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  1. I just read this thread from the beginning and it is super depressing. I poked Chris on Twitter to ask if this affected the announced platforms when they first came under Valve's umbrella, I was assuming it was going to go PC only. I too was not pessimistic enough.
  2. Broken Lines - New 2019 Trailer

    Cool, I look forward to it, probably on Project Scarlett now, given how little time there is now.
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    It is probably even more directionless than The Witch
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    I watched The Lighthouse a few nights back and I don't know why I did as I didn't really like the director's last movie The Witch. Like everything about his last movie there is nothing bad exactly about it, it just lacks any kind of verve or purpose. It is about two men in a lighthouse and the tension between them. Given the performances and cinematography that should have been enough, but just felt like an empty experience. It is unlikely I'll bother to watch another one of these, and depending on who you are you can take it as praise or criticism, it felt very Lynchian.
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    I just watched The Death of Stalin and it was this macabre comedy where I was constantly horrified by casualness of human life. Some great performances and I loved that everyone just kept their accents. I think it is Jason Isaac's performance and twang that threw me in a good way. It has inspired me to spend more time looking into Stalin's death and the political upheaval during that period
  6. Broken Lines - New 2019 Trailer

    Any chance of a console release. It looks cool for sure.
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    Lots of creeping dread with one mild jump scare. Very gory. Just watched Peanut Butter Falcon it was okay but Dakota Johnson needs to stop being in films. Shia Laboeuf does a good job and the actor that plays Zach is great. The problem is that Johnson's character is bot underwritten and she does nothing with it. There are too many side stories that don't pay off and even a guest appearance from Jake 'The Snake' and Mick Foley don't really save it.
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    Just watched Midsommar the director's cut and I said 'Fucking white people' so many times that I annoyed the woman I went to see it with. I really liked it, big, moody, incredibly slow but always engaging. I really like the way things feel wrong from the get go. Also, the boyfriend is a character I loved to hate. So, basically everything tht Erkki hated about the film, I liked.
  9. Game Pass

    Yeah, you nailed Yoku, it is why I liked it so much
  10. Game Pass

    Ah, makes sense - for me I already use Xbox Live Gold all the time so paying an extra dollar to get game pass was a no-brainer. There is lots of new stuff coming right now that is worth checking out, I barely have time to play it all.
  11. Game Pass

    Isn't the exploit something that Microsoft are advertising?
  12. Infinite Jest

    I beat Infinite Jest, it was one of the best written door stops I've ever read. Some crushingly effective chapters (even paragraphs) sandwiched in between phenomenally written, well-observed tedium. Pretty sure Wallace hated Brett Easton Ellis but their ability to fill pages full well written nothing is very similar. Maybe Easton is a bit more nihilistic. Glad I read it, but I don't think I'd ever recommend it to a living soul. Unless I find someone that likes a book that is both very bad and possibly brilliant in all of its moments. The errata bits were what almost broke me, so dumb and stupid and pretentious.
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    I just went to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, if you like Tarantino this is more of that. I was never bored while watching it but I found myself kind of scratching my head. Also Margot Robbie is criminally under utilised in this film to the point where I couldn't understand why they bothered. One nice touch is that because of the Tarantino thing, people show up that are pretty big names to do 5 minutes of work and that worked really well for me as I struggle with other films that introduce 'incidental' characters that are big name actors that are blatantly going to come back later, because the film's budget requires it.
  14. Game Pass

    My current recommendations: For the King Moonlighter The Banner Saga trilogy Neon Chrome Void Bastards Old Man's Journey Descenders Steam World Dig 2 Ashen Recore Mutant Year Zero
  15. Games Writing (Writing About Games)

    I am here because of what Ben requested. This is just a review but it nails down why Metal Wolf Chaos is still worth playing:
  16. Toy Story 4 (and other toy stories)

    Wow, after reading that thread, I've realised that I don't really like Pixar films. I'd not made the connection but overall found myself dismissive of 3-D animated films. All of the ones I have seen have been Pixar films.
  17. Toy Story 4 (and other toy stories)

    Toy Story is a series that I've never really enjoyed watching but always enjoy reading/hearing people's opinions on. Not sure what it is but I just don't like them.
  18. Recently completed video games

    I reviewed Void Bastards for Gamecritics and liked it a lot (top 5 this year for sure) I am surprised more people that like Prey/Bioshock haven't been talking about some of the emergent gameplay stuff. I played American Fugitive and have a review going out for it. The car handling was great, everything else felt very 'whatever'. Oh yeah and my Fade to Silence review finally came out, it is probably my GOTY right now:
  19. Vampyr

    Game Pass is so good right now. Smoke and Sacrifice, Vampyr, Moonlighter and Void Bastards have all been on in the last few days because of it
  20. I won't be watching another trailer - someone told me that Hobbs and Shaw gets really, really weird.
  21. Sorry, nope. You actually made me doubt myself for a bit, and then I remembered that the original causes a very visceral reaction to it and that there is no way I can mistake the two.
  22. Yeah, I am not sure whether Donnie Darko used the music in its trailer now that I think about it. But Gears jumped on that music for its trailer and used the Face/Off juxtaposition of slow music with ultra violence happening, muted. That trailer was such a strange thing because I sort of loved it, but felt it was completely misrepresenting Gears of War
  23. Sorry for the double post, but surely the 'parsed down cover' started with Donnie Darko and Gears of War using it?
  24. I have watched the Hobbs & Shaw trailer, and if there is one thing that Fast & Furious trailers have taught me is that it is impossible to put every dumb/brilliant thing that those films have into one trailer. Also, my favourite spoiler/not spoiler is in Reign of Fire: 2.22 minutes in you see a bare-chested Kratos/Matthew lunging at the screen with a battle axe. Anyone who has seen the film will laugh knowing what the context of that scene is about. Because in the trailer this has been recontextualised as 'badass'