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Found 3 results

  1. Pokémon X and Y aren't out for another two weeks, but I thought I would pretend other Thumbs listeners care get a head start and make a multiplayer Pokémon matchup thread, for trading and battling shenanigans. Possibly we can organize some kind of league thing if enough people show interest. Right now I'm actually trying to fill as much of the Pokédex as I can before X and Y hit so that I can have a complete archive of all Pokémon available in Pokémo Bank. I'm going to get that damned certificate this time. I've got Diamond, HeartGold, Black 1 and 2, and all of the GBA games available to me, but I'm trying to get as much done through Black 2 and HeartGold as I can since Black 2 is the one I'm using for the Bank transfer. Here's my progress checklist between Black 2 and HeartGold so far, if anyone wants to do some trading (a Skitty, Rufflet or Solosis would be appreciated). 3DS FC: 3308-4555-2546 Pokémon HeartGold FC: 2753-3565-2142 Pokémon Black FC: 4170-5458-3852 Pokémon Black 2 FC: 1292-7683-8607 REMINDERS: -X and Y launch worldwide Saturday October 12th in stores and in the Nintendo eshop. The strategy guide appears to be available Wednesday the 16th, possibly to evolve spoilers. -The Shiny Giratina event at Gamestop and EB Games has started in North America. You can pick one up for free by using Mystery Gift at any store location. -The Pokémon X and Y special edition 3DS XLs are out. They're glossy red or blue with a metallic silver Xerneas and gloss black Yveltal screenprinted on them. They look really nice and they're not nearly as limited as the Pikachu 3DS was, so if you were waiting for X/Y before picking up a 3DS, this is a good choice. -The Pokémon Global Link will be closed for maintenance throughout half of October and then phased out for an updated X and Y equivalent soon after. Details here. If you want Dream World Pokémon, now's the time.
  2. There was some discussion of multiplayer in the Luigi's Mansion 2 thread, so I thought I'd set up a thread for it. I'm available almost any time right now. My friend code is 3308-4555-2546, but you should PM me if you want to add me.
  3. 3DS Friend Codes

    Following chunks' lead, is anyone interested in some online DS play? My Friend Codes are: 42 All-Time Classics (aka Clubhouse Games) 1074 6164 6395 Animal Crossing: Wild World 5197 7954 2160 [updated] Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin 0731 0113 5499 Mario Kart DS 2534 7096 6395