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  1. [Release] Prepare for the Jelly

    Eh, didn't get all that much done today. It took a long time until I was able to get an animated mesh into Unity: Not perfect but good enough for now(it's a hopping slime btw). Then i made some simple towers: My original idea has fallen by the wayside for now, i want to have a working game before I tackle such complicated things, there is still so much to do! Here's a geiff of what the game currently looks like(enemies are still being spawned using the spacebar): Edit: I just uploaded a version of the game so that you can try out the map editor. A resolution of 1600x900 is absolutely recommended, I still have not gotten the hang of Unity's UI system, so at other resolutions the interface will only be partially visible, warped or broken. Feedback(and bug reports) are very welcome https://zirrrus.itch.io/jelly?secret=axUJwaxT1wk6Xppo9Du6WRQ1s
  2. [RELEASED] Good... Bye

    Still love that scary spinning eviscerator. Looking good...bye!
  3. The Power of 45 Brains

    Internalization: Everything. Amazing stuff!
  4. I know the feeling of taking the not necessarily wrong but convoluted approach... Looks like a fun concept, I'm glad that you are taking a stab at realizing it.
  5. [Dev Log] Hamburger Mode (Now live!!!!!)

    Oh, wow, very quick progress! Looking forward to toggling some hamburgers.
  6. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    This is great! Thank you for staying spicy and doing something out of the ordinary!
  7. [Release] Prepare for the Jelly

    Today's progress started slow but in the end I was able to get towers targeting, tracking, attacking and killing enemies in. Tomorrow: some art!
  8. [Release] Prepare for the Jelly

    More code-rejiggering and stuff today. Getting maps to load properly was a pain. And there's a game-adjacent thing now, yay! I might release an editor-only version of the game in the next few days so people who are interested can check that out already.
  9. [RELEASE] Super Pools n' Ghosts

    This is looking really good already. Those ghosts are very cute.
  10. [Dev Log] I'll Kill The Last Alien

    These screenshots are making me hungry!
  11. [Dev Log] Great Play, Dad!

    This sounds like there is lots of potential for fun, neat ideas!
  12. [Release] Prepare for the Jelly

    Didn't get much done today. Ripped apart a bunch of the code and restructured it so it could be used outside of the map editor. Then I implemented a level select for the main menu. Which means that now you can make/edit, save and load maps, even select them to be played...at which point you run into the lack of game. I also made a first draft of the game UI, which takes up way too much of the screen currently:
  13. Looking forward to solving some murders involving beloved Idle Thumbs characters(maybe).
  14. Looking really good already, I love the android.
  15. Our Weird Monstrosity

    Nice! Making your own engine is an impressive undertaking. You might want to also post in the main recruiting thread and maybe have a look through the team seeking one too.
  16. Gorgeous drawing! Can't wait to see how they translate into a game.
  17. [Release] Lord Hoistmas With Bagblast!

    Nice deep, rich lore! Nick will love it. Maybe you are trying to get as close to the petard as possible without hitting is, as that would set it off? Premature hoisting could actually be a valid strategy though.
  18. [DevLog] Human Behavior

    Wow, this is a great concept! Btw, if you need to weaken somebody's trust in the color yellow, just show them Dot Gobbler.
  19. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    I love how you rode that one ghost guy all the way to the next platform, looks really cool!
  20. [Release] Prepare for the Jelly

    Thanks y'all! I'm getting a little nervous because I still have not started working on the main game...but the map editor is pretty much done! You can now save and load maps, although there is still a weird bug when changing spawn and base location on a loaded map. The interface for that is still a little rough but at least now you get a hint text when hovering over a button(mouse not pictured for some reason). I also made a first version of the main menu:
  21. [Released ] The Wizard

    This looks great!
  22. [Release] Prepare for the Jelly

    Today I actually started doing some work on the game, well...the map editor. You can draw a path by toggling the squares between wall and path(dragging is not implemented yet) and place the enemies' spawn point as well as the position of your base. The game checks the path for errors(it has to be a single, continuous 1-tile-wide path) and if it does not find "walks along it". Finished maps can be saved as .txt files, correctly formatted maps can be loaded. This still needs some work. And an interface. I also made some button graphics: Hopefully the editor will be finished tomorrow, I really need to start on the game proper.
  23. [Release] Prepare for the Jelly

    That would be great! I drew up little concept sketches for some of the enemies: And one for the splash damage tower: I'd like all the towers to fit with the food theme. The mortar might be a fruit bowl with attached catapult etc.
  24. WJ5 Team Seeking

    What I'm doing: I'm pretty familiar with Unity, can write C# code(slowly and hackily) and do both simple 3D and 2D art. What I'm most interested in is providing art, probably textured 3d models. My style is lowpoly-ish and mechanical in nature. I have no experience with characters/living things and only limited experience with rigging and animation. Contact Info: You can message me here on the forums and we can work out the rest then. I also lurk in the #wizardjam slack regularly. Time Zone: UTC+1, Central European Time. Portfolio: I don't have a portfolio, but you can get a pretty good idea of my skills from my itchio games. http://zirrrus.itch.io/ If you just need one or two models for your project, I'll gladly give it a shot too.