exploded next to a fence and my face and now the fence is partially gone There is a nice hole there now though... ahem
  21. 3DS Friend Codes

    Twilo, Awesome! I hope everyone enjoyed my Nintendo Letter thing I sent out...
  22. 3DS Friend Codes

    Hey syntheticgerbil, I've also added you on my 3DS