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  1. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    I'm trying to get into the whole video game streaming thing now since all the cool kids are doing it, and I'm sure there must be other people here who are doing the same. Why don't we help each other? This topic is intended to serve a few purposes: 1) To list everyone's channels, along with their broadcast schedules if they keep regular hours. I'll do my best to edit these into this first post as we go. This function might be better replaced with some kind of shared document, though. 2) To be a centralized location to share tips on stream quality and building an audience. 3) To organize joint casting opportunities, like streaming a CS:GO game or something. 4) To help each other gain followers by hosting or directing followers to each others' channels. 5) To provide a pool of trustworthy moderators in case any of our channels grow enough to have chat problems Discuss streaming with other readers in #idle_streaming on the Idle Thumbs Slack server Stream to or browse the Thumbs_Readers streaming community Twitch Streamers Problem Machine Dark Souls, ??? eRonin Starcraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm + misc sclpls Souls, roguelikes, potential DOTAcasting, Dishonored 2 (no powers) J.C. Professor Video Games kickinthehead Creative Work (Trailer Editing, etc) Badfinger Hearthstone? Roguelikes? Deadpan Kyir Usually between 9pm-2am Dark Souls 3, Nuclear Throne, etc hammerpants treasure goblin Feeona All times are EST. Monday: 11am - 3pm & 9pm - 12am Tuesday: 11am - 3pm & 9pm - 12am Thursday: 11am - 3pm & 9pm - 12am Friday: 11am - 1pm phill Mornings and evenings (AUS) Game Jam games and Steam Backlog sampling rilen (meatandbones) "Enjoy streaming with help from chat, ie I play a genre I don't know with help! I am also trying to showcase more odd indie games that are often talked about but perhaps lesser played. " Cordeos evilskillit RPGs, Souls, etc TychoCelchuuu RTS Shoutcasts RBoots Vasari ratamero SuperBiasedMan first (often somewhat blind) playthroughs. BillTheCat Streaming every Mass Effect game: Weekend afternoons EST Zeusthecat gormanate Dark Souls 2 Salacious Snake PS4 Games SeanMay aprettycooldude PS4 (PC in future??) SometingStupid Variety hedgefield Steam backlog and game dev JoelWmusic Friday: Old Games Block - Saturday: Playthrough - Weekend: Steam backlog GazpachoDuJour Digital cardgames (Hearthstone, Duelyst) and more zi11ion Retro games and misc newer games jonbjohns Extra Life + misc Jutrango Morrowind